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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context

I disagree-there seems to be a great degree of humane thought by withholding the execution date. Just like none of us really know when we'll die, the prisoner must try to live each day to the fullest and cheerish the moments he/she remaining.

Afterall-if given the choice would YOU want to know the day you'll die???!!

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Posted in: Toshiba invents device it claims can decontaminate radioactive soil See in context

Actually the science to electrokinetically remove radioactive isotopes has existed for a few decades. It's more a matter of scale that makes Toshiba's device interesting. Thru the pouring acid/base chemicals into collected/contained soil, electric anode rods help draw out the electrically charged 'radioactive' particles. Remove the radiation, remove and neutralize the electrolyte solution, and restore the soil. My mind cannot picture doing more than a drum or two of soil at a time, but it's very much possible. If anyone can do it, I have great faith in the science and mechanical prowess of Japanese engineers.

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Posted in: In a first, North Korea airs beer commercial on TV See in context

Ah yes, Taedong River Beer! It goes well with your typical NK meal of air. Thank you glorious people's leader for inventing beer!

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Posted in: At least 14 bodies found in Mexico mass grave See in context

This is why I am not vacationing in Mexico this year. Desite the nice weather and fun activities, I will not risk this drug violence possibly affecting my family. We are going to San Diego instead.

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Posted in: North Korea threatens to shoot down Japanese spy planes See in context

How about N Korea worrying about feeding their citizens....

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Posted in: Imperial Hotel hosts Hawaiian Fair See in context

Nice idea; I wish a nice Japanese Hotel would ally with a nice hotel in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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