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A ACAB fan?

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@Raw Beer

That's right. Plus profit.

Two birds with one stone.

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My thinking about the third dose of the vaccine.

Given that the vaccine was placed on the market during the trial period, there is a high probability that the vaccines do not contain 100% of the dose. It is logical that the manufacturers may be aware that before the completion of the third phase of testing, there could be more serious side effects, which we will find out over time.

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As I once wrote the opinion of experts in this field:

When the car knows / concludes whether a pedestrian is standing at a pedestrian crossing because he is crossing the road or maybe just waiting for someone, then the vehicles will be suitable for the road

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The next time I complain about how depressed I feel, I'll slap myself, and read the article again.

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If I were born again I would be an arms dealer.

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Let as play around with conspiracy theory a bit. They will now be able to have an excuse for non-working vaccines. Anti-Covid drugs are coming in December. :)

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The WHO and UNICEF urged European countries to make teachers a priority group for vaccinations so schools can stay open.

Aha, good luck with that. Many medical staff still refuse vaccination. And now they expect all educators to go under the needle. ??

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Naive thinking, if you think vaccination will reduce the number of infections. By now, you might already know how the vaccine works. Time will tell whether vaccination will reduce the occupancy of hospital capacity.

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Where can I apply?

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Given the rise in infection, the locals pose a major threat to the Paraolympians.

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In one documentary, it was pointed out that the biggest problem is how a computer can predict, for example, whether a pedestrian is standing at a crossing because he is waiting for someone or will cross the road. According to the developer, autonomous cars will not be on the roads for at least another ten years.

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''...no soup for you!!...'' :))

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Next month, a preventive lock-down ...just in case.

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For me being alienated is blessing...

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Did you read whole article?

Checking where you are at every step, covert blackmail at the expense of vaccination, requesting that you can leave / come to the country.

This is crazy and unacceptable.

Paris would have burned three times already.

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More encouraging data also from the country of origin of the Delta:


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Who knows, maybe they are promoting some kind of stay safe gesture. Beautiful spot.

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Photo number 2 is a nice illustration of what Japan has gained from the Olympics.

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I would cry also if I lost such a source of income. :)

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Interesting how in the photo Genbaku Dome is seemingly very close to the monument.

I also visited the museum. A man comes out with very mixed feelings.

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In the end it will be: ''shoot first, ask later''

With a utopian desire to bring the number of infections to 0, which has proven impossible, they are torturing the nation.

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About Pfizer:

"The latest data from the Israeli government shows that the Pfizer vaccine has been only 41% in the prevention of symptomatic covida-19 in the last month, with an increase in delta-derived infections, according to Reuters."

And in the end, so will the others. 

The third dose is already mentioned everywhere, then the fourth will follow ...

As it turns out, will this become a monthly commitment or something?

And after all that, we would sting 12 years old children.

Ccccc... .

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The Delta version is expanding faster but is not as dangerous.

It is necessary to protect or. vaccinate vulnerable groups over 60 years of age as soon as possible. Hospitals will be overcrowded because of them as they are more vulnerable (by that I don’t mean anything bad), that’s a fact.

All those ''OMG we'll all die'', who are under the age of 40 should wait to be vaccinated and behave self-protectively in the meantime.

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..among the first on the wish list...

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All pessimistic and apocalyptic comments are highly rated.

If someone writes a comment with a hint of optimism and common sense, they are bombarded with negative rates.


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... and all over the world... unfortunately.

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Positive attitude.

It is true that the event is a greater risk for Japan due to the arrival of people from all over the world (Olympians and delegates), but things are happening and if you are not afraid you go and see at least a part of the opening ceremony.

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It will be interesting to see how they keep the spread under control in these, judging by the photo, overcrowded settlements.

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On Tuesday, police guarded the front and rear of the building to prevent residents from leaving. A sign taped to one apartment window read "Send Beer".

... and two trucks of cigarettes...

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