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Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay See in context

Wow I like Japan on this one!! US please get rid of the illegals in the US take a stand like Japan did!!

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Posted in: Chinese military says it's seriously concerned by Japan-S Korea pact See in context

China also knows that Japan pilots are test flying their new F-35's and will get two new global hawks soon. Also S korea too!

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context

Wow where do these people get off coming to a country overstaying their visas have kids and expect to get residency! The parents are responsible for their kids. What does he mean someone has to tie the kids turbin he said he want to be Japanese and love Japan but keep his customs. Japan look at the US if you let this happen before you know it Japan will become India. The law is the law the kids take the parents nationality regardless if they were born in Japan deport them and tell them their vacation is over. They broke the law and expect to be rewarded I say send them back soon! I feel sorry for the kids not the parents. I say to the kids slap your parents for give g you a poor situation.

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Posted in: Russia sends missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

LMFAO Japan signs a tourism agreement and the next day Moscow send missles. WOW talking about a filthy handshake!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing cash from company president's wallet during job interview See in context

This idiot wanted to get paid for the interview, or he wanted a pay advance.

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Posted in: Drake, Bieber win big, Selena Gomez gets emotional at AMAs See in context

Entertainment is now so digusting!

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Posted in: Up to 40% of Japanese men can’t sleep because of work stress See in context

@tiger_tanaka from what I have read and know the problems seem to be too much commonality. Instead of "Wa" Japanese should start thinking as it "WAS" and become more independent individuals instead of mindless group thinking.

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Posted in: Cracks emerge in Trump's campaign promise on immigration See in context

@ SenseNotSoCommon Haven't you heard the "Ringmaster" lost, she never made it to the ring she stayed in her hotel and cried her lying azz off in disbelief and left her followers wondering!

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context

@Toshiko Nov 17 Thursday. I think Abe will outsmart he new US President. Trump is just some kind of businessman. Abe family and Kish family are both top politician families from Yamaguchi ken

DONT UNDER ESTIMATE THE BUSINESSMAN THE BUSH @CLINTON families were no match. Yamaguchi ken is like a little league team in comparison!!!

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

To the guy who who wrote about his friend wife giving her husband a STD and he was surprised. Well I don't live in his house but I do believe there is two sides to every story. Perhaps he wasn't putting out. My dad always said to me if you don't take care of your wife, monetarily and physically she will find a way to get one or the or perhaps both from some other man.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy killed by express train in apparent suicide See in context

@Disillusion that is a tough question to answer. Perhaps kids just need to be kids it seems as if in Japan they learn stress at a very young age and it progress though out life. It culturally driven and if what I am saying is true, nothing can be done at this point. Kids will continue to die there is no end!

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Posted in: Trump election win sparks protests across U.S. See in context

These protestors are nothing but anchor babies that have gotten fat off the system by being a product of their illegal immigrant parents that came here and used them as a means to sponge the system. The party is over and now they are protesting in fear of their parents getting deported. Its about time they respect the rule of the law and accept what the 40 other red states voted for. If they don't agree they can simply go back to Mexico with their flags they are waving here in the streets of the US. I say go back to Mexico and protest to the Mexican government for change. I am willing to bet they can't do that because if they did they would be hung from a bridge. People protested when Obama was elected to be president and now its the same, but the people protesting are the very same people who should not be here period!! Yes everyone was caught off guard that Donald Trump won but the people have spoken and we have to accept that. Mexico and other countries did not believe he could win, this guy had to go against the democrats and his own party and still survived. What Hillary did was complained she did not CAMPAIGN at all she was on a defensive fear angering tour and we are seeing the results of it now. She has already accepted her loss, why can't her illegal followers accept the same. The problem is they were given too much promise and now they see those promises are not going to be met so this again is the result. Hillary went after the Hispanic and black vote, she did not even take into consideration the Asian vote and that voting block killed her. Donald Trump got 29% of the Asian vote. When Mitt Romney ran against Obama he didn't get 2% so what does that tell you. Also Hispanics 55 years and older gave Donald Trump 29% of their vote, what does that say it says these Hispanics have been here in the country for awhile and they accept the culture and they to are tired of seeing these sponges come here and sponge off their tax dollars that they are paying to. For the rest of the countries that fear Donald Trump because now they won't deal with a yes man like Obama, he was too soft and Donald Trump projects toughness this is what the country need someone who can clean the country of the sponges that has brought nothing to it but crime, babies, over crowded schools, hospitals, stores you name it. They degrade life anywhere you go. That even includes Disneyland they don't wait in line they go to the front as if you were not there!!! Mexico President said that Mexico would not build a wall. Well during the election the Mexican peso went south, he hurried up and called Donald Trump their finance minister said Mexico is in trouble, they fear he would cut off all the remittance that are being sent back across the border. The president of Mexico talked big because he thought Hilary was unbeatable like everyone else thought. About the wall well lets see I bet Mexico pay for it now. They fear he will tear up the NAFTA agreements and choke them off financially. As for deporting all the illegals here, like Donald said they will self deport and I say as they do so give them a brick on the way out and stack it along the border this will get the wall completed!! Sorry but the law is the law and finally we hope it can be respected. For those illegals south of the border who want to live here I say leave the country apply in your country like all other respectable people do and get in line and wait. Its unfair to think just because you have a baby you should get preference. Total nonsense!!!

