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Posted in: Record 37,000 children suspected to have suffered abuse in Japan See in context

Society for old people no longer safe for children

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Posted in: 16-year-old student hit, killed by train in Tochigi Pref See in context

Police said they do not know why the boy was on the crossing.

Are the police really that dense? I think the reason is pretty obvious!

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Posted in: Premarital medical tests spreading as Japanese tie the knot later See in context

Marriage is more of a business partnership in Japan, especially the arranged marriages. You and your partner are together only to exchange services.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

Let them play!!! what they do during their free time is noboy's business but theirs!!

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 8-month-old daughter in freezing bathroom in January See in context

Chemical neutering....consider it!

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy missing after grandfather sends him home alone See in context

The sheer stupidity is so mind boggling.

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

Lawyer Taro Takimoto, who was subjected to an Aum sarin attack, said the latest executions were "cruel," writing on his blog he wondered how the six executed Thursday must have felt during the 20 days since Asahara and the first six were hanged.

Misplaced sympathy by a dumb lawyer. How about thinking about the way the victims and their families felt for the last 20+ year after the attack knowing that some of these people were on the run for a while, while they sociopath leader sat in prison probably laughing at the police for not being able to find them. I can't belief he has the gonads to even feel any bit of sympathy for these murderers.

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Posted in: TEPCO to resume TV commercials for 1st time since 2011 Fukushima crisis See in context

Why would they need to spend money on advertising when they basically still have a monopoly/captive market and their corporate image is in tatters?

Exactly my thought. I would think that advertising would be in bad taste considering the amount of damage they caused to Fukushima and its residents.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for following ambulance through red light See in context

this is news?

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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving bottles filled with urine at police box See in context

Although I don't condone his action, I agree with his reasoning. The police are so lazy here!

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Posted in: Letters of executed cult members reflect regret, desire to live See in context

Things suddenly got real, now that the leader has been executed. Not so tough now are ya?

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Posted in: 82 car accidents caused by automatic brake malfunctions reported in Japan last year See in context

Do the cars have black-box type logs that can determine the data the car had and whether the system operated or not? 

Most cars these days are drive-by-wire, meaning that there is no mechanical connection between the driver and the car's physical control mechanism. All driver's inputs are interpreted by a computer and the computer sends signals the mechanisms that drive the car. Its much like how an RC car works but a bit more sophisticated.

Technically, the reason for all of this is to prevent the driver from wrecking the car by doing something that is beyond its design parameters. For example, in one of my cars, if I start the car, and floor the accelerator while the engine is still cold, the response is governed and the engine won't rev past certain point.

In many cars, they have included safety features into the programming so that the car won't respond to an input that maybe considered dangerous. Again, with the same car, if I gun the throttle, traction control kicks in to make sure that all four tires have grip before feeding power to them.

All of this governed a logged by the computer (ECU), so if someone claimed that they stepped on the brakes and the car accelerated instead of stopped, they can easy download the last few user inputs.

All of this is way to Orwellian to me. That's why I prefer driving my other car which is older and controlled by old fashion cables and hydraulics. No computer telling me how I should drive, hence I don't depend on it to drive my car for me.

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Posted in: 82 car accidents caused by automatic brake malfunctions reported in Japan last year See in context

Japan has pushed for passenger cars to be equipped with automatic braking systems to curb accidents. But the data suggest that they are not yet perfect in terms of traffic safety.

Classic case of the dumbing down of society. The REAL problem is that people are becoming way too dependent on technology to save them from their own stupidity. If you are so incompetent, that you NEED an automatic braking system to stop you from running into walls and convenience stores, then you have NO BUSINESS being behind the wheel PERIOD. Save us all from your poor driving skills and take the fricken bus. Bust most of all, stop blaming technology for your own mistakes.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested after driving car through convenience store entrance See in context

I still get baffled over how anyone can mistake the brake for the accelerator. The are different sizes, different positions, and different heights.

Also, even if you do mistake the brakes for the accelerator, how much pressure do you normally apply to brakes? You should be easing pressure on either pedal, but of the car to speed out of control into a convenience store, you would really have to be gunning.

And my last point, one of the main reasons for the existence of the automatic transmission is so that less skilled people can drive a car. So essentially, car engineers have dumb down cars so that anyone can drive them, Yet we still have people mistaking brakes for accelerators, to the point that we have to dumb-proof cars even more by putting sensors and cameras on them so that they don't run into walls. The more we stupid proof these cars, the more people become dependent of technology to prevent them from making mistakes.

