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Posted in: Republicans block bill to lift US military gay ban See in context

Well, if there is anything Republicans hate more than gays, its foriegn kids of "good moral character", who are what DREAM is meant to protect since they got there for no fault of their own.

The reason why Congress shoves so many riders on bills is because they do not want to do their jobs first of all. Second is they don't want to be responsible for what they do do, so if a law fails, they can say they voted for the rider.

The whole thing started as a compromise idea, but its being abused. Something as important as DADT deserves their undivided attention.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

I don't think this belongs on the crime section. This belongs in the silly section. I am no fan of Paris, but I am even less a fan of Japan's crazy handwringing over drugs.

Robert Downey Jr was not allowed in this year to promote two movies—“Sherlock Holmes” and “Iron Man 2.”

This is just nutty.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

Zenny, I suspect she may well have gone to the guy's place open for sex. But, it does not sound like she knew anything about the other two guys until she got there. How could she? How could she even foresee that? Because if we go expecting that level of foresight and caution, all our sex lives are going to go down the toilet. She did not get raped on the street in a dark alley by some stranger. She arrived at her destination into the arms of the man she expected to meet. That is plenty. From there, she may be a liar or not, but the three men FAIL no matter what. They threw caution to the winds. They could have raped her at 2 p.m. instead of 2 a.m. given the circumstances.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

Klein2 said: But smoking as a social phenomenon really took off after that. Don't oversimplify the poster's message just to make it easier to attack it.

Rape is, in the grand scheme of things, not new knowledge to be spread by TV. No man needs a movie to consider rape. No man needs a movie to want to do it. No movie will make rape a social phenomenon.

For my part, I am trying to think of a mainstream movie where a nice girl decides to have sex with three guys at once. Or any girl for that matter. There aren't any.

I am trying to think what this has to do with anything, especially your notion of what constitutes a "nice girl".

I know that this 4p scene is recreation to some people, but this kind of thing is always portrayed misogynistically.

My advice to you is to stop looking for clues on relationships from the work of artists, whether its movies or music. A lot of your comments are very naive.

one thing that bothers me about a lot of movies is the way they portray women being abused in all kinds of situations. A lot of guys get off on that and imitate that.

And more probably get off on that and don't imitate it or imitate it consensually.

It doesn't happen. It only happens in sick movies.

Good luck proving that. Ask any woman for details of her sex life, and brace yourself for a slap. They don't talk about it. We don't know what they get up to. The woman might be lying, but I think the odds are very, very slim of that.

I have got a better idea. How about treating women as women and not targets or service people?

How about give and take, consensually? And add some CYA and you are good to go.

Why do humans do this? I don't think mammals do this.

Dolphins do, and I suspect its for the same reasons as people. And lots of male animals chase the female until she relents. If you are a city person, you have had not had the observational opportunities to comment on this.

The guys can corroborate if they are innocent. Maybe they are, but the police say they aren't.

I don't think anything can be proven except that they are irresponsible and selfish idiots. Even is she is just getting back at them for bragging, they deserve it.

all of those things are becoming more complicated.

Only the rules and amount of evidence has changed. All else is the same as it ever was. So is rape. But people are now calling things rape that aren't. For example, if a woman is sleeping, they call it rape. Well, not if you know the woman doesn't mind. Or if she says no, its rape. Some women always say no, ESPECIALLY when they are enjoying it. Some women will also push away when they want you to come closer. But so many men are too stupid to be able to judge the situation correctly, so they come up with these crazy, and frankly naive rules.

There is no reason that people should not be responsible for what their genitalia do if they must be responsible for what their fists do.

Of course we should be responsible. But that does not mean everything will play out as you want, and it does not mean we will have proper evidence to prove who was wrong.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

“Rape is about Power and Control NOT Sex.

The allegation is not that they put her on a leash and kicked her. Rape is about ALL of the above.

Not singling out Zenny (in fact he has a lot of good insights) but it is always a little disturbing to watch a bunch of guys get together and try and suss out what is and what isn't rape, and make like they know all there is to know about the female condition.