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

What such arrogance she didn't even come out and thank her supporters. Basically she said "f "her supporters, this is the same exact arrogance she would have said the same people who voted for her had she won the office. I was looking at the map of the US out of the 50 states she won 10. California gave her 55 electoral votes, but looking at the rest of the map it was all red which means California is so out of touch with the rest of the country!!! This state is the same state where she and Obama raked in millions no wonder its a welfare entitlement state. All of the states she won were just that ENTITLEMENT states!! Time to clean slate!!! Also OLDER Hispanics voted for Trump 29% that is 21% more than Mitt Romney received when he ran against Obama. African Americans who only gave Mitt Romney 1% of their voted gave Trump 8%, Asians gave Trump 29% what does this say people? It says the old way of campaigning is done. Making promises and not keeping this is over. I like what Trump said to the African American community which woke them up "what have the democrats done for you in the last 30 years" it is the same old promises and nothing. Surprisingly many changed their votes. Hilary didn't get the Hispanic and black vote that she had expected. Many people say Mexico or Mexicans are the problem in the country this is not true it is the illegals coming from El Salvador, Honduras, Guadalajara which is part of Mexico and Columbia these are the poorest of poorest who are coming and causing trouble and demanding entitlements. Its sad that the US election got so dirty even the President encourage ILLEGALS to vote!!! Now thats democratic desporation, now the republicans control the house and the senate and get to pick a new Supreme Court Justice. As Trump said he will be for the people AMERICAN citizens, I hope all of the people who are here who claim they can't understand English understand that. All we want is for those people to leave and come back the right way like real Legal Immigrants have come in.

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Posted in: Canada's immigration website appears to crash as Trump lead grows; NZ also gets inquiries See in context

Good riddins if the so call americans want to leave the US for Canada good it goes on to show you the mind set of the people who backed Hiliary. I guess they will try to go to Canada and get welfare hand outs instead of working and making a honest living. Perhaps now the TRUTH has been told and DING DONG THE WITCH IS GONE!!!

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Posted in: FBI clears Clinton after new email review See in context

@Strangerland No confidential mails were found on his computer. True Weiner is a pediphile it's not private emails that's all a smoke screen this lady is more than just that read between the lines Bill his wife Wiener and his wife there is something going on and the FBI won't say what it is but ask yourself have you EVER seen HILIARY wearing a dress? The emails found have pictures now go from there and think about who was sharing pictures and why would her emails be on wieners computer? Peds share pictures!!!!

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Posted in: Chicago Cubs win 1st World Series title since 1908 See in context

108 years to win it all and this game was worth the wait!! From the crack of the first bat to the last!! From pinch runners and hitters to designated hitters. This game had all the elements of real baseball, GO CUBBIES!!! Obama is a south sider rider and if you lived in chicago only you would know what that means. People who live on the south side of chicago are true white sox fans and Obama lived on the south side. The Cubs are on the North Side so people from the north side ride with the Cubs. Now HiLLIARY is claiming North Side what a joke the GOAT is gone so there is no need for another one!!

