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Posted in: Man kills himself during police search of apartment; 2 bodies discovered in closet See in context

Sounds like some piss-poor police work. Standard police-procedure WORLD-WIDE is, after discovering the dead bodies the man should have been immediately arrested, put in handcuffs and taken away for interrogation. That is done to protect the police more so than worrying about the guy doing hare-kari on himself the Japanese way. I bet those guys will be on traffic patrol soon and taken off that kind of police work.

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Posted in: Female manager of gentlemen's 'snack club' stabbed to death See in context

Close down those dumps - havens for crime.

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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

This is why the Japanese are made at us Americans. In Japan, "You do the crime, you do the time." This guy should have been tried,convicted, and thrown in jail, plain and simple. Hard to believe he's still working for the U.S. Government on a base.

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