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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics is looking for volunteers, but may have a hard time finding them See in context

If former prime minister Koizumi, Aso, Hosokawa, Mori and all the other bunch of Japanese lazy bureaucrats, so called elites, will volunteer I will too. Otherwise don't expect me to use my talents and skills for their short lived glory.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

The US military has lost control over their fighting soldiers. It's time to study what is bothering these "lost souls" who continue to drink and drive even though they are told by their superiors of the consequences and of prevalent political atmosphere on Okinawa.

But when you have suicides in the US military also rising on record pace this study proposal will probably fall on deaf ears. American military commanders and the Japanese bureaucrats think alike on these situations....."Hope no major incident happens on my watch or until I rotate out of here".

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Posted in: Japan plans July fighter jet tender seen worth $40 bln as China tensions simmer See in context

My my my, the US and Japan military industry's Golden Age Era. Money Money Money. No thoughts or efforts to talking before arming.

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Posted in: Huge Japan pension fund sees worst loss since financial crisis See in context

I'm no good in counting money. Can someone tell me who made 5 trillion this last fiscal year and 9.3 trillion yen in the year 2009 since this is the report of the losses incurred by Japan's GPIF. Since there is this monumental loss where is the monumental profit or who made out?

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Posted in: Japan revamps child welfare, but tens of thousands still institutionalised See in context

Like one mother who couldn't get her child into a childcare center said "Damn you Japan". In closing I am happy to say that in my younger years from 27-62 I was involved in many volunteer work after hours and on weekends. I took my two boys to volunteer programs so that they would understand the hurt and desperation of others when they grow up. I am now approaching the twilight of my life and regret that I can not adopt a child. I commend JT for this article by the above author.

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese military activity in East China Sea escalating See in context

More fearmongering? Yesterday it was North Korea and today China. I thought the US was the only nation famous for making mountains out of molehills and using the media to slander and making leaders they hate into feared monsters and thus fearmongering or should I say warmongering in disquise?

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context

The only reason for this restriction is due to the upcoming nationwide upper house election in July. The Japanese Defense Ministry knows that it is getting harder to placate the populace "hosting" the US military. Witness the election on Okinawa yesterday where the LDP no longer have a majority over Governor Onaga. The CIA and thinktanks are really working overtime these days and false flags do not work with the world being more connected by the internet.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing 81-year-old husband See in context

I cared 2 aged parents for 4 years and saw myself changing. Now they are gone and I am full of regrets. Their last days should have been serene and more humane. Damn Japanese government taking advantage of the old and the young while funding enormous white elephant projects. Wait until you guys get old and feeble. Damn Japanese leaders for their unhumanitarian ways to the sick and the weak.

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Posted in: Ali remembered in Muslim world as voice of change See in context

Ali (Cassius Clay) inspiration to the young blacks. A dozen more men like Ali would easily change the lives and futures of young blacks who live pointless lives. Ali gives me hope that another one like him lurks in the ghettos and streets of America just waiting for fate to appoint him in Ali's place.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

This poor boy from KitaKyushu and coming from a depressed family environment now feels that taxpayers owe him.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $6 bil aid to Middle East ahead of G-7 Summit See in context

Sending money to Middle East is like flushing the money down the toilet. Why not help out Fukushima and Kumamoto and stop acting like a rich man Japan.

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Posted in: Trump willing to meet N Korea's Kim; wants to renegotiate Paris climate accord See in context

Carolee Thumma-san, Yes 2 reasons: One is that this will force the Japanese to analysis the books and enable the public to see the freebees given to the occupation forces.

Second is that with the Japanese restoring their own security on their own would enable the US to use the savings for their own people. Even though the US military likes to say that the Japanese subsidy is one main reason for staying in Japan this strategy is a losing justification as Trump, being a businessman, knows that the arms industry is actually making enormous profits from US taxes which could be used to restore the hardworking Americans standard of living.

Now, readers may point out to future Japanese arms buildup in place of the American military bases, but Trump is only interested in America and when he is the American president I hope he will work for the American people by shifting the money from arms to education and infrastructure like the public transporation (American people await the shinkansen). Hopefully, with Japan in good terms with Russia, North Korea and China, will not need to buildup but that is something that Japan's politicians and people should decide. Whatever the case, world sanity and harmony and perservation is just around the corner and of course the human race deserves to see something better than what we have now. deserves better

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Posted in: Trump willing to meet N Korea's Kim; wants to renegotiate Paris climate accord See in context

I am beginnng to admire this man as each day passes. Hope he helps solve the Japan problem with one stroke too. Solving the North Korea problem also means there is no basis for keeping the US military industry here any longer. Trump will not condone the prevailing justification of maintaining over 600 military bases around the world as he will consider the economic health view of the US. first. I support his attempt to revitalize the US economy by cutting expenses and making friends throughout the world. Obama took the right course with Cuba and Trump, with his North Korea overture, would se the Doomsday Clock back half an hour. Lots of Russians have been making friends in Japan and I do hope that the day of "Reckoning between Japan and Russia" and concluding in a Peace Treaty is just around the corner. Let's be on guard that no outsider will try to disrupt the Japanese government overture as they did with Kakuei Tanaka, Suzuki Muneo, etc

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Posted in: Abe vows cooperation in French Olympic payments probe See in context

Abe's facial expression reminds me of the expression he had when he decided to throw in the towel during his first failed administration after the suicide of one of his cabinet ministers.

