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Posted in: Seniors account for record 29.1% of Japan's population See in context

"The ratio of those aged 65 or older with jobs reached 25.1 percent, the second-highest among major economies."

@kohakuebisu ”The average Japanese woman now lives to 88. Keeping 65 as the retirement age means paying a pension for 23 years. ”

What makes you think that most Japanese women get pensions that cover their living costs? Don't worry, your taxes are safe from those skinny obaachan hands...they're out there working hard physical jobs like night-time cleaning, and it's not because their tax-funded senior years are so comfortable they're just bored.

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Quarantines don't work? It's slightly old news, but de Machaut quarantined himself from plague and reinvented western music (while ordering pizza). I suppose he would rather have been down the pub, and quarantines make for skinny musicians. Even so, we're still benefiting from his life in lockdown several centuries later. He also didn't die of plague, always a plus.

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Posted in: 316 people are shot every day in America. Here are 5 stories See in context

People who aren't Americans care that so many, many Americans die, shattered into guts and gore, every hour of every day.

But we don't decide American policy.

The rest of us don't care about your little class and party games, you all look like Americans to us. We just care about your people, and we wish you did too.

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Posted in: Hurdles remain to getting ex-nurses involved in vaccine rollout See in context

@Elvis is here

That's right, ex-nurses, put the babies in a locker at the station and get to work. No blaming poor administration for the errors and delays, it's clearly all your fault for having babies.

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Posted in: Minister admits coercing Olympics app developer into cutting costs See in context

Naturally, he also returned half his salary to show that he was sincere about saving taxpayers' money.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,793 See in context

...ask around and see - at least in my area, crematoriums have had to make families wait (10-14 days in January was the longest of several local cases I heard about), because they can't handle the numbers.

The 2020 excess deaths are discussed right here in a preliminary report that in any case only covers up to September 2020. It states quite clearly that there were excess deaths, even with that early cut-off point and interim data.


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Posted in: The government will study the infection rates before deciding on whether to extend the emergency measures. See in context

The "r" rates. That's what all the weird "data" for Tokyo has been about. Creating an artistic decline in r rates for Tokyo. The Tokyo Keizai site that JT links to shows a nice sharp decline from May 13 on.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy missing after grandfather sends him home alone See in context

Don't want to assume the worst of a grandfather I've never met, but in my experience, a grandfather's sense of responsibility extends as far as personal convenience and no further. Father in law and his wife begged me to let my kids stay and play one hot August morning while I cycled to off to pay a bill. Returned 30 minutes later to find my 18 month old alone in a paddling pool in the middle of the road, while adults were inside enjoying an icecream and a nice chat....3 year old was crying hysterically in the road, torn between trying to call grandfather and sticking with sibling.

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Posted in: BOJ expands asset purchases to Y80 tril to spur recovery See in context

Friday before a long weekend - nah, that couldn't have anything to do with it!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing passerby in front of Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

Help them help themselves? Why yes, we have the 2006 Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities Act, http://eiyaku.hounavi.jp/eigo/h17a12301.php which helpfully makes local authorities responsible for those "resident" in their areas.

These authorities can but are not required to consider specialist medical advice or advice from service providers in direct contact with applicants for services or support. I keep hearing of cases where municipal authorities tell direct service providers that they must reduce the number of those they report as "eligible" for level 1 or 2 benefits....if they refuse to comply by reporting that applicants are mysteriously improved or cured, the service providers are threatened with removal of their permission to operate at all.

There has been a consistent push over the past few years to reduce the number of disabled people (especially those with mental illnesses) on disability benefits. We can see the rising numbers of mentally ill people (homeless and otherwise) on the streets; where are the rising numbers of ex-beneficiaries in stable employment and accommodation?

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Posted in: Japanese people reflect on examples of excess customer service See in context

My favorite was the funeral parlor manager who said enthusiastically "See you again soon"" as he saw us off after our family funeral....he did seem to notice that he'd said something problematic though!

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The nations responsible have taken and continue to take responsibility...but the truth is that there is way too much stuff out there that nobody has any accurate information about. And this is also what makes me nervous about scattering radioactive waste around Japan to "share the burden" - in 100 years, nobody will have a clue what is where, any more than we know now where dangerous ordinance and other WWII problems lie in wait.

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Posted in: Tohoku University evicts entire dormitory for rampant drinking See in context

The Meizen dorm has a decades-old reputation not only for drinking, but for forcing alcohol on reluctant students, well beyond the usual concept of student partying. And yes, it looks like a tip from the road - though surely the university had some responsibility for upkeep. I don't think this was a decision lightly taken by the university.

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Posted in: 3,179 people taken to hospital for heatstroke July 14-20 See in context

It's not the heat, specifically....it's the high humidity remaining after rainy season, combined with the rapidly climbing temperature. There is always a spike in heat stroke cases at this time of year, rather than when midsummer temperatures are highest (but stable, and with lower humidity).

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a series of high and low pressure systems are expected to make their way across Japan.

Now that's unprecedented!

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There are no male flight attendants>

Actually, there are (and I do mean male CAs and not pursers). There are even Japanese male CAs...unfortunately, they are not being hired by Japanese airlines. Japanese airlines don't apparently REQUIRE applicants for CA positions to be female, they just don't "happen" to hire men.

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God forbid! You could see some female legs!>

It's not the legs that are the issue, is it? Ultra-mini uniforms may be fine for some physically inactive jobs, but if you expect a CA to look forward to giving you a peepshow while she works, you'd better look forward to fetching and carrying your own drinks, meals, sick-bags, blankets etc. in future!