I still say these guys are idiots and deserve to go down. To further clarify, everyone, the first time you have sex with a woman is VERY special. You treat her like gold. You keep it all very standard. The time to get wild is the second time, or third. And of course, its after a date, not a bit after she arrived at your buddy's place and have a foursome right there. That is stupid. And guy's so stupid deserve their rape conviction even if they are not guilty, reason being because they have given us NO reason to conclude anything but that they did the crime. Even if they are not rapists, what is there to prove it? All the signs I see point to the guys' story being fishy as hell.

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Posted in: Dragging child abuse out into the open See in context

saborichan said: You clearly don't understand that Japan is a country where family trouble is swept under the rug and

And you clearly don't understand that that sort of behavior has been practiced everywhere at some time. Talk to your grandparents, and they will tell you the way it was...just like Japan is now...child abuse was swept under the rug to keep the community harmony.

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Posted in: Dragging child abuse out into the open See in context

borscht said: When a 2-year-old comes in multiple times with broken bones and cigarette burns on his or her body, no, it is not pretty hard to tell.

Gee, thanks for that Sherlock. Its hardly relevant to my comment is it? My point was that hearing a kid crying in the house next door raises a lot of suspicion, but its usually not abuse, even when the kid cries chronically. I have had several scares over the years and suspected neighbors, but it turned out to just be a crybaby.

In Japan? Which is what this is article is referring to.

What is your problem? Of course it was not Japan because Japan is just now opening the can of worms. I am telling you what can happen on the basis of people who have already been there. Or don't the Japanese count as people to you?

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Posted in: Dragging child abuse out into the open See in context

Drag it, rape, DV, child porn and all other things that people just let go with a "shoganai" attitude.

Its more like the realization of what a can of worms one can open with this. Is a kid just a crybaby or are his parents abusing him? Its pretty hard to tell, but it seems to me that 9 times out of ten, he is just a crybaby. And if you get a squad together to start invading homes on those odds you will be doing a lot of ghost hunting. And pretty soon you will be taking hundreds of kids from their parents on the basis of an anonymous phone call. Yeah, it has happened.

I am as down on child abuse as anyone. We do need investigative orgs and especially available counseling and support (more than home invasions and slap-dash removals of custody) But the people who are gung-ho about stamping out child abuse are very dangerous to society. They would make a police state to stamp out simple spankings. We need to keep them on a leash.

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Posted in: Ahmadinejad blames capitalism for poverty See in context

What a maroon. Some degree of capitalism is necessary to have a thriving economy. That is why socialism is working but communism never really did.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

MoBass4u said: my personal thoughts are a few too many rape themed movies?

Before movies, there was no rape! (sigh).

Any way you slice it rape is a dirty low down act.

Its not that simple, especially as rape is an ever expanding term these days. This case does sound low though.

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Posted in: France raises terror security alert See in context

RichardPearce said: Guess how many of those were 'Islamist' in nature? ZERO

Source? I think the French government has a tendency to hold that sort of information back. I think if it was ALL Islamist, they just would not tell us. Not 100 percent sure, but until I see your source, that is what I am thinking.

The important thing here is, I don't know of any where a burqua ensured success of the attack.

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Posted in: 9 NATO troops killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan See in context

Sarge said: Are you saying most Afghans do not want peace?

He probably just means most of the men actually. They have never known peace. They would not know peace if tied them to a bed and duct taped their mouths shut.

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dolphingirl said: How did you manage to change an alleged gang rape into a foursome? One of the guys has even admitted that the sex wasn't consensual.

The article says the three men claim it was consensual. So I said, AT BEST, it was a sudden foursome. That means, at worst, it was rape. My point was, even if it was not rape, they are still guilty of being stupid.

But yeah, if you need it smack over the head clear, odds are they are lying like rugs. They still deserve a trial, but even if innocent, it will be hard to determine either way. AT BEST, they are idiots. AT WORST, scum rapists AND idiots because they could have hired a pro. Either way, I won't complain if they get the book thrown at them.