Its really a vicious circle which should be stopped my retraining people to drive with existing technology rather than changing technology to cope with careless people.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context


You call these things "extreme technologies" but they're really not. They are quickly becoming the norm. Pretty soon, you won't to buy any car without these features installed because people won't know how to drive without them.

Remember when most of the cars on the road had manual transmissions and EVERYONE knew how to drive them? Look at where we are now. There are tons of people now who cannot drive manual -so much so, that in Japan, you practically need a special provision on your license to able drive a manual transmission car, which is ridiculous. You can thank Toyota for championing car made for dumb people. And now people often -way too often -mistake the accelerator or the brakes, so we have to put these stupid cameras and sensors on the cars to make sure that they don't run into walls or into people.

I don't think it would be too far fetched to say that pretty soon you'll need a special provision to drive any car that can't park itself or stop you from being an idiot driver.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

And I don't mind missing at all writing a letter by pen, putting it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, posting it and waiting for yonks for the reply. 

Again, false equivalence. You are comparing apples to oranges. If you tell me that you don't miss having to shift gears, or strain myself trying to steer a car with no power steering...or even worse, go back to the days of the horse and carriage, well that's an argument that can be made. But your argument about TV remotes, snail mail, and writing with pens....that's not in the same class.

Speedy delivery of messages and using electronic writing utensils are a necessity in this day in age. We cannot go back to using the older methods otherwise it will adversely affect the way we do things. Whereas, not having a car that can park itself, or one that applies the brakes when there is an object in front of me, isn't something that is necessary (for most drivers at least -although if we keep dumbing down society with these stupid things, people won't know how to drive anymore)

Moreover, analog cars that you actually have to "drive" still exist and work, and hopefully they'll continue to exist and work in the future.

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Posted in: Manager of adult entertainment shop arrested for kidnapping 16-year-old girl See in context

Police said she was not harmed.

The police need to redefine their definition of "harm", because I think she plenty harmed.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

If your targeting the younger driver, why do they have to associate it with the corolla? 

If you're targeting the younger driver, the driving experience matters, not the name. Build a car that you have actually drive, not just just sit in and press down on the gas and brake pedals. Although speed is good, its not essential. I have had plenty of fun in a Honda Beat, which only has 660ccs and barely makes 60hp, but the engine revved up to 11,000 rpms and felt like a cross between a go cart and a sports bike. That car wasn't fast. but it was tons of fun and looked really cool. You get more turned heads in that car than anything "sporty" that Toyota makes.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

Toyota aren't for everyone

But they are suppose to be for everyone, THAT'S their problem, and that's why they are so boring. Their sports cars (when they made sports cars) were fun and sexy in the mid to late 90's, but now they've made them comfortable and slow, because a lot of their customers wanted to "look" cool, but didn't care for the uncomfortable ride that comes with sports cars. So now you have an amalgamation of boring slow cars that try to look cool. And the coolest car that they have made in the last 20 years, the LFA took ten years to build and develop, and yet was not regularly available to anyone.

I guess you're talking aesthetics here, not quality right?

It depends on the model. Lexi's aren't too bad, though I'd argue that most of them are just BMW or Mercedes knock offs, albiet pretty good knock offs. But for the regular joe who can't afford to pay 6 million + yen for an overpriced Toyota, they have to buy the cheaper Corolla or Prius, which have about the same build quality and finish of a Tamiya plastic model.

Also, keep in mind that Toyota don't really create their own technology anymore. Most of it was acquired through buyouts or mergers with other companies. For example, most of their performance engines are made by Yamaha or Subaru which they had bought shares in. Toyota does not have their own Kei car division, so they bought shares in Daihatsu. And most of their body stylings are copies from other manufacturers (example the older Prius looks like Honda's Insight or CRX, Toyota Wish looks like the Honda Stream, and most of their crossover SUVs look like the Subaru Forester).

The drivers cars are still there, but they're a more niche market than ever before

Please give me an example of a drivers car that Toyota makes. And please please don't say the GT86, because its not. Its a luke warm attempt at a reboot of an old icon made to stimulate the nads of the Initial D fanboys. 200hp? In this day and age? That car would have been awesome in 1995, but in the days when the family wagon averages 250hps, its very anemic. I would have more enjoyment driving a Nissan Stagea Wagon with the detuned GTR engine.

Who'd want to go back to jumping out of their lounge chair to adjust the volume, contrast or change the channel on their black and white 20inch tv.