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Posted in: Panel discusses revision of teaching manual to include moral education See in context

This is not a new development, it's been gathering steam for a while. "Doutoku" (Ethics) is already taught both as a subject, and as something that is to be included when teaching other subjects. The "special subject" development means that it would have a centrally-decided curriculum. i.e. schools would no longer be free to decide how to teach it, but would have to teach the ethical values that MEXT requires, in whatever ways MEXT requires.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM wants Japan apology in whaling dispute See in context

“That would be good,” he told reporters when questioned about whether Japan needed to say sorry.

That's a long way from "demanding an apology".

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Posted in: New Zealand summons Japanese ambassador over whaling dispute See in context

The UN Convention is not intended to cover every aspect of the law relating to use of the sea, and fishing vessels in distant waters are covered by a number of other agreements. In the South Pacific, it has taken a long time for East Asian fishing vessels to respect the EEZ of small island nations, so Pacific nations have historical reasons to keep a close eye on foreign fishing vessels, and the region does have a number of agreements on international fishing.

Usually foreign fishing vessels respect these regional agreements and conventions (such as FAO agreements) and report their presence in a country's EEZ, or stick to a direct route when transiting through an EEZ to another fisheries area, without delay, and with all fishing gear stowed and not ready for deployment. The Shonan Maru II is a whaling vessel, and I have not heard that those functions have been disabled.

NZ is merely expressing displeasure at the way in which a Japanese government fishing vessel has disregarded these conventions. That is not a legal sanction, and is well within the rights of any country which finds a foreign fishing vessel within its EEZ for any reason other than transit.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

Let's remember that it wasn't a "manga" festiva held in Japan, it was an international comic festival held in France. Political issues have long been part of comics, although that has become rare in manga. Japan has no reason to expect comics to turn into manga, and no reason to expect foreign media to follow Japanese writers and publishers in "self censoring" either.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Oh yes. Not a week ago, I was at a meeting about cultural understanding, no less, where several people were talking about how "returnees" just weren't the same as "pure Japanese", even decades after they had returned to Japan. When I called them on it, they thought I was disputing their findings. When I said I was more concerned with cutting "returnees" out from the "pure Japanese" group, nobody batted an eyelid, they just patiently explained to me that it was because they aren't "pure Japanese", they're different, everybody knows that....

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Posted in: Family of 91-year-old dementia sufferer struck by train ordered to pay JR compensation See in context

I have a friend who is nearly 70, looking after a senile parent aged over 90. The minute my friend turned 65, her "nursing care" taxes were bumped up. Her mother's "nursing care" taxes are even higher, and her medical costs are steadily increasing. My friend is still working full time - she can't afford to retire on her tiny kokumin nenkin pension and pay all these social security taxes on her salary. Like many women, she is not a "sei-shain" so her pay is low and benefits few.

She applied for help watching her parent, but because she lives with the parent, she is not eligible for more than a once-a-day drop-in helper. So she battles on, already elderly herself, balancing, her own advancing age, work, and the economic and housework burdens of supporting herself and her parent. Is her back turned for 5 minutes now and then? You bet it is!

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Posted in: Utility rates to hit all-time high from Sept See in context

Yubaru you can just sweep the Taisho period under the carpet? Such a funny wee fellow. Yes, the 60s and 70s had their student demos, but I think the Taisho period protests and the hardships of the working poor and their families reached much further into Japanese society. But of course, since that's all BS, as you say, we can relax and stop worrying about the similarities between the changing political mood in the '20s and in our own time. Such a relief, thank you!

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Posted in: Utility rates to hit all-time high from Sept See in context

There's a reason why people here don't complain, don't take to the streets, and don't publish critical ideas, although they used to. That reason is called the Taisho period. There are still people alive who remember the Kempeitai.

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Posted in: Health ministry drafts measures to prevent food allergy deaths at schools See in context

I'm afraid I know of cases where a teacher has bullied children about eating school lunch. In one case, the teacher refused to admit that the allergies existed when notified by parents at the beginning of the school year, and continued to make disparaging comments in front of other children, despite several allergy-related hospitalizations over the school year.

The school refused to permit the child to bring a packed lunch "in case we were blamed for anything that happened to the lunch during the morning", and also refused to allow the child's medication to be kept by the school nurse, stating that they were not willing to permit any medication in school unless the mother brought it directly to the classroom and administered it herself, passing over the child's lunchbox at the same time.

I thought this was excessively punitive, and found it difficult to believe that the school had never before had a child who needed to take medicine during the day, and hard to believe that this was their first case of food allergy either. No trouble believing that schools do not implement allergy guidelines. Part of that problem comes from the ambiguous nature of a "guideline" in Japanese legislation.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer any soda of any size for Y100 See in context

So...you have to pay for cold teas, the saving grace of Japanese fast food chains, but for soda it's just "open wiiiiiide". If they offered tea at the same price, I'd have no complaints, but the faster this campaign disappears, the better.

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Posted in: To help foster Japanese capable of successfully competing globally, the education ministry plans to designate about 100 high schools across the country that will teach some science and math in English See in context

Tokyo Tech High School already teaches English at a higher level than many respected liberal arts schools. Go for it, and don't stop with English - a few more languages would be useful too.

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Posted in: 'Mother, help me' fraud: NPA, public select new name for bank transfer scam See in context

I'm surprised they haven't yet held a competition to choose a cute mascot character...

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Posted in: Mister Donut Japan to change product ingredients for first time in 42 years See in context

the “Old Fashion”, will see changes made to the sugar and flour mix of its batter in order to improve the product’s texture. The sweetness of the honey used to glaze the Honey Dip will also be increased.<<

Sigh. "Improve texture" almost certainly means more sugar in the batter too, as sugar makes things crisper. Byebye to Japan's not-too-sweet sweet treats...

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