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Posted in: Abe, Duterte sign military, economic deals See in context

Good Luck President Duterte , help Philippines to rise again. Thank god for granting us a true leader who really cares about us, guide him and make him a person you wanted him to be. We need a leader like President Duterte

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Posted in: Duterte, Obama shake hands and chat after rift over insult See in context

Correction , President Duterte is not refereing it to President Obama, His referring to biased reporters.

YEs, he is a foul mouthed old man but he's got balls of steel,and an honest leader.His ready to die for his country, with dignity and He loves the Filipino People.

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Posted in: Philippine president says his bloody drug war not genocide See in context

Please do not stick your nose in a place that you are not familiar. Our President is fighting for the welfare of good government , peaceful and God fearing country, Don't critisize our President because you don't know him.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

Thanks God , the boy was safe, good news!!!

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Posted in: 18-yr-old suspect admits killing Kawasaki boy to punish him See in context

Poor Ryota, why do they have to kill him? Scary !!! 18 years old murderer!!!

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 youths over murder of Kawasaki boy See in context

Poor boy!!May You Rest In Peace!!

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