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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for killing ailing wife See in context

Will the social services Japan so desperately needs ever arrive!

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Posted in: Man robbed of Y40 mil in cash in Ginza See in context

"Cash country..."

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

nice, but too close to JT

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested over murder of ailing wife See in context

Pitiful social security net in Japan

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Posted in: Kisenosato wins spring sumo title See in context

I loved it. My wife (Japanese) immediately piped up, "Of course it was fixed."

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Posted in: 50 crows found dead in Tokyo park See in context

Very sad. Here's another perspective on how to take care of our neighbours:

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Posted in: 7 students, 1 teacher dead after avalanche in Tochigi; 40 injured See in context

A terrible waste of young lives...So sorry for the families

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Posted in: Welcome hug See in context

Are they sharing one nose?

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Posted in: New Year holiday exodus begins across Japan See in context

Too warm--doesn't feel like New Year

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Posted in: Visitors from abroad have often complained about a lack of places in Japan where adults can have fun at night. See in context

Lots of Love Hotels that are pretty entertaining

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs 68-year-old mother, then jumps to death off building in Saitama See in context

He'd better hope the Christians and Buddhist are wrong about the afterlife!

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Posted in: Japanese lap up new vintage of Beaujolais wine See in context

Beaujolais Nouveau--The yearly scam foisted on naive j-folk

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Posted in: How to make sure you get a seat on the train See in context

"... things giving off an unpleasant smell are prohibited." Hmm. I think about this when carrying my aged Camembert home on the train

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Nicknamed the "Can of Worms" study.

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Posted in: Tokyo moves into top 3 in GPCI 2016 city rankings See in context

...and number47 in an unbiased study

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Posted in: Music icon Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize See in context

..a simple twist of fate

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Having lived in Switzerland for close to 10 years, all the while traveling extensively in Europe, I can assure you that anti-tourist attitudes exist in many other places. This does not excuse this ridiculous example, but we cannot expect the bias to ever disappear.

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Posted in: The art of giving and receiving change in Japan See in context

"NatorMAY. 06, 2015 - 12:35PM JST No No No. I don't usually bother complaining about things in Japan, but the vacant smiles and slow customer service that you get in most convenience stores here are one of the things that really bug me. I'd take the personalized service, eye contact and smiles that you get in western/european/us stores over most of the service I get in Japanese convenience stores any day of the year."

I find if I return a few times to the same convenience store, and make some small talk, they always remember me, and I get a lot of smiles.

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Posted in: Are airport body scanners an invasion of privacy? See in context

Of coarse they are. The question should read, "Are body scanners an unwarranted invasion of privacy? "

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

Living in a semi-rural area, across from a wooded park, I've heard cries from young kids more than once. My J wife says this is a trad. method of straightening out naughty kids. It hurt to hear those cries. And now look what happens. Horrible.

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Posted in: Nursing assistant arrested for assaulting bedridden patient See in context

Tip of the iceberg, I'd venture to say

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Posted in: JR East to introduce numbering system at all stations in Tokyo See in context

Of course Akihabara should be number 48

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Posted in: Mother dies after jumping from 8th floor with 3-year-old son See in context

No words will suffice when I want to talk about this witch

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Posted in: High school student wins dispute with convenience store over unpaid wages See in context

@sensei258 I have to feel sorry for some of the combini workers, theirs is sometimes a thankless job.

I thank them every time, and I hear a lot of people thanking them.

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Posted in: 'Peeping Tom' police officer questioned after sneaking into house, secretly watching woman bathe See in context

@ StrangerlandMAR. 16, 2016 - 10:53PM JST Ridiculous. Sure there are corrupt police officers in this country, and there definitely seem to be a number of pervs, but to extend that to all of them is no better than people who say all foreigners are criminals just because some of us are. If you are ok with being grouped in with foreigners who make us look bad, then by all means call all police corrupt. But if you don't like being grouped in with bad people when you've done nothing wrong, then you probably shouldn't do it to others.

Right you are. I know many fine police officers in Japan, and I have only been treated very kindly in every occasion (except when I couldn't talk my way out of that illegal turn).

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Posted in: Tokyo specialized school’s new department will teach you to be an Akihabara professional See in context

Good future in that

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Posted in: Police officer commits suicide with pistol in station toilet See in context

It seems j cops kill more of themselves than criminals. Take away their guns

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Posted in: Company president gets five years’ probation for killing employee See in context

Truly shocking, in many aspects

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Posted in: Manager attempts to rob his own restaurant in Saga See in context

"embezzling 57,000 yen"? Small time embezzling to be sure. Petty cash really--wouldn't you call this "larceny?"

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Posted in: Elderly man found dead with face wrapped in duct tape See in context

Nasty business there

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