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I won't even go into dolphin research that proves them more sentient than other animals,as you obviously don't know about the studies done in Russia in the 60s,but mercury poisoning ? All any of you morons do is prove how uninformed you all are. Dolphins have never been touted as having mercury in their flesh,that's A.B,if you knew anything you would know the japanese market dolphin meat as WHALE meat,as it sells a lot better,and C The Museum of Ntural History have tuna and a host of other marine specimens that are over 100 years old.They've tested them for mercury,and guess what,they have JUST AS HIGH A MERCURY CONTENT as animals tested today,so it would appear that its just how the fishies are made,not anything we do to them. Toxic waste is a whole other ball of wax.

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Ever see the videos of how the dolphins are killed ? How their calfs see it. They let them bleed to death after slitting their throats ? Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.The way we slaughter animals in the usa is awful,but a frigging birthday party compared to those "traditions". It absolutely should be abolished ,and Japan is NOT the only country that does it. Its done to different breeds of dolphin in both africa and the netherlands. All of these dolphins are coming close to extinction .Its dispicable.

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Yes,but it would be awesome for bunnies kittens and puppies.

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