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Posted in: Elegant earmuffs to pair with kimono See in context


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Posted in: Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools See in context

I haven’t seen any mention of working fathers taking time off to share childcare duties. Why is it only working mothers who are singled out? Industry and government are so irresponsible.

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Posted in: Parents, teachers scramble to cope after Abe urges school shutdown See in context

 a fifth of its nurses were unable to work while their children were out of school.

Partners of health workers should be ordered home to take care of the kids. Nurses were not forced to stay home if their spouses were responsible.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 14 more virus cases; school to be closed for 2 days See in context

Lack of strong central leadership is going to lead to disaster. Studying and working can be done from home, and should be mandated.

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Posted in: Seminars on how to buy a home in Japan as a foreigner and how to get the best financing terms See in context

A video online would be nice.

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Posted in: Survey says more than 70% of Japanese people think gender inequality exists in Japan See in context

The other 30% are top management & government males

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Posted in: Prince Harry's wife Meghan returns to Canada amid royal storm See in context

Any idea why the Japanese press call him Henry?

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Posted in: Pink signs to mark designated traffic lanes for Olympics See in context

The signs look difficult to read—lack of contrast

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending the Christmas-New Year period in Japan? See in context

zichi—Always appreciate your comments, and positivity. I have a similar Xmas. Enjoy

I'm happy that we are not forced as much to experience Christmas as when in my birth country Britain.

We have no children and our immediate Japanese family have passed. We don't buy each other gifts but we do write each a card and some poems of love and appreciations. Battling with prostate cancer and having a robot op in February. Still in good spirits. Should be good after that. So you won't be getting rid of me just yet.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending the Christmas-New Year period in Japan? See in context

Yes! Low stress. I can ignore such headlines:

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman, 70 year-old daughter die in apparent murder-suicide See in context

This peculiar brand of elder care

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Posted in: Gov't to spend ¥400 bil to supply more PCs to schools See in context

Unfortunately so many teachers don’t know what to do with them

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

Even if it is necessary, a city losing its personality is very sad.

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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context

No, but there should be a third option: Depends

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Posted in: Should doping in sport be a crime? See in context

To extend the argument, we'd have to ban musicians from drinking alcohol.

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Posted in: All three Barretts to start for All Blacks against Canada See in context

Not a word about Canada, nor any info re starting time, venue

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Posted in: Pay for your coffee with Starbucks pen See in context

Well, at the rate I lose pens . . .

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Posted in: Utsunomiya: A place to quarry out the history and geology of Oya stone See in context

Highest recommendations. I went and enjoyed Oya many times. The cavern is cool in summer, and warm in winter, always enjoyable. The factory made the Zero, and was the only one not found and destroyed in the war.

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Posted in: 1 cyclist killed, another injured by car going wrong way on national highway See in context

“zurcroniumAug. 13  04:13 pm JST

Another ancient driver mows over innocent folks in his way. Old people, over 50, need to be restricted to driving during the day and only then with special signs warning others that they are impaired.”

Racism & sexism are disallowed here, but ageism runs rampant. Ironically though, all you ageists are future victims, and will soon be ranting about the next generation of ageists.

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Posted in: Pokemon design manhole covers taking over Japanese towns See in context

That will save me some time, no more photos

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Posted in: Body donations surge in Japan amid changing views of death See in context

Yubaru, right. People are scared of funeral costs and/or having your body sit rotting in a lonely apartment

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Posted in: No room at the inn: Where will visitors to Tokyo stay next summer? See in context

There was a thriving Airbnb industry happening in Tokyo until they cracked down. It was obvious then there was going to be a giant problem for the Olympics. They could just open it up again, problem solved.

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Posted in: LGBT community hopes election spurs gay rights debate, legislation See in context

Strikebreaker555Today  05:53 pm JST

“I wonder how the world went from gayship during the Roman-era, Greek-era, Viking-era, and Nanshoku during the feudal-era of Japan. It's just christians among many others who claim that man to woman-sex is the only acceptable, this is historically inaccurate. Homosexuality has always existed”

Exactly (but my similar comment was deleted by this arbitrary mod)

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context


Why would it matter if you are comfortable?

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Posted in: 77% of Japanese firms say foreign workers not discriminated in pay See in context

Salary is only part of it. Benefits often differ greatly

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Posted in: TEPCO loses damages suit filed by Fukushima evacuees for 10th time See in context

Really insulting. The courts seem as criminal as the companies.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing ex-wife See in context

I have a feeling many Japanese marriages are de facto divorces

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Posted in: Patriots, Rams ready for Super Bowl generation game See in context

It would be nice if JT took the minimal effort of posting the local time of kickoff

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Posted in: Nailed it: How a manicure master clawed her way to the top See in context

Best headline of the day

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Posted in: Traffic ticket against monk driving in robe stirs online protests See in context

Oh, so happy to live in Japan, where this is “news.”

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