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

goddog said: If Mr. Mohamad is suppose to be so sacred, then why do the Imans allow parents to name their kid that? Half the Muslims I know of have Mohamad as their first name.

Religious people are not rational in their beliefs. They have decided one thing shows respect to Mohammad and another does not. That is just the way it is. I only care enough about their stupity to avoid annoying them as long as its convenient. The minute it becomes inconvenient, to heck with them. So far, in my life, it is convenient not to draw Mohammad. Maybe, not being a teenager anymore, I just don't feel like annoying people for kicks.

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Posted in: France raises terror security alert See in context

that you have argued is almost completely insignificant ?

Just because I think that does not mean they think that. Nor does it mean I can convince them.

But it IS insignificant in the grand scheme of things to the country of France by any sensible measure, and I do expect the government to be sensible. Yet their legistature has passed a bill to ban it. Senseless.

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Posted in: 3 firemen arrested for alleged gang rape of woman See in context

What ever happened to innocent until prove guilty??

I can tell you right now that they are guilty of being stupid. You don't just have a foursome one fine day with a young woman only one other guy can call an "acquainance" and expect nothing to happen. If they go down for this, I have no pity even if they are innocent. They need to learn three letters, C, Y, and A.

Even just a voice recording of the event could have saved them. All four being seen in public would have helped. All four going to a love hotel would have helped. The other two knowing her previously would have helped. A lot of things would have helped.

But no, it looks like, at best, they jumped into a foursome headfirst without looking. They earned their fate by being stupid.

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And no one even thought of blowing themselves up in a burqua in France until they banned it. Way to go.

Next I suggest banning porn and see what it gets them. Why piss off a minority when you can have half the country up in arms?

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Posted in: 9 NATO troops killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan See in context

No cause huh? I guess we need to await a wikileak in five years or so to find out. Of course, it is totally unimportant for us to know if it was a shoulder launched heat seeking missle or not, cause that might cause new recruits to change their mind about signing up. Don't you people know you are just wheat to be harvested?

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Posted in: Akihabara morphing into a Sextoys 'R' Us See in context

Judderman said: but i also think

That is your trouble right there. You need to start observing more, and thinking less. You cannot just sit back and imagine the truth about this. And its guys that try that that cringe about their performance. I think most guys know they are not Superman, and a toy can be fun to watch, not just feel.

I once bought a toy because I was too much for her, and she needed to work her way up. But that was her individual problem, and nothing to do with me really.

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Posted in: House to vote on medal for Japanese-American vets See in context

Thanks for clearing that up nimbus.

The medal will go nice next to a copy of the 1988 Congressional apology to the American citizens the WWII government kidnapped and imprisoned ("interned" is a word steeped in denial and I decline to use it). That too was very late.

Oh well, on to the next human rights violation to start making amends for starting in about 50 years. And hey, keep those records marked "open only at Christmas 2060, and to heck with the Freedom of Information Act too.

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

thetruthhurts said: I am thinking that was what got her in hot water in the first place. Moderates are ignoring her as they should.

But moderates are ignoring extremists as well. Had she not stepped on their toes too, there might be a chance to get them to speak up.

Next time I suggest drawing pictures of bin Laden in hell getting gang raped by demons while a number of virgins laugh and cheer.

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Posted in: 67-year-old woman killed by train after trying to cross tracks See in context

According to police, the woman was crossing the tracks with a friend when she was trapped on the tracks by the automatic crossing gates

I think the only "trap" was in the old woman's own mind. Did she forget how to crawl? Because every gate I ever saw was just a single bar. Panic must have taken over.

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Posted in: Pope meets with abuse victims as thousands protest in London See in context

Judderman said: How many examples or names do you need?

Three would be a good start. Make them good. Make them ones that prove a church-wide conspiracy to hide known and proven child sex abusing priests for benefit of the priest or the church, and never the victims. There are SOOOO many right? Should be easy!

