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Posted in: 'Ghost in the Shell' makers defend Johansson casting See in context

To be honest, my objection is only partially to do with "whitewashing". I can agree that the selection of this person to play the part of a character that is quite certainly Asian in origin is objectionable, but my biggest criticism is that Hollywood has yet again tried to make a live action film out of an animated classic, usually because they can't come up with anything original.

In essence, this is just another sad attempt by Hollywood execs to market something to the masses that uses past success to hook people in, big names to further try to keep people's attention and no attempt to be honest with the public or at least try to recreate the original look and feel, not to mention the story. I was critical enough when Mamoru Oshii tried to dramatise it originally but this seems just like another shallow wHollyWeird attempt to part the masses from their money with as little effort as possible. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but I've seen too much of this lately to be anything but cynical about the whole matter.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be a safer place with Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context


I think he will do a better job than Hillary could ever have pondered. Her goal was supreme power to fatten her wallet.

And you think he's any different in that respect?

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Posted in: Does Japan need to host any U.S. bases at all? See in context

No, the US won't save anything by pulling out of anywhere. The industry surrounding the whole weapons business will find some way to keep prying money out of the US Gov regardless.

Do the Japanese still need a US base? I'm not sure. A combination of a certain unstable state, regional arguments over territory and so forth mean that a military force is needed around there, but as to who runs it, I can see a number of arguments for and against and Abe and his aspirations of power would be only one part of it.

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Posted in: Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 8? See in context

You want me to say which one I'd prefer? As Brewster once said; "None of the above!"

Some Clinton supporters are right to criticise Trump for his lack of political experience, his campaigning approach via sensationalism and his smug, self centred attitude. I could never support Trump.

But then some Trump supporters are also right to criticise Clinton's past misdemeanours. Although it is certainly right that the FBI were well out of line to do what they have done regarding the Weiner emails, it does bring into question whether Clinton is trustworthy - which is one reason why the FBI should have held their tongues until they were sure of what they had.

Generally speaking, however, this has been the dirtiest, slimiest political contest I've seen for many a year and I believe that neither of them are worthy of leadership. If anything they are proof positive both of the real reason for voter apathy in the US and of the principle expounded by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy:

Those who desire power should never be allowed to wield it.

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Posted in: Babymetal set to appear in new anime series debuting in U.S. See in context

Not convinced. This appears to be an attempt to merge idol pop with heavy metal and while I can't deny that the appearance is good, this song sounds a little too much like Give Me Chocolate for my liking. The video is too clean cut and formulaic, a similar problem to a lot of other music I've been hearing lately, especially anime themes where no matter what style they choose, it's always done to a set formula which increasingly annoys me. And I hate being...

I don't doubt that Babymetal will have its fans and may possibly do well but the idea that they will "ultimately redefine the genre" is unlikely given that metal has no one central genre. Possibly they might create their own genre but they are too light to go up against the death or thrash derivatives, too heavy to go up against the softer AOR types and the language barrier will put some fans off that might otherwise like this approach. Yes, I remember Puffy AmiYumi too.

I suspect that time will tell. Personally I think that the three are very cute but musically I'm in two minds about the whole thing.

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Posted in: Since Aug 21, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been to Brazil, Kenya, Russia, China, Laos, the U.S. and Cuba. Do you think he is traveling abroad too much? See in context

It really depends on what he is doing when he is abroad. If there is some benefit for Japan, then fine. The trouble is that more than one premier has used foreign affairs as a way of avoiding home strife and currying favour abroad for their own ends so while I've little trouble with foreign visits, it's always worth keeping an eye on.

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Posted in: Do you expect changes in the U.S.-Japan alliance no matter who wins the Nov 8 U.S. presidential election? See in context

I always expect change where this sort of thing is concerned. It's not just a matter of who becomes POTUS; there's all sorts of other things that need to be addressed.

I certainly believe that a Trump victory would possibly alienate more than one country, Japan included, but Japan has its own agendas which need to be thrashed out. The whole Okinawa business comes to mind, for example. Would Trump or Clinton consider changing things there?

The thing is that there are too many "what ifs" to make a conclusive judgement call, IMHO.

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Posted in: Panel proposes 1st changes in 100 years to penal code for sex offenders See in context


Wow seriously old.... rapists are men and rape is only vaginal ? Seems so old.

A reflection on the people making the laws, I suppose.

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Posted in: A psychological question: What causes some kids to bully others at school? See in context

IMHO, a bully doesn't actually start out as a bully.

