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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by mother See in context

People are so careless here. I just had a go at the police the other night for giving ME a warning, when a woman ran right in front of my car (while moving). No common sense.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

So legalize it already!!!! Wake up to the 21st century JAPAN!!!!

with some believing marijuana is less harmful than other types of drugs.

This is such an absurd statement! Marijuana IS less harmful. Do you honestly believe that its just as harmful than snorting PAINT THINNER?? And the stupid thing is that the more dangerous chemical is legal!

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Posted in: Man gets 23 years for beating stranger to death outside park toilet See in context

and just wanted to kill someone so he could go to prison and get away from his workplace. He also said he was in debt.

So, essentially the (non) justice system just gave this lazy bum exactly what he wanted - a way out of a miserable pathetic life so that he can mooch off tax payers and waste away in prison...nice! And in 23 years, he can kill another person so he get another lenient sentence.

It times like this, I believe that the death penalty is not such a bad idea.

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Posted in: Knife rampage aboard bullet train kills 1, injures 2 See in context

Raid his apartment and I bet you find a room full of AKB paraphernalia

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Posted in: Shinkansen rampage revives debate over safety and convenience See in context

I certainly hope that the DOT doesn't overreact to this nutter's stabbings by 'airportizing' shinkansen stations. Its already a major pain in the rump to fly, it would be really bad to make taking the train just as painful.

If guns are banned then incels and other nutters turn to knives.

I'm pretty sure that if he had a gun, MANY more people would have died. Not even a viable argument so don't even start.

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Posted in: Game arcade operator found guilty of fraud by rigging claw machines See in context

I thought they were all rigged

Exactly what I was going to say...they're all rigged!! The springs in the claw are so weak, they probably wouldn't be able to hold a feather. If you're going to imprison this guy, you've got to imprison all arcade operators!

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Posted in: Canadian man goes to court alleging paternity harassment See in context

OMFG...this is so utterly ridiculous. Is there any humanity left in this work. US financial firms are so fricken corrupt and evil. And I am so GLAD that I divested from MUFJ. They were horrible to begin with, but now even more horrible for participating in this harassment.

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Posted in: Man gets 19 years in prison for arson murders of wife, two children See in context

Killing 3 people is mass murder...and only 19 years? It makes me wonder how serious of crime do you have to commit to end up on death row in Japan/

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Posted in: Police arrest graduate students for Kyoto intersection 'kotatsu' stunt See in context

I guess they were trying to prove Darwin's theory for their post graduate thesis.

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Posted in: Parents sue funeral firm over use of plastic shopping bag on 5-month-old son's remains See in context

A funeral home that doesn't know how to transport a body with respect...SMH

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Posted in: Parents sue funeral firm over use of plastic shopping bag on 5-month-old son's remains See in context

So insensitive!

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Posted in: Air duct corrosion, holes found at 7 nuclear plants in Japan See in context

It's TEPCO. Are we suppose to be surprised by this?

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Posted in: Mother backing car out of garage hits and kills 2-year-old son See in context


I couldn't agree with you more. Common sense doesn't seem to exist with women on bikes or in cars. Who in their right minds think its safe to ride a bike with one kid on the front, another kid on the back, and yet another kid strapped to the mother's chest or back, all while toting an umbrella? I see it all the freakin' time. Really? One wrong move and the entire family is wiped out. And don't even get me started about obeying BASIC traffic laws, because most of them seem to think that none of them apply to them. I don't know how many times these people have endangered my life, my child's life, and the lives of other people on the road, because they'd ignored a traffic light, or riding on the wrong side of the road against traffic, or swerved right in front of me...etc...ugh!! It's maddening!!!!

2 seconds, is all it takes to make sure that NOTHING is behind the car when backing out. Better yet, as I said above, either put the kid in the car first, or leave him in the house until you've moved the car in a better position to get him in.

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Posted in: Mother backing car out of garage hits and kills 2-year-old son See in context

Put the child IN the car in a child seat where he belongs, BEFORE moving the car. Not too hard to figure out!

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Posted in: Man arrested for murder after stabbing customer in manga cafe See in context

If this wasn't so serious its amusing

The victim was married and had small children. Their lives are ruined. There is nothing "amusing" at any level about this.

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Posted in: Kindergarten employee arrested for abusing 5-year-old boy See in context

If the child was being disruptive, I don't see this as such a bad thing to do. What was the teacher expected to do? Let the child do what he wants and interrupt the other children's right to learn?

And the police? Really? Such a huge over reaction to a small problem.

