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If you are fine with a strange man being in a woman's only bathroom or him being naked around you that's your bussines.

I know my wife and many other women would object to that and furthermore it is against the law simple as that.

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@ rcch

Well I guessed you missed the part where the other poster called my comment dumb as nails but don't worry I won't hold it aginst you.

And by the way the region is perfectly safe just fear mongering from the usual suspects for obvious reasons such as the very recent multi-billion weapons trade between the the American government's defense contractor and Japan.

It's all about feeding that enormous industrial-military complex nothing more nothing less.

If I am not mistaken South Korea recently also bought a lot of American fighter jets and they too raised their defense budget just about the same time as the "tensions" arised.

But hey if you really want to believe that China, Russia, South or North Korea can jump on Japan or each other anytime now and unleash WWIII despite their being absolutely no indication whatsoever to even hint at something like that happening please be my guest...

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Joining the Chinese in the rush for the earth's last remaining land grab, and minerals.

Exactly further impovering the African people in the process.

Shame on you LDP shame on you...

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Posted in: Japan's Defense Ministry requests record ¥5.32 trillion budget See in context

The region Japan is in is incredibly dangerous

Pure comedy gold this one.

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Posted in: Woman sues after hospital where she works publicly reveals she transitioned gender See in context

I have no problem whatsoever with a person who changed sex because it makes him/her feel better.

I do have a problem with a person who doesn't want to change his/her sex but still want to be treated as a person of the opposite sex and then complains when certain issues arise.

Seeing as this person changed his sex to become a female she was treated wrongly by the hospital and I hope she wins the lawsuit.

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Please keep Airbnb out of Japan, it gives nothing of nuisance to the hard working people who live next to these accommodations.

They are often occupied by young people with a low travel budget meaning they shack up their with a bunch of people making noise until deep in the night.

Furthermore the halls are often lingered with people mooching of the free WIFI of which they have been tipped off by other travellers.

If you want to come to Japan and don't even have the funds to book one of the many reasobly priced hotels, minshukus or ryokans please don't bother coming.

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Japan is a homogeneous society. As a result, the cities in Japan are safer and the people living in them have a relatively high degree of trust between each other. Cities in other first world countries are becoming more and more dangerous. Transplanting millions of people from incompatible cultures from developing countries into the first world within a few short years has been a major reason for this.

I couldn't agree more.

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Again proof that despite the naysayers Tokyo is still one of the safest cities in the world, not crime free but relatively safe at least.

Now if you focus more on supporting people with a mental illness and continue to keep immigration at an absolute minimum and under tight rules Tokyo can continue to be one of the safest cities for many years to come.

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Shinzo Abe is proven to be corrupt, his wife is proven to be corrupt and a fair chunk of LDP has proven to be corrupt.

How come the opposition in Japan hasn't capitalized on this yet ?

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Once again Abe and his LDP sold out Japan to the Americans, the foreign influence in Japan is getting bigger at an alarming rate.

I really don't understand the need for these mega casino resorts, Japanese people who want to gamble can go to Pachinkos or bet online like the rest of the world.

Is this the type of foreign tourists Japan wants to attract gambling their money away in American owned casinos ?

The local residents will not see a dime of these enterprises and they will have to deal with all the nuisance too.

And what is up with making only Japanese citizens pay an entrance fee of 6000 Yen, surely this is a violation of anti-discrimination laws ?

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

And spend 3 times as much money on research and development?

You have to start somewhere or do you think the US government plans on stopping their policy of securing lucrative deals for their defense contractors anytime soon ?

It has been the bread and butter for the US industrial-military complex for decades now.

Establishing a domestic defense contractor will not only reduces costs in the long term but more importantly make Japan less dependant on the US government which has been long overdue.

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Posted in: World’s largest diorama theme park to open in Japan, featuring Sailor Moon and Evangelion worlds See in context

Very cool I will definitely check this out.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

I have a gut feeling that the recent escalation of the tension in the region was staged or at least manipulated by some parties in order to facilitate these kind of weapon deals. 

Personally I have no problems that the JDSF is boilstering their defensive capabilities however Japan should be looking in to establishing their own domestic defense contractor.

It would not only cut costs dramatically but would reduce the depency on the US government so in time we can ask them to remove all US military troops from the Japanese territory so they can go back where they belong namely the United States.

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context

It's true that mitigating circumstances like her young age and a what looks like a difficult social background should be taken in to consideration by the court but she still dumped (murdered ?) her infant child and should be punished accordingly and her friend should be charged for being an accessory.