False equivalent. I would rather drive a fully analog 150hp 1986 Trueno AE86 than a 200hp fully digital but boring 2016 GT86 any day. If I wanted a fully digitized, computer governed, all looks but no fun car, I would just buy a PlayStation and save me a lot of money.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context


We're not talking about the days of yesteryear. Like I said earlier, Toyota use to be cool, when they were innovative and original like the gull wing doors on the Toyota Sera or the gen 2 MR-2 that looked like a mini Ferrari, not to mention the iconic AE86 . Now its all crap. Not a single car in their lineup is appealing. Yeah, they do their job, but so does a bike and a bus. Toyota has turned into a marketing company, and as much as I like Honda, they've also started going in the same direction -boring, ove-engineered econoboxes that are an absolute bore to drive. Bring back the manual transmission, pop-up headlamps, mid engine layouts....bring back the soul!!

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

Late 80's and 90's were when Toyota was still cool, and they had cool and interesting cars like the Supra and Celica. I had a 2dr rear wheel drive Corolla hardtop in highschool, and it had a lot of pep and soul compared to the crapbox Corollas they make today. Toyota has completely lost their soul when they recognized Honda as a serious competitor, because Honda was snatching up the sports compact car market. Toyota then started copying Honda's designs to win back the market but their designs were so inferior. Front wheel drive Celica? Really??

Now they make boring econoboxes that practically drive themselves for old people who have a hard time telling the difference between the accelerator and brakes, and employ aggressive marketing strategies designed to doctor sales and performance figures.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

"Worlds Best Selling"...hah! Riiiight!

These are inflated numbers concocted by ToyBoata's marketing department. Toyboata, has many different models with the "Corolla" badge on it (example Corolla Ractus, Corolla Fielder, Corolla Sports...etc., but in their sales figures, they lump in as one model "Corolla".

What a joke...Toyota has a good marketing department, but their products are crap.

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Posted in: Man charged with killing 7-year-old girl, leaving body on railway track in Niigata See in context


To some anti-social psychopaths, that would be heaven! They don't have to interact with people around them, they do a little work and get three meals a day. Yes, its no resort, but for some people who have given up on life, like this rabid animal, its an escape.

I like the idea of letting the parents decide his fate. They are the victims now, and their lives are ruined because of this monster, so they have every right to decided whether he gets to live or die.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl falls to her death from 3rd-floor apartment See in context

My daughter started walking at 9 months old and started climbing on furniture at 11 months only. After she took her first steps, we child proofed EVERYTHING. Made sure that all doors and windows were locked, and never took our eyes off her.

With 3 older siblings, you'd think that the parents would realize that toddlers will get into EVERYTHING. But I get some people never learn

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Posted in: Man charged with killing 7-year-old girl, leaving body on railway track in Niigata See in context

Sorry, in most cases I do agree that life in prison should be sufficient, but what this swine (which is an insult to all swines) did was so heinous and brutal. If I were the girl's parent, I would want to see this man fry! He hit her with a car, RAPED her, STRANGLED her, and if that wasn't enough, he didn't even allow her to die with dignity. He had to brutalized her further by putting her lifeless body on the train tracks to be more mutilated even further.

Life in prison??? REALLY??? His victim probably BEGGED for her life and he stole it from her. And when he BEGS for his life in court, we are just suppose to just hand it to him???

NO, NO, NO, NO...he does not deserve the luxury of living in any prison. That's reserved for people who can be rehabilitated and coexist peacefully with others. This MONSTER has a sick and diseased mind that cannot be treated. A rabid dog cannot be cured. They need to be put down, before they hurt others.

He knew the consequences of his actions and yet he killed her any way. This is NOT the way a normal mind works. All of you parents out there, just think for one second that this person got to your child.

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Posted in: Man charged with killing 7-year-old girl, leaving body on railway track in Niigata See in context

I nearly cried reading this story. This pig needs to be slaughtered for what he's done. No lesser punishment is acceptable.

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Posted in: U.S. military may house immigrant children; Melania's jacket causes stir on border visit See in context

*the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said "there was no hidden message."*

And DJT tweets:

*....*refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!"

So which is it? Is there a hidden message or isn't there? I don't think that Melania is as stupid as her husband, and the message was quite intentional. She clearly does not want to be FLOTUS and is clearly forced into a cause she doesn't not care about.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for stabbing 9-year-old boy outside school See in context

bullied when younger

what to see what it felt like killing someone

I was angry

I was depressed

I was unhappy

I was mad at myself

I didn't like the way I was looked at.

He smiled at me funny

He didn't return my good morning

the list just grows...

You missed the most common one:

I was drunk and don't remember a thing

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Posted in: Father of slain Vietnamese girl demands death penalty See in context

I TOTALLY don't blame him! If the lenient J-Justice system gives him a light sentence, it would be an outrage! I wouldn't accept anything BUT death for this scum!

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for killing older sister See in context

Such a stupid and childish reason

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