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Posted in: Racism targets Asian food, businesses in U.S. during COVID-19 pandemic See in context

Nothing new in the USA. MAGA-man must be happy, back to the gold ol' days,

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Posted in: Challenge of dealing with influx of Olympic visitors amid virus seems insurmountable See in context

It’s well past time for the Olympics to revamp the whole system, decentralize totally, into various countries and continents over an extended period of time.

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Posted in: Passengers confined to cabins after Singapore cruise ship detects COVID-19 See in context


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Posted in: Biden officially secures enough electors to become president See in context

Great photo of JB at the bottom, with his halo on

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Posted in: Japan gives legal recognition to parents using donated eggs, sperm See in context

Welcome to the 20th Century!

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

Lunatics led by lunatics. I think everyone is just praying that the vaccine will save them

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Posted in: Just 19, ranked 54th, Swiatek wins French Open for 1st Slam See in context

Good for her

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Posted in: Fan club See in context

Way to hang in there Kei!

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Posted in: Van Morrison rails against virus restrictions in new songs See in context

Good to see the experts voicing their opinions.

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Posted in: Japan's new first lady thanks supporters as husband rises to top post See in context

Actually, she looks more prime ministerial then her husband.

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Posted in: Ikee makes competitive comeback after leukemia treatment See in context

Wow, a real winner. Way to go Rikako!!

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Posted in: Grounded Japanese try virtual overseas holidays See in context

Each to their own. At least there's no immigration

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Posted in: 89-year-old woman stabbed to death at home in Hiroshima See in context

That is so wrong

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

That’ll kill two birds with one stone!

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Posted in: 4 firefighters arrested over gang-rape of teenager at karaoke parlor See in context

The four suspects are accused

It does sound terrible. Nonetheless this cyber-lynching sounds pretty bad too.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect goes on trial for assault See in context

RecklessToday  09:20 am JST

I think foreign men in particular would not be good targets because of all the built up rage from bad marriages, micro-discrimination on a daily basis, miserable commutes and poor job prospects. It is like picking a pimple that is ready to blow anyways

Thanks for the chuckle of the day

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Posted in: Woman robbed at knifepoint in car parking lot See in context

In a pandemic, times get tough, and social norms start to break down, it seems

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Posted in: 2-year sentence sought for Japanese singer Makihara in drug case See in context

Recreational drugs are used by almost every part of society. Home parties with cocktails, beer for dinner, Shochu at the izakaya

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Posted in: The postponed Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to start one year from this week. Do you think they will be held or canceled? See in context

The days are numbered for having all events in one place

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Posted in: Ishigaki: A must visit Okinawa getaway See in context

You may have mentioned some things that you could do for fun. It sounds like there are a lot of rules prohibiting people from enjoying the place.

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Posted in: Japanese university awards first-ever ninja studies degree See in context

Oh no, here come the nerds

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Posted in: Moss world See in context


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Posted in: Little Richard, flamboyant rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, dead at 87 See in context

He made every dance party a success. Great times in the 60's. Never forget you!

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Posted in: Japanese company selling anti-infection paper helmets See in context

Looks like wedding regalia

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Posted in: Electronic seals gaining attention as teleworking spreads See in context

Digitize obsolescence - resisting change to the bitter end

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Posted in: Coronavirus fears give rise to stigma in local communities See in context

Speaking of moral education, we could use a bit more in the comments here. Don’t paint the whole country with the brush of a few cases.

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Posted in: Corona-induced wedding cancellations lead to heavy charges, premarital split-ups See in context

since 1981, why would you extrapolate one couple ino “Japanese people” as a whole?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill neighbor over noise dispute See in context

This reminds me I have to be grateful for my quiet neighbors

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Posted in: Elegant earmuffs to pair with kimono See in context


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