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Posted in: Koike pledges utmost anti-virus steps to deliver 'wonderful' Tokyo Olympics See in context

Except for the governor, the others look like residents of Madame Tussauds...

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Posted in: Roaches thriving amid coronavirus See in context


You coudl save money not buying new rice cooker.

You could simply pour a little water into cooker and let it boil. Believe me, steam does a great job. As for the display, it could be cleaned with hand sanitizer. That's just my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

When read the article you get the feeling that JGOV moto is "we want a covid infection 0 before the Olympics at all costs, after the Olympics who cares anymore"

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Posted in: Quasi-emergency COVID-19 measures begin in Osaka, Hyogo, Miyagi prefectures See in context

Attendance at large events such as concerts and sports games are capped at 5,000

This should work. :)

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

Even if you are vaccinated, is not guaranteed or known that you can't become infected and transmit the virus. The only difference is that your body is protected from a more severe form of the disease.

So the only thing that counts for me is that you have a negative test.

But it will be funny to watch the reactions of the vaccinated, when they get quarantined.

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Posted in: Woman says she left husband’s body at home because she thought it wouldn’t fit into coffin See in context

I don't believe this statement came from the lady ...

It is quite possible that the lady simply fell into a state of denial, due to the shock / trauma she experienced when she found out that her husband had died.

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Posted in: 'Everything evaporated' - Olympic overseas spectator ban hits Japan tourism See in context

The thought of getting your entire 18M investment back in three weeks ...

There is something wrong with this article.

If the lady is not torn apart by bank scavengers, her investment may be recouped in 10 years or so.

Under the condition that Japan re-allows entry into the country for all tourists, may they be Chinese or Martians...

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

It looks nice on paper.

But in everyday life ... a lot of water will flow under the bridge.

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Posted in: Deer hunter arrested after mistakenly shooting friend in Tochigi See in context

There is a rather offensive term in my country for hunters, which came out mainly because of such events: "Green uniform drunks with a gun license"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 409 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,535 See in context


An article telling us that the number of new cases has increased.

However, another article announcing the withdrawal of state of emergency.

I'm wondering what the outcome will be.

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Posted in: Vietnamese couple arrested for conducting unlicensed cosmetic surgery at home See in context

"I studied online and listened to my relative who is a doctor,"

I have no doubt at all about his expertise. :))

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Posted in: COVID-19 numbers in Tokyo area creeping up, health minister says See in context

Tokyo residents are victims of the Olympics.

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Posted in: 345 people in Japan infected with coronavirus variants See in context

I wouldn't imagined this even in my wildest dreams.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context


"How can you just don't put everything underground!"

Because of earthquakes.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

It's a move to try to raise public support for the conduct of the Olympics.

We foreigners belong to the club "Four horsemen of the apocalypse".

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Posted in: Power outage disrupts train services in Tokyo area See in context


1500 V DC, not 30 kV.


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Posted in: Freezer firm to investigate after vaccines wasted See in context


LOL at the above comments. One freezers fails out 100 that is 1% defect rate. That means 99% are working. The standard defect rate is 5%. in manufacturing and it is higher in the west.

Aha, yes of course... I can quite imagine the reaction of the client at the presentation of this fact after a couple of tons of vegetables or meat was destroyed.

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Posted in: Freezer firm to investigate after vaccines wasted See in context

I work in a company where we deal with refrigeration (food industry).

The essence of cold rooms is to keep a desired constant room temperature which is displayed on the computer (SCADA) so that in case of failure of the coolers and the consequent rise in temperature, an alarm is triggered (but not the same as for an air attack :)).

What I want to say is that beside displaying the alarm on the control computer, the person in charge also receives an SMS to take the necessary measures.

So it seems strange to me that no one knows how and when this happened because all the abnormal conditions are also kept in event logs.

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Posted in: TV series 'Frasier' latest '90s hit to get a revival See in context

I still remember:

"What's that smell?",

Martin Craine: "Probably Japan..."


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Posted in: TEPCO says Fukushima nuclear plant seismometers were broken See in context

The general function of seismometers is to stop the nuclear reaction by insertion of the control rods. 

Given the high seismic activity in Japan, seismograph control at a nuclear power plant is among the most important tasks. The persons responsible for the safe operation of the power plant should therefore be held criminally liable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of woman he claims wanted to commit suicide See in context


...if you want to do it right do it yourself...

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Posted in: 2 killed, 2 injured after car plunges into Gifu rice field See in context

Sad news.

The use of a seat belt on all seats should be mandatory.

At the momentary stop at high speeds, things begin to happen that are incomprehensible to us. RIP.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

...however, it may also have been a conscious statement on his part, so that he can leave the sinking ship...

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman arrested after trying to kill son with hammer See in context


What was her husband doing at the time of the assault?

...he held his legs...

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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

Perhaps the first lady gave him a higher score as she got 5,000 yen! Weird all round.

...maybe 1000¥/point... :)

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Posted in: Two men charged after having sex at public bathhouse in Tokyo See in context

It is possible that a rainbow sign is hidden somewhere at the entrance... :)

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Posted in: Australia planning to vaccinate Olympic athletes before Tokyo Games See in context

Yeah, they are probably already standing in line...

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach floats possibility of no fans at Tokyo Games See in context

In the end, they will just light the olympic flame and perform a minute of silence for JGOV.

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Posted in: Mother, son found dead in car in suspected murder-suicide See in context

I myself have no children, but those you have, embrace them and say a prayer for the poor little soul.

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Posted in: 密 chosen as kanji character best representing 2020 See in context

That's what kanji characters looks like when I write them down. :)

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