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Everything was a risk, just like everything in sport is. It was a calculated gamble. Just because you are the one performing the action makes the likelihood of a desired outcome no more or less intrinsically certain.

And if they had attacked and conceded a goal, going out, with the Senegal result staying the same, what then? What would you have said? Naive, silly Japan? Congratulations for going for a draw but going out? This is professional sport, not a primary school kickaround.

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Netgrump, you're still missing point in reference to the last 10 minutes. The result, winning, losing or drawing, was irrelevant, all that mattered was the goal difference at that stage. And with the way Japan had played up til then their chances of scoring were almost zilch. Regarding the entire match, yes they could have been a lot more positive and the team selection was absurd, I would agree.

Belgium and England were even worse though, and no-one has vilified them. Martinez even stated that he wasn't going for a win, prior to the game. The only difference is the situation was assured for those two teams, and it wasn't for Japan, but neither of those two were trying to win even before the kick-off.

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The only objective in any match is to win the match, that's what fan's want to see and that's what we saw in the Korea-Germany match, both teams fought fairly till the last min.

Becasue Germany had to win, Japan didn't, and Korea were only playing for pride, just like Poland yesterday.

Strategy should and always be to win matches by actually playing the match and not what the Japanese team did in the later half.

It obvioulsy won't work like that when progression does not depend on winning. It's exactly the same in the Champions League if you draw 1-1 away and only need a 0-0 at home, teams do not go all out to win the game.

I really wonder how many people on this thread have just started watching footabll this month.

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Zichi, it most certainly would have made a difference if Poland had won 5-0. Exactly the reason for what happened.

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maybeperhapsyesToday 08:21 am JST

I would have understood if Japan played like this to protect a goal lead. But they were losing!

This is exactly the point so many people seem unable to grasp... It makes no difference what the score was, whether it was 0-1, 1-1, 1-0, the fact was that with that result Japan would qualify. With 10 minutes left, risking conceding another goal to make it 0-2 would have been just as stupid as conceding a goal to make it 1-1 or whatever.

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You don't think the WC is just for entertainment, do you?

It's not even that. It's simply about winning. This kind of situation will happen when you have points based performance, like in figure skating you're not going to see someone try to pull off their best and riskiest moves if they are skating after someone who has achieved a certain score; they are going to go for the moves that strike the best balance between risk and doing enough to win, which is exactly the same thing Japan did here.

Having said that I agree it was a farce in the sense that this situation shouldn't be allowed to happen, but that's not Japan's fault. And how to avoid it, I do not know.

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Samit Basu

That's not even true, Germany swept Brazil aside in about 20 minutes with the first 5 goals, then added the other 2 later.

Anyway that was a completely different situation, a one-off game where, as usual, you simply have to score more than the opposition, which was different to today's games where how many they lost by made was the difference between qualifying or not.

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Fijure, thank God someone else here knows what they're talking about.

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The ending was a farce but not through any fault of Japan. I'm surprised the above commentators have not thought about what would have happened if Japan had conceded another goal. As it stood they were going through and it would have been just as much a gamble to attack and possibly/probably concede another goal and get eliminated as it was to completely shut up shop and rely on the other result. I don't think any other team in the world would have done anything differently, and if would they would have been pilloried for chasing a game they didn't need to.

The bigger question which has been completely glossed over now was why on earth did

Nishino choose the team he did?? Absolutely incomprehensible.

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I will only cross on a green light if I can see I'm safe to do so.

I used to ignore lights completely as a pedestrian. Sad it say it was genuinely more dangerous to use them as guide as to when to cross than not.

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You haven't responded so obviously found them..

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Lol! What a joke. Go and look the figures up and come back to us.

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The UK certainly could have controlled who has come in to the country in the last 15 years a lot more and a lot better than it did.

And the only people who are a burden are the work-shy Brits, not that there are many of them, but certainly not the EU migrants, who have to work otherwise they can be deported.

