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Posted in: Defense minister, Okinawa governor at odds over U.S. base relocation plan See in context

Fight with windmills...

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Posted in: International tourists return to Japan; spend big at top tourist spots in Tokyo See in context

I believe that when the situation is reversed and access to Japan is unrestricted, prices will skyrocket.

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Posted in: Dogs shed tears of joy when reuniting with owners: study See in context

Dogs: "My best friend is home, my best friend is home, my best friend is home, my best friend is home.....!!!

Cats: "The servants finally returned..."


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Posted in: EU ministers to study call for ban on Russian tourists See in context

I'm from the EU. We have become a victim of the duel between the USA and Russia, and while we're at it, let's sink the EU economy and standards a little more. The USA is once again solving its financial crisis at foreign expense, but this time in a more sophisticated way. I have no words for the puppet European leaders. Hello cold winter.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap pre-entry COVID test for triple-vaccinated travelers; cap on entrants remains See in context

It will be interesting to monitor the data on the number of infections from September 7 onwards. Yayk Spike.

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Posted in: Asian stocks follow Wall St down after Fed inflation report See in context

Dumb money caused bear market rally and created a large gap that will be filled in a week or two. Beware crypto holders.

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Posted in: Japan reports 166,205 coronavirus cases; 23,511 in Tokyo See in context

As I see, the topic of the posts is about vaccination and its effect. Let me tell you about my experience. Somehow half of my acquaintances are vaccinated and half are not. I'm not vaccinated either. We all got over covid. I was infected by a vaccinated person. This person recovered with a slightly more severe course. Younger than me. That's how it is.

However, how much vaccination helps, based on the daily number of new infections, should be evaluated by each individual.


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Posted in: Kishida unveils plan to set up pandemic crisis control unit similar to CDC See in context

So, they already know...

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

Is a vaccination passport required?

I wonder if there is a guided tour of Mount Fuji?

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

Do y’all really think the average tourist could navigate the airports, the subways, trains …. Even a taxi ?

It is said that there is a secret society of lost tourists in Japan...

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Posted in: Japan to phase out Russian coal imports See in context

When you leave one supplier, you turn to another. Usually more expensive. How suitable for a blue-red donkey it is.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

I wonder if a lawsuit will follow?

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Posted in: Asakusa crowd See in context

When once normal things become almost an object of wonder...

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Posted in: 70 Japanese volunteer to fight for Ukraine against Russia See in context

So the Russians invaded Ukraine, without any resistance from the Ukrainian army. And with all the media pomp what a patriotic spirit they have? Do not say that the Ukrainian army does not have the equipment to fight. It is just a sign that someones interest is that the war will drag on, people will suffer, and some will get very rich. You can read Yenki like a book.

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Posted in: Mandarin orange peels aren’t trash, they’re treasure: Three tips to reuse your mikan skins See in context

...as long they are not soaked with chemicals. On various cooking shows, they adding grated lemon or orange peel, which can be misleading unless the fruit is organic.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 7-day quarantine period for those entering country to 3 days See in context

@theResident: After all, I don’t care what version it was. At infection with omicron you were not supposed to lose the taste and smell, which I did for one week, delta was also possible.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 7-day quarantine period for those entering country to 3 days See in context

@theResident: Ha! You asked the right question. The official PCR test was positive. You convinced me to go for an antibody test (20 €). If the antibodies turn out not to be present, well....., then we can imagine what a charade it is all together. Stay well!

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Posted in: Japan to cut 7-day quarantine period for those entering country to 3 days See in context

I overcame omicron myself (mild cold). I'm unvaccinated. 70% of vaccinated co-workers fell ill, some of them with quite problems.

As it says in article if you are vaccinated three times you do not need quarantine? Is this a candy because you have met the quota for manufacturer? Because otherwise such measures are simply ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan venture to build country's first nuclear fusion power plant See in context

Great news.

The knowledge and will to do such things has been around for at least a decade. In the coming decades, this technology will prevail. We need to understand that the oil industry and related products cannot be shut down overnight, either because of profits or jobs that are not negligible.

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Posted in: A safer gun? 'Smart' pistols headed to U.S. market See in context

So whoever has control is the winner? Hmmmm ...

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Posted in: World's 10 richest men doubled wealth during COVID: report See in context

What else was to be expected. Meanwhile: A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds. Do the math.

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

According to the latest information from the WHO, the covid pandemic will be declared an endemic. Also according to the WHO, vaccination with booster doses is an unacceptable long term strategy. Hallelujah.

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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID vaccine soon to children aged under 12 See in context

Allow children to gain immunity in a natural way, vaccinate at-risk groups.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan hail stronger ties, including 2 new defense deals See in context

It all started with Convention of Kanagawa in 1854...

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Posted in: TEPCO files for approval of Fukushima plant water release See in context

I bet if China intended to do something like that, half the world would jump to the roof.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 30 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 190 See in context


Yes. Ato de Kanji desu, so they don't run out of characters. :)

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Posted in: Scientists develop glowing masks to detect coronavirus See in context

...plus rotating red light with siren...

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Posted in: Diverse doubts: How vaccine skepticism takes root See in context

To think about.

If those who have not been vaccinated find that they are wrong, they have a plan B available: They get vaccinated. However, it gets a little complicated in vaccinated people.

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Posted in: Bidens honor Pearl Harbor's fallen in visit to WWII Memorial See in context

They were sacrificed for higher sinister goals.

Japanese intelligence officer Takeo Yoshikawa has obtained full details of the U.S. fleet at the port. But the Americans didn’t know that almost the entire Japanese navy had left their ports?

However, as with most commentators, I agree that this is a thing of the past. After all, war is bad.

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Posted in: WHO says measures against Delta work for omicron variant too See in context

A friend wonders how it is that there has been no collapse of the health care system in Africa. No media pomp either. Do people from Africa:

 - despite the "enormous number" of dead, they are not worthy of media attention

have 100% vaccination coverage


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