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Posted in: NHK can now pester you through your mail thanks to new service from Japan Post See in context

This opens the doors for a lot of fraudulent activities. I can easily pretend to be company X, or in this case NHK, and print invoices notifying the residents that they are delinquent on their bill, and to wire money to my account or risk losing service.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

It looks like a big boobie

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Posted in: 91-year-old man arrested over hit-and-run incident See in context

91 yo, why is he driving?

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

selfish twat should be fined 10 times that amount!

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 2 dead, 4 missing, over 100 injured in Japan See in context

A man in his 40s fractured his skull when he fell from the roof of a garage in Yufu

I seriously don't know the reason for people wanting to climb up on their roofs during a typhoon...really...please use your common sense people!!

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Posted in: Japan's 'flying car' gets off the ground, with a rider aboard See in context

driving a giant drone quad copter....what could go wrong??

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Posted in: Whale catch See in context

I don't why JT thinks a picture of animal cruelty and abuse is appropriate to post! Shame on you!

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Posted in: Grounded Japanese try virtual overseas holidays See in context

money for nothing

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Posted in: Fireworks surprise See in context

To avoid attracting crowds amid the coronavirus pandemic, the fireworks were displayed without prior notification

Great plan!...I see no clustering in this picture....smh...sigh...eye rolls

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

I was hoping for a more progressive running mate like Warren, but Kamala is a viscous former prosecutor! She will shred both Trump and Pence in a single serving!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 188 new coronavirus cases See in context

Actually, there is a delay in numbers...these results are from testing a couple of days ago. Today's numbers were in the 600s...lets see when they are published.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

They have their right to protest as well.

Actually no! Wearing masks is not something that should be protested because its not a political cause or statement. Its a public health and safety issue, and if you don't get that by now, then you are not only part of the problem..you're making the problem WORSE!

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

Damn idiots!!! They are just going to get more people sick and prolong this pandemic!

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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday begins quietly amid requests to avoid trips See in context

Mixed and inconsistent messages from the j-gov and media are confusing people!!

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother arrested for tossing newborn baby into sea See in context

OMG... I certainly hope that the baby wasn't alive when she did that. What a monster!

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Posted in: Gargling solution flies off shelves after Osaka governor touts anti-virus effect See in context

This guy should be impeached for fraud, and endangering the lives of the people at the very least. Government corruption at its worst!

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Posted in: Man suspected of filming up girl’s skirt jumps to death from 20th-floor apartment See in context

He'd rather die than facing the responsibility....sad and pathetic

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

If necessary do it. Declare a state of emergency for Tokyo. Nobody in or out. Clamp down on the night life business. Whatever is possible under Japan's lukewarm laws. The consequence of failing to act will be much worse.

I agree, but the SoE in Japan was such weak sauce, that it will take a long time to get the numbers down. The government needs to grow a set, and tell the people to stay home or face some real and significant consequences for this to work. If they did this, and everyone obeyed, there is a good possibility that the coronavirus could be gone from Japan in a about a month. THEN you can have any business you want to open with impunity. THERE'S YOU'RE SOLUTION MONTY!!

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context


400 cases among a population of 14.000.000 in Tokyo is 0.0028%

Let us say the reported number is wrong and it is 10x higher. So 4000 cases.

4000 cases among a population of 14.000.000 is 0.028%

Let us say this number is also wrong and it is 100x higher. So 40000 cases.

40000 cases among a population of 14.000.000 is 0.28%

Do you even understand what these numbers are? You talk as if 40,000 is the total number of cases of infected people in Tokyo. The reality is the number is UNKNOWN, that is why we test. But they way things are trending, the numbers are probably much higher. Also, the number of infected people is INCREASING, that is why the government is stepping up the precautions (although its arguably a moot cause unless they start enforcing more restrictions and stop protecting irresponsible night life businesses) .

Let me give you a real analogy. Let's say I have 100 jellybeans and 2 of them will kill you if you ate them...would you take a chance and eat a jellybean?....yeah, I thought so. When people go to work on crowded trains everyday with people who don't wear masks, or wear them incorrectly because they're "unconfortable", or because they refuse to to support some stupid political cause, then the are eating jellybeans.

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Posted in: Madonna post blocked by Instagram for false virus video See in context

I think she may be going senile....or she's pulling a Kanye Kardashian style publicity grab

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Posted in: Tokyo may pay restaurants, bars to shorten hours in August amid spike in virus cases See in context

This is so stupid! Why should I have to pay to have bars stay in business?? If they can't operate and keep their customers safe, then they should just close! Yes, bars may go out of business, but the industry will survive!

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Posted in: Pointing the way See in context

it is kind of a cool picture!

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe slays Lady Gaga in 'Rain On Me' parody video See in context

Please..no more!

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Posted in: High court acquits assistant nurse over fatal doughnut suit See in context

What a dumb lawsuit. A woman dies from what seems to be a totally unrelated incident, and the nurse has to take responsibility for that? If I were the nurse, I would counter sue for loss of income for the last 6 years, defamation, and just plain stupidity of the justice system in this country!

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

Who cares...let the Koreans have their statue. At least its on their own soil. Americans have to live with tons of confederate statues littered all over the country.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy hit and killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

That's because Japanese drivers are taught to always be on the lookout for people about to cross the road, and stop if their hand is raised. It's also why Japanese kids are taught to raise their hands. These is the rules of the road in Japan. Don't follow them, and you may kill someone. Or get killed if you're the pedestrian.

Yes, I get that. but they should also be taught that cars may not stop just because you have your hand in the air, and to make sure that the car stops FIRST before crossing...common sense goes a long way

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Posted in: Time traveling online survey gets Japanese people nostalgic for their youth See in context

The comments about the Showa era is hilarious: TV was better, CocaCola tasted better...LOL

“I would hate to go back in time to an era that didn’t have any Internet!”

Definitely a comment made by a millennial or person who never lived in the Show era.

Being a child of the 80's I agree that the Showa era was the best, and it was BECAUSE we had no internet. There was was tons of better things to do other than staring into screens all day. People (in Japan especially) seemed so much nicer, politer, healthier....it was definitely a better time.

I think online culture is hurting Japanese culture (especially Pop culture) Yes, JCulture has always been a bit quirky and niche, but nowadays its just plain stupid and ruled by attention whores!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 131 new coronavirus cases; under 200 for 1st time in week See in context

Weekday, weekend deaths don't change

0deaths yesterday

0 deaths today

Actually, someone did die from covid19 in Japan yesterday. A 60 year man was diagnosed as being corona positive on July 11th and hospitalized. He was asymptomatic for 10 days (from the 11th to the 21st) , and then his health deteriorated quickly. He died yesterday. You don't know what it's going to do to you or to others around you.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 239 new cases of coronavirus infection See in context

Wow, I am shocked at how many write as this is a joke at the cost of peoples' lives. If people would suck it up,


Please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that we shouldn't have had a SOE, I am saying how ridiculous it was how we all panicked when we saw 3 digits for the first time, and yet now that the numbers are much higher, we are encouraging people to travel, shop, cluster up, etc. Had we had a REAL lock down back then, and the government didn't do this stupid "I beg you to please stay at home" nonsense, we might be where NZ is now.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy hit and killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

Vanessa Carlisle

I agree, but its not just kids. I see elderly people who will happily cross the street with their had in the air, right in front of a moving car with the expectation that it will stop for them. I get that pedestrians have the right of way, but this is just ridiculous! What happened to "look both ways before you cross" and "don't jwalk"?

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