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Posted in: Lady Gaga wants to drive all over Tokyo See in context

make sure she wears clothes doing so and that they are not made of animal skin!

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Posted in: Obama warns U.S. fate in voters' hands as Trump gains ground See in context

Obama should just retire gracefully and let Hilliary continue complaining all the way to the white house.

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Posted in: Man arrested after attacking woman, child with metal bat See in context

Wow, I wished I had bumped into him!! He would have been chewing the metal and spitting out teeth. I can't believe that no men in the area of the attack would not step in and take the idiot down!

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Socrates speaks again! He is never wrong he knows everything, maybe he should have been a philosopher!

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Now this is funny, I would hate to see the results, because they will not look good!

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Posted in: Clinton lashes out at FBI's handling of new email review See in context

It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election,” Clinton said. She accused Trump of using the issue to confuse and mislead voters in the final leg of the campaign for the Nov. 8 election. THIS OLD BAG SHOULD BE ELECTRD FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE her entire campaign has been nothing but defending herself and not complaining about issues. The FBI asked that she turn over her emails which she lied about and said she didn't have, then all of a sudden she sabotaged her server and her aide who is taking the hit for her husband has emails. Wow this is watergate all over again. Interesting enough should she get elected she and her husband could go down in history as the first presidents to be impeached literally lol. Yes we have less than 11 days before the elections but hell the FBI asked 352 days ago for the emails and now she is trying to blame this on a Russian hack! Time to get the dentures checked HILIARY!

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Posted in: Nigerian activist held in solitary confinement in Japan, prompting calls for her release See in context

If the lady was married to a Japanese man my question is Why isn't it that he is not fighting to get his wife out of jail? Perhaps it could be a sham marriage and he doesn't want to get involved and that becoming exposed? Maybe there is more to that situation but I find it hard to believe that for her being married to a Japanese man and not having the legal paper work to live in the country.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

LMFAO 11 days to and now these emails come out? WAIT the FBI asked 352 days ago for the emails and asked this teletubby to turn them over but NO SHE THINKS SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW! She should be in jail for fraud, murder and if their was a law for shame that too. This lold prune can not be trusted. Almost 8 years ago she ran against Obama he was the worst guy to run for president according to HILIARY but NO now she needs the black vote so she is saying he is the greatest thing next to nothing. People go back and google Clinton and Obama debates and you will see nothing different about this old bag and you will see her flopping and flipping on the very same issues today. If she gets in office nothing is going to change 30 years in public service she is part of the problem and it's time for her to get that golden rocking chair she has on order for rocking the grand kids to sleep or perhaps herself!

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Posted in: Comedian Pikotaro astonished by viral success of 'PPAP' song See in context

One man stupidity is another mans feat.

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Posted in: Woman hits, kills 3-year-old son with car See in context

Everything in Japan is rushed she probably had a full schedule with her sons and had to rush off to do something for her salary man husband and didn't realize the son there had she been probably late to meet the hubby who knows what the results could have been. Unfortunately this happened.

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Posted in: Man whose wife was killed by stalker sues Zushi City See in context

The city should pay, the detective agency should pay and the killer should rot in hell!

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Posted in: Microsoft aims at Apple with high-end PCs, 3D software See in context

If Microsoft really wanted to cut into Apples market they would have to make their PC's compatible to run Apples music programs. I say this because there are thousands of young kids out their using their Macs for making music for enjoyment or business. For every one person that sketches on a pc I am sure you can find 200 more who are making music on their Macs.

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Posted in: Father of missing 4-year-old boy says he threw body into sea See in context

Wow these parents used their son as if he was a money dispenser. Now their conscious will kill them. What kind of mother would let a father take away a son and not know what happened to the child she gave life too. This means she didn't care out of sight out of mind attitude she had.

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Posted in: Police seek public's help in 7-year-old case of murdered Shimane student See in context

The case is going cold if someone saw something they need to report what they saw if not overtime people forget and die. I am not saying the case is being put on the shelf but the police needs to put resources in the area and ask questions. Someone saw something and the murdered is still there in the area.

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