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Everything is alright because Mr Johnson has written in The Sun that we are getting a Full British Brexit, and Mr Fox has said that we can walk away from talks with the EU which would hurt other countries like Belgium too which the EU won't like so will cave in. It's a big game of who'll commit suicide first.

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David Villa is a real magician in tight spaces!


Fabulous penalty kick by Ronaldo to tie.


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Tokyo's annual cost of living for an average household is about $3,300 a month,

What is the point of stating the annual cost as a monthly figure??

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Killing 3 people is mass murder...and only 19 years? It makes me wonder how serious of crime do you have to commit to end up on death row in Japan.

Yes, odd. I thought the requirements were usually killing more than one person and in a premeditated or especially brutal way, which I would have thought these murders would fulfil.

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I don't think any football fans give a flying

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Funny thing is I've seen women say the same to women. "Wow your breasts are huge. Can I touch them?" I heard quite often from Japanese women to western women. Plus the insidious obsession with weight, which is often the first comment people are greeted with in Japan. Body size, breast size, it's all the under same umbrella. It needs a hard look at how people comment on others and actually should mind their own business.

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I expect it's due to the incresed numbers of sex trafficked people in Europe. If you go to a brothel and the women seem consensual but are actually there under the threat of violence you could be done for rape. Must be hard to prove how much the punters would know though.

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Customs quoted Murakami as saying, "I bought them as they were cute."

Mr Murakami needs to up his quoting, Obviously it needed to be "I was drunk and don't remember a thing." How could he make such an elementary mistake.

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Do we really want to move to a system whereby children lose all their independence to avoid this small, but tragic risk?

@Ah so

But kids are not independent. That's precisely why they are called kids/children. The time when you can completely let them off your guard and genuinely blame them for anything that happens is not at 7. If I went out for 5 minutes and left my 11 year old at home and there was accidently a fire and the house burned down I would not be blaming my daughter, whatever she had done to cause it and however angry I was. It would just prove the point that she was not able to be by herself at home alone. It would not be until much later, co-incidentally(!) at the age that they become adults that I would genuinely blame her for doing something, at 18ish. Until then you can give them independence, but gradually, with a certain amount of adult supervision, not molly-coddling them until a certain point and then suddenly throwing them out to fend by themselves. That would be a ludicrous transition.

You would never let a 7 year old use an oven completely by themselves. Why let them walk on the streets completely by themsleves?? Purely social conformity. And this lack of supervision is hardly a small risk. It manifests itself in a variety of ways, countless times a day, all over Japan, resulting in countless tragedies. Only last week I could easily have hit my friend's 3 year old because his parents were letting him run around unsupervised in a car park. I only didn't because I knew how little they would be watching him. Sorry, but this is one area Japan really does fall down in, from peoeple who would normally know better.

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Stupid parents!

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he can’t remember exactly what happened because he had been drinking.

Well, when in Rome..

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ThePBotToday 12:07 am JST

I didn't even know she was pregnant again.

I didn't even care.

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Watch this if you can find it. A police officer tries to arrest a gaijin asking a JK girl what she's doing and supports the tout... they go to a childporn shoot... a government official proudly announces in an Austin Powers moment that 37 (Thirty-Seven!) people were indicted for possessing child pornography last year in the whole of Japan...

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Kensey Neely, 30, a speech pathologist from St Joseph, Missouri, signed up for the Lisbon trip. "I'm so excited to go," she said. "I had been trying to find a way to step out of my comfort zone.

By going to a foreign country? By not using your phone more than twice a day? Lol.

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I've always wondered how these guys get off the tracks after they have jumped on to them. There aren't exactly many places you can just nip onto the streets are there? And wouldn't the places you can get off the tracks be teeming with people and pretty obvious, like fumikiri, and the police send some people there to arrest them?

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kohakuebisuToday 08:56 am JST

I believe Alan Pardew is available!

Haha! The man for any job.

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