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Posted in: Osaka police ask public for help on girl missing for 15 years See in context

And "a Toyota Crown driven by a male driver" is not a tangible lead

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Posted in: Osaka police ask public for help on girl missing for 15 years See in context

She's 24 now... she could walk right by me on the treat and I definitely would not know it was her from her picture. The police should at least try to enhance the photo to show what she could look like as an adult.

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Posted in: 3 Taiwanese women get suspended sentences for smuggling gold in bras See in context

Golden arches

So how did they know that they had gold in their bras?

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Posted in: Associates shocked at arrest of suspect in 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

I find that most Japanese people go out of their way to avoid their neighbors. They couldn't tell you the family names of the neighbors on either side of their own home.

My neighborhood is really old school Japan. Everyone pretty much know each other. greet each other, share fruits and vegetables and other foods, etc. It took me a while to get use to it, because as I child, I always had the "don't accept gifts from strangers" thing ingrained in me.

My daughter also occasionally receives candy and other gifts from our neighbors, and my first instinct is to tell her to them "no thank you", but exchanging gifts is really old school Japan culture, and to go against the grain makes you look like an ass....

So, its kind of hard to want your family to be safe while maintaining a good relationship with other and to not offend them. But with that said, its these kinds of incidents that make one wonder if there are any monsters living near by who are looking to hurt your kid.

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Posted in: Group of Japanese teens busted for marijuana; say 'We wanted to be like foreign musicians' See in context

Not that I am condoning teenagers smoking anything, but I think its time that Japan joins the 21st century and consider legalizing marajuana for recreational use.

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Posted in: Associates shocked at arrest of suspect in 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

Its this kind of crap that makes you look at your neighbors a little bit differently.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

I don't get it...aren't these kids usually escorted to and from school in groups??? Why was this girl walking alone if there is a crazy nut on the loose! ?

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Posted in: Pop group Tokio to remain as special Olympic envoys See in context

At least they're better than the AKB bunch. Having said that, why not use an entertainer who has a more international following. Tokio has a very small international presence, no one will know who they are. Hikaru Utada, DCT, Namie Amuro, and other entertainers, who can sing in English and Japanese would be a better choice.

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Posted in: Japan's 3 megabanks consider operating ATMs jointly See in context

Such a stupid move. First of all, it took several years for Mitsubishi-Tokyo and UFJ to combine their ATMs and that was several years after their merger. Aside from the bank being labeled MUFJ bank if you had a Tokyo Mitsubishi bank card or a UFJ card, they wouldn't work depending on which company's ATM you were using. I could see a similar thing happening.

Secondly, cash isn't going out of style anytime soon. There are still SEVERAL places that won't accept credit cards so there is still a need for ATMs. The smart move would be reduce or get rid of service charges, and make it possible for more international banks to use these ATMs.

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Posted in: Police on the lookout for man offering young boys money for sneezes See in context

Sorry, but this story is so dumb...why is this even news?

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Posted in: Yamaguchi to quit pop group Tokio over kissing scandal See in context

looks as if you won't be back after all. Officially, he has resigned, but he was probably ousted by the other members. May the damage to their public image was much too big this time

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Posted in: Japanese whaling town holds annual memorial service for whales See in context

Like a mass murderer holding a memorial service for his victims

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Posted in: High court rejects man's call over paternity of child born by IVF See in context

I am not sure if I am getting this story correct, so bear with me.

I seem to recall a while back when a couple had a child, and later found out that the child was not biologically related to the father. I don't remember if the wife had cheated on him or what exactly happened, but the husband asked for a divorce and understandably didn't want financial responsible for raising the child.

HOWEVER, due to the backwards thinking of the residing judge and the archaic Japanese laws, he was told that he was financially responsible for raising that child BECAUSE he was married to the mother at the time of conception.

SO, under this stupid law, this woman could go out and have babies by as many men as she wants, and regardless of whether the kid is his or not, he is STILL obligated to financially care for this kid. SO stupid...how is this even fair?

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Posted in: Junior high school boy threatens elementary school over Armani uniforms See in context

Kids these days. If you want your own set or Armani uniforms, why don't you go buy one for yourself?

Although I don't condone violence and threats, his point is correct. If this was a private school, then fine, have at it...wear your fancy Armani uniforms. But this is a public school. Parents should not have to shell out (I think it was something like 40,000 jpy) for PUBLIC school uniforms, just because the principal thinks they look cool, and cut some kind of back room with an Armani supplier. Public school uniforms should be affordable for all income levels and should NEVER be ostentatious.

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