The mother could have turned to social services or given up the child for adoption instead of coldly dumping the body in a bag somewhere and take off.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

No it does not. But there is the situation of the people who live here 24/7 nationals and foreigners. I have heard of anyone complaining about tourism and

But I do have heard a lot of complaints in Japan amongst the Japanese people and expats whom I personally know and I have read many articles, amongst which some on this very site, concerning problems stemming from mass tourism and the way LDP is promoting it.

70% of the post poll also same the same.

If you do a poll amongst local residents  who actually live in the overcrowded tourist spots I can assure you the results will be quite different as opposed to some municipalities who have not encountered the phenomenon yet and are just thinking about the money it might bring in without being fully aware of the negative impact on their territory and their residents.

How do you make tourists caps for say like Kyoto when nearly 90% of the visitors are actually Japanese. Can't stop going there. Against the constitution, freedom of movement.

That's exactly my point it would be very difficult to implement tourist caps for many reasons so the idea that you can somehow spread out the majority of the 60 million foreign tourists over the whole of Japan and prevent them from visiting the same places over and over again is merely an illusion.

Places like Arima in Kobe attract millions of Japanese visitors

Yest but these Japanese visitors have already visited the big tourist spots and are willing to go off the beaten track, the majority of the 60 million foreign tourists are not going to do that.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

didn't you post you live in Belgium with your J-wife?

Yes I do and I stay on extended holidays with my wife in Japan annually together with my family-in-law and social network who give me a lot of feedback of what is currently happening in Japan.

Does this somehow bar me from the right to speak up against the negative consequences of mass tourism in Japan or the way LDP promotes it seeing as it affects a country and people I care about ?

Tourists can be encouraged to visit other great parts of japan. Hokkaido, Kyushu, Tottori.

I hear this argument from time to time but in reality it doesn't work like that at all unless you implement tourist caps in the overcrowded areas.

Most people will only visit Japan once and then they just want to see the big famous tourist spots in Tokyo and Kyoto and a few others on the side and who can blame them ?

87% of the total visitors to Kyoto are domestic Japanese.

I do believe these numbers are a little dated

A survey of 36 major Kyoto city hotels showed that foreigners accounted for 40.5 percent of their total guests in 2017, the highest figure recorded since the survey began in 2014.The survey was conducted by the Kyoto City Tourism Association and released on Feb. 28. 2018

I also recall reading an article on this very site and Japan Times where people in Kyoto where complaining they did not get on time for work anymore seeing as foreing tourists, mostly Chinese, were clogging up public transport.

Okinawa has one of the highest rates of foreign tourists as well as 63% of the municipalities stated there were no problems or concerns as indicated by the post.

Percentage wise they have nowhere near the number of foreign tourists as mainland Japan and they are far less concentrated.

Okinawa is however doing their best to attract more foreing tourists by opening up offices in India to convince people to spend their honeymoon in Okinawa and if and when they will come in big numbers then we can truly compare the situation with mainland Japan.

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In the more than 25 years I have lived here, the central and prefecture governments have always been seeking ways to increase the foreign tourists numbers.

Yes but with a healthy balance between foreign tourists and local residents which is now no longer the case and this will get only worse in the future.

Untill the early 2000's a steady inlfux of 5 million foreign tourists came in to Japan and from 2010 onwards we were at 10 million foreign tourists which were still sustainable numbers.

I don't recall Japan having financial problems at that time which justifies an increased policy by LDP to attract the numbers we have today at a staggering 28 million foreign tourists with LDP aiming at 60 million foreign tourist annually after the Olympics 2020 and the completion of the mega casino resorts.

Don't forget the majority of these 60 million tourists will visit the same places over and over again, Tokyo and especially Kyoto will have it the worst  and I truly weep for the local residents who live in the touristic hotspots because they didn't ask for this at all and their quality of life will drop significantly without seeing any profit.

The profits will go to LDP and their "supporters" such as APA and multi-nationals not to local businesses and residents they will just have to dissapear.

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Japan hosts development talks with African leaders this week, looking to boost its presence on the continent and offer an alternative to investments by an increasingly assertive China.

"It's been said that Africa is the last frontier," he added. "Can Japan steadily do business in Africa and win the fruits of growth? Japan and Japanese companies are facing a real test."

This sounds an awful lot like a new form of imperialism this time on African soil and knowing what happened in the past the Japanese government should not indulge in these "bussines" ventures.

Let the African countries have complete self-control over their natural resources and clear their debt with IMF if you really want to help them instead of exploiting them further.

Shame on you LDP shame on you...

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That would only the decision made by the Japanese only, and actually living here but PM Abe intends to increase the tourist numbers.