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Posted in: French prosecutors probe $2 million tied to 2020 Tokyo Games See in context

Hopefully this will bring an end to the Tokyo Olympics Saga which has been mismanaged (understatement) from the very beginning. Tokyo Governor making the presentation resigns due to his personal finance scandal, Olympic stadium bidding and design fiasco, Olympic logo fiasco, top management change in midstream, Fukushima nuclear fiasco coverup and victims not receiving deserved compensation as citizens, Tokyo governor scandal developing and now this 2 million dollar payoff to some honky third world gangster.

As I have been saying to my friends abroad, don't make plans to come to Japan or Brazil for the Olympics. This Game needs to be clipped from the top down and the management needs a big overhaul.

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Posted in: Japanese money in offshore tax havens could solve a lot of problems at home See in context

I am looking forward to seeing the names of those Japanese who stashed their money abroad.on May 9th. Can't they add a little history to this by changing the date to March 15 and call it the Japan Ides of March? I stand ready with my bucket full of tar and feathers for the traitors who have refused to pay their taxes and brought Japan to a economic downtrodden nation like Greece and the city of Detroit. Thanks to the power of Internet.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors has cash to weather scandal, but brand battered See in context

If it weren't for affiliates like the Mitsubishi banks and real estate companies, Mitsubishi Motors with their " use and throwaway (discard)" car mentality would have shut down back in 25 years ago with their first coverup scandal. It was through this criminal acts that they were able to save enough money for a rainy day. The money they accumulated were from duped car buyers like myself when I was young and unaware of their deficts as they were continously hidden from the public. I will be overjoyed when I no longer have to hear their fake ads on TV or the name Mitsubishi Motors, a company that doesn't deserve to survive in a free market.

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Posted in: Gov't to start testing mileage of Mitsubishi Motors cars See in context

I waited 25 long years for Mitsubishi to get caught again in it's own irresponsible game of cheating and conniving. I bought their brand new Mirage only to have it konk out on me over a dozen times. Short on temper and pretty stupid I admit but I junked the brand new car just 3 years after purchase. It was several years later that Mitsubishi admitted to hiding all complaints against the company and only admitted it because someone found the papers listing the complaints inside a locker. Ishi, the transportation minister seems fed up and said that Mitsubishi has lost public trust. I think that's an understatement.

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Posted in: Court orders shutdown of 2 Takahama nuclear reactors See in context

I think the citizens living near nuclear plants can feel the anxiety and pains of the Okinawa citizens. Those living near these nuclear plants have been told by numerous propaganda barrages that "it's for the good of the nation" and "here's some immediate monetary benefits" but in the end it's the nearby citizens who will suffer from various ailments including nervous breakdowns, physical ailments (real or imagined) etc.

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Posted in: Kiyohara's ex-wife thinking of educating sons in U.S. See in context

Ha-ha-ha, Thanks DeDe. This Kiyohara Saga should actually go into a Manga as a lesson to all athletes that Learning is important and not to neglect other subjects in school. Too many kids dreaming about pursuing professional careers in sports and as "talento". You can see how limited in intelligence and communication that Kiyohara was in the short skits they performed as guests in these countless show and talk useless programs aired in prime time that attracts the futoko and young restless wives. His wife, Aki, is as much to blame for this mess. I suspect that she's as brainless as he was in sending their kids to grade schools as Keio.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics boss denies image problem amid corruption probe See in context

This 2020 Tokyo (Japan) Olympics reminds me so much of the similarities with Japan's economic confusing present situation. It seems that the Japanese is placing too much hope and trust in Abe especially after the failure of the previous DP. This present Olympic situation all started with the tearing down of a still usable stadium without making sure that the "next house" will be built. How many of us would tear down a good old house without insuring that we can build the next house? When I do programs I always pressure myself by mentally reducing the time I have until opening day and checking the obstacles and problems expected and unexpected and imagined. The Tokyo Olympics is in 2020 just around the corner and Abe is still shooting his mouth off on the same issues in the Diet without solving the original problems. The tax increase, if it happens, will not solve the issue of the Olympics, instead it will finally show that Emperor Abe has not clothes on and that the nation has been taken for a long and unreversable ride by this nut.

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Posted in: To prevent tragedies from recurring, it’s most important for administrative bodies, police, local residents, experts, companies and others to create communities in which dementia sufferers can live wi See in context

I'm looking forward anxiously to today's upper court decision (March 1, 2016) on whether the families of Alzheimer patients are responsible for their actions if they get involved in accidents while wondering out of their homes. The first lower court decision took the side of Japan Railways (JR) and ruled that the family members were negligent when their elderly Alzheimer patient slipped away and enter the railtracks and caused a delay in the rail traffic. I think the