A child is learning all the time through their experiences and a bully will be a child that finds that certain behaviours result in beneficial returns, either physical, material or psychological. They may find that they get a laugh from seeing somebody else suffer, or they may become popular, or gain wealth or power based on their behaviour and that positive stimulus encourages them to continue that behaviour.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the bully is subnormal in any specific way - though sometimes it can be emphasized by a lack in other ways such as educational deficiencies, for example - but it does mean that they become used to using that behaviour in all sorts of ways, this behaviour sometimes affecting their adult life.

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Posted in: Are you sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon Go? See in context

Of course I tired of hearing about it. It's a game, not a news item.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest over disallowed goal See in context

Every World Cup has its referee problems. Nothing new. Every team gets affected sooner or later; this time it was Japan's turn. I feel sorry for them as they did well but it's a bit late now to do anything.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Kiki’s Delivery Service' stage play coming to London this winter See in context

It's doable, with a simple set and good direction.

Yes, but that leads to a large number of "ifs".

Mind you, I'm not one of those that believes that every animation can only be improved on by doing it live.

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Posted in: Who has the better claim to the disputed isles controlled by Japan as the Senkakus but claimed by China as the Diaoyus? See in context

If this was being resolved by relative location, this wouldn't be a problem. If it was being resolved by ownership or ongoing regulation, again not a problem.

I just look at the various maps of what lies buried beneath the nearby areas and think... here we go again!

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Posted in: The burkini, the veil, the niqab: what French law says See in context

I think a bikini is way better than a burkini.

That really depends on the person wearing it.

Otherwise, this is all I have to say about it.


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Posted in: Measuring the fallout from a summer full of box-office flops See in context

I'll say it again. Hollywood is dominated by beancounters with no idea of or stomach for taking risks. A lot of the remakes and sequels are based on shows that, in their original outings, were risks that paid off. Rebooting a series is more than just repeating the premise with new people, especially if the original used the chemistry of the people being used as part of that success. While Ghostbusters 2016 is a great example of this, it is hardly the only one out of the huge list of flops in this article that ignores the reason behind the success of a show just to try to grab cash from what they perceive as a gullible audience.

Guess what? The audience isn't that gullible. Even Disney need to be careful lest they forget the slew of sequels they pushed out a decade ago that besmirched so many a beloved animation of old. It's all the same thing, whether it's Star Trek Rebooted or Ben-Again-Hur.

You can't make successful films based purely on the bottom line.

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Posted in: The burkini, the veil, the niqab: what French law says See in context

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Heh! Toga party!

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Posted in: Android makers really want to make their phones eye-catching See in context


In one hand you have the android looking all the same, on the other hand you have iphone looking all the same.....

Actually you also have Huawei phones which are Androids that try to look like anything other than Androids! Their Emotion UI (EMUI) tries desperately to hide its Android roots by making the system as much like an iPhone as possible, and the Honor 6 I've been using for the last year or so has one party trick that allows you to make the phone look like a cut down Windows phone!

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Posted in: Android makers really want to make their phones eye-catching See in context


Android and attractive is an oxymoron.

Not totally; I've seen some Android phones that look OK and plenty that work well but the difference between Android and Apple is that there are loads of designers and manufacturers on Android phones, not all of whom have any idea when it comes to designing something that people might find attractive, while Apple has complete design control.

Of course both sides have some real clunkers. Both sides also have people that buy phones as fashion accessories rather than useful devices, and both camps have their fanbois.

I just get a giggle out of reminding these fanbois that the primary use for a phone is to make and receive calls... ^o^

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Posted in: Do you think that ceremonies for victims of the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki should include references to the victims of Japan’s acts of aggression before and during World War II? See in context


If the US admitted that they were wrong in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan admitted its acts of aggression prior to WWII, truly and honestly, people wouldn't feel a need to hold these ceremonies.

As a species, we still feel the need to mourn even if the culprits admit their follies. There's also that little matter of those who forget their past being doomed to repeat it.

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Posted in: Do you think Russia should have been banned from the Rio Olympics over allegations of state-sponsored doping? See in context

As far as I see it, the primary fault here lies with the Russian state and its systematic use of doping, not with the athletes. While that does make it difficult to try to weed out willing participants in the whole doping scandal and ban them, if the clean athletes have any beef it should be with their own state, not with WADA or any other body trying to keep their own sport fair and honest.