What im saying is that priests whose job it is to tell us the difference from wrong and right in a moralistic way become complete hypocrites when it comes for them to practise what they preach and admit guilt when a crime of this nature is comitted by one of their own.

I think they feel the needs of the church outweigh a crime which is alleged. I think the alleged crime will damage the church no matter the final vedict. I think they would have a hard time dragging accused priests to the police (legally). I think they would be hypocritical if they denied sanctuary to those who seek it, on the basis of an allegation. I think if they did their best to provide evidence of abuse to the police they would destroy their own cause, and that is TOTALLY the fault of the hysterical and immature public. I think that in many of these cases the very victims want the church to maintain its silence to keep it out of the courts, and in some cases the victims only talked to the church because silence was guaranteed. And I also think the church does not want to assist too much in prosecutions of people who might turn out to be innocent after all, because they know they will get the blame for that too. This is immensely complicated, and the reputation of the church is on the line. It looks to me like the church will be accused of hypocrisy no matter what they choose. So they chose silence. But that did not work out.

By the way..what is a pedophile to you?The two terms are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, they are. A pedophile is a person who has an overwhelming sexual preference for children, so much so that a normal sexual relationship with an adult is impossible. The mere act of sexually touching, or having sexual relations with, a child or teen DOES NOT make a person a pedophile. Having a sexual interest in children or teens DOES NOT make one a pedophile. So long as one has a healthy and functional interest in adults ALSO, one is normal, but may be breaking laws.

One who sexually abuses children may or MAY NOT be a pedophile. But one who sexually abuses children is certainly a child sex abuser. If you do not understand the difference, you do not understand the issue. The reasons a priest may sexually abuse a child are many and VARIED, and pedophilia may or MAY NOT be the main one. If you just say "well, he is a pedophile" then you just don't get it. Its not that simple. Many have suggested that if priests were ALLOWED to have a sex life and/or a wife, many of those priest would not have offended.

So, the correct cours would be to stop yelling about pedophile priests and instead pressure the church to change its policies on priests and sex, as the Protestants have. It would save a great many children from being abused. The "pedophile priest" chant helps no one.

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

thetruthhurts said: Yes, however, her apology would have ultmately been better for all sides if it was not as a result of death threats and the like.

Hold on. Who is making the death threats? She needs to make an apology to ALL Muslims, and its only a few making the threats. Most are not, and did nothing to earn what they view as an insult from her. In fact, she can apologize to moderates especially and tell the extremists to go to hell since she just loves to exercise her free speech rights so much.

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Posted in: Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice See in context

WilliB said: Alas, the "peaceful muslims" do nothing to stop the un-peaceful in their midst.

Round and round we go. What have you ever done to stop your country from dropping bombs on innocent people? What have you ever done to stop any violence anywhere by anyone?

And you are one here who paints all Muslims with the same brush, then complain when Muslims paint all Americans with the same brush.

while the un-peaceful clerics issue their death fatwahs

Name the clericS who issued death fatwahs on this woman. You have any clue how many there are in the world?

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Posted in: Man held for cutting woman's pants with scissors on train See in context

Of course, because of this single incident, all scissors beyond a certain length should be banned immediately. (sigh)

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Posted in: High school girl slashed in neck by man in Chofu See in context

There seem to be several of these nutters running around the country. If society had its priorities straight, they might be in custody by now.

I hope the girl will be okay and that the guy will get tackled before he does this again and get jailed for life.

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Posted in: Obama urges black voters to repel GOP in Nov elections See in context

Never mind what the blacks think. The GOP will just move some of their voting machines into less populous white neighborhoods leaving the ones that don't work right and one tolken one that is flawless in the black neighborhoods.

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Posted in: Sheriffs search for 13 members of LA-area 'cult' See in context

More loony Christians. Hopefully the rapture does not involve suicide belts.

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Posted in: O'Donnell makes light of witchcraft comment See in context

medievaltimes said: I think she's a Muslim.

The tea party is being invaded by closet Muslims and Satanists too. Or maybe I am just copying the style of some extremely dishonest posters of this board.

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