Exactly the Japanese people didn't ask for the new mass tourism and immigration policies, the LDP didn't mention this in their program prior to the elections and rushed these measures through diet in a record pace without any real debate.

Japan isn't closed off and anyone with the required visa or exemption are visit.

Indeed not for people with a required visa and exemption and rightly so but I was rather talking about being closed off from mass tourism and immigration which I hope will stay the case in the future.

However it seems Abe and his band of loons at LDP have different plans for Japan which is very sad indeed.

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less protectionist in some sectors

Do not confuse protectionism with nationalism, protectionism is the only safety measure countries have against globalists and their political servants who don't care about erasing a country's culture and identity as long as they get money and power.

Mass tourism is one of the inventions of globalists and they will go to great length to promote it

Its what is missing in Japan at the moment.

Japan doesn't need more foreign residents or tourists.

The problem now is that Japan is closed in many ways.

The fact that Japan is closed off is what makes it beautiful in the first place, let's keep in that way.

Then its time for municipalities and local governments to have town hall meetings with foreigners to create some cultural exchange programs monthly, conversational English and or even multilingual classes,

Japanese people should never be forced to learn other languages and cultures in their own country that's complete nonsense.

What would you say if Trump would ask this from American citizens in the US?

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I personally think 80% or more of Japan won't see much, if any at all, rise in tourism due to the aftermath of the Olympic Games 2020.

That means the remaining 20% will have to cope with the influx of mass tourism and as always it will be the local residents that will have the pay the price while Shinzo Abe and his benefactors reap the profits.

Then in about 10-15 years time tourists won't come to Japan anymore complaining it has become too crowded and stating it has completely lost it's charm.

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to adjust tolls to curb traffic during 2020 Olympics See in context

Regular people keep paying the price for the governments big tourist ad aka Olympic Games.

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Posted in: With the city's fiscal condition expected to be more severe, we've decided an integrated resort is needed for us to leap forward. See in context

we've decided an integrated resort is needed for us to leap forward.

He forgot to add "And line my pockets with money"

Keep these resorts out if Japan they only cause problems for the local residents and nobody asked for them in the first place.

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Posted in: Muted in country of their birth, three women try to find their voice See in context

that would be a matter for the government and Diet and not the "Japanese voting population".

According to me there are two options to justify implementing measures that have a significant impact on Japanese society such as giving foreign residents voting rights and by extension allowing double nationality.

Either political parties make it clear prior to elections that those measures are included in their program so if the Japanese citizens vote for them they have a democratic mandate to implement them or either you hold a referendum.

Implementing these significant measures without the mandate and consent of the Japanese citizens can never be an option.

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If there was no possibility for foreign residents to adopt the Japanese nationality then you could not justify giving them no voting rights.

However since foreign residents can adopt the Japanese nationality they need to make the effort to gain citizenship if they want to vote plain and simple.

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outer space

I know Abe's master Trump talks a lot about illegal aliens but I do think LDP misunderstood him there...

Joking aside France has decided to do the exact same thing just awhile ago, I suppose this is a case of monkey see monkey.


This however I can totally understand the threats coming from cyberspace are real and significant.

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Posted in: ANA announces change in check-in cut-off time for Haneda International Airport and security check cut-off time for all domestic airports See in context

Wait more and more people are coming in and out of Japan and you are going to take out less time for check-in and security ?

Did the Japanese government give their consent for this, we are talking about possible implications for national security here.

I've seen passengers get on the plane after the scheduled departure time. These people need to be barred from boarding that late, and their baggage thrown off the plane.

I agree.

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I just saw the French news reporting about this, the globalists have created quite the playground for themselves in Biarritz.

The whole town is locked down hermetically with public tranportation hubs closed and residents need to wear special badges and pass several checkpoints just to reach their own homes.

A security force of no less than 1300 people is controlling the area non-stop.

I fully support the anti-globalism protestors as long as they don't use violence and destroy others people property however the people who do that are no real anarchists but infiltrators whose purpose is to put the protestors in a bad light.

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I am just afraid now, because anyone can be accused of anything and then they just take you away to investigate you and your life falls apart in the meantime...someone please tell me I am wrong and it is not as grim and simple as that…

It is not as grim and simple as that, what you are saying is extreme hyperbole nothing more.

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Posted in: Some local governments successfully reintegrate 'hikikomori' back into society See in context

Perhaps some of the people afflicted with this condition might somehow be enticed into work in farming, where the average age is pushing 70.

That's an excellent suggestion actually, it would help counter the depopulation of the countryside and keep Japan's traditional farming afloat.

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