If a ban on Russia is warranted, as I believe it is in this case, then it should be enforced and any person wishing to compete outside that ban needs to be independently tested before and after the event, competing as a country-neutral competitor. This should continue until Russia can be seen to be competing fairly.

In that respect the IOC are doing the world no favours by wimping out on the ban.

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Posted in: Russia loses appeal against track and field Olympic ban See in context

The only problem I can see with all this is that by banning Russia you are only banning one part of the problem. Anyone that honestly believes that removing the Russian problem will level the playing field is fooling themselves.

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Posted in: SoftBank to buy UK chip giant ARM for $32 bil See in context

It would guarantee to double the number of jobs in ARM in the UK over the next five years and turn this great British company into a global phenomenon.

I'll believe it when I see it as far as the jobs go. I've seen this happen before with ARM's long dead parent, Acorn.

As far as being a global phenomenon is concerned, however, considering its use in so many devices including nearly every smartphone in current use, I'd suggest that they already are one.

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Posted in: Is Pokemon Go just a fad? See in context

I've only one word to say to this.


Compare and contrast the two phenomena.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson a liar with his back against the wall, French counterpart says See in context


Boris Johnson is not prime minister but he is probably one of the world's best known politicians. Theresa May probably recognised that she needed him close, not outside causing trouble.

If that's true then it would have been better to stick him in a post that would actually keep him close. The job of Foreign Secretary is one of the most politically sensitive after the Prime Minister. If this was really her motive, I'd expect Boris to be put somewhere where has some experience, say Transport or Local Government.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson a liar with his back against the wall, French counterpart says See in context

Whether or not you agree that Boris Johnson is a lying toe rag, it is certainly a problem that you would put such a prominent person in charge of foreign affairs where that person has been shown to have some degree of antagonism with the people he is bound to work with.

To be honest, my belief is that Boris poisoned his chalice during the whole referendum. Some of his comments including certain comparisons between the EU and certain past political movements in the previous century are bound to have wound up the various foreign representatives in other countries and while he could apologise endlessly, I doubt that he would ever be completely trusted. In this respect alone I believe that Theresa May needs to think this through again.

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Posted in: Celebrities back Jennifer Aniston's tabloid takedown See in context

Piers Morgan has no room to criticise as he has been called out on his own hypocrisy quite a few times over the years. Let's face it, his comments are driven from a point of self interest since his career, such that it is, has benefited from just that kind of journalism.

But let's face it. Sleazebags like him only exist because of continued interest from people who get a vicarious pleasure from nosing about in people's private lives. Supply and demand. Who is the bigger sleaze in this case; the purveyor or the consumer?

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context

@Christopher Glen

It's 97 percent turnout in Australia because voting is compulsory for state and federal elections.

That's fine if you have an option on the ballot where you can state that you do not support any standing candidate (the so-called "None of the above" option). I know that in the UK there are those politicians that also support compulsory voting but the idea that you should be able to indicate that none of the standing candidates are suitable is more contentious.

What politicians seem to forget in many places is that it is our right to vote but it is their privilege to receive a vote. People in many countries earned their right to exercise their preference but if no candidate is worthy of earning that privilege, then they should not receive it.

So I voted in this poll without ticking either box. ;)

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics is looking for volunteers, but may have a hard time finding them See in context

I volunteer to stay exactly where I am.

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Posted in: Have terrorist attacks over the past 12 months in Europe and other places made you change your travel plans? See in context


The armed crips and bloods are a threat. But the real threat is from islamic terrorists like Tashfeen Malik or the homegrown terrorists like Omar.

The trouble with that is that when you cite high profile cases like that, you are effectively taking the whole situation out of proportion. Ordinary murders and other gun crimes do get coverage on a local, sometimes national scale but are rarely trumpeted internationally but actual terrorist actions are broadcast to the world in sensationalist headlines. Even JT has done this on a few occasions. Certainly some actions get sensationalised because they are unusually bad, 9/11 being a typical example, but not all terrorist actions are as bad as that and in proportion to general crime in the US it is a fraction of what is going on.

Yes, there are militant Islamic extremists out there that want to make their point heard by disrupting normal society but just as I said that not every American wants to gun you down, so it is also true that not every Muslim wants to bomb you either.

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Posted in: Post-Brexit, Britain may need 'Hotel California' model See in context


...splitting single market access from free movement would actually threaten British manufacturing jobs.

What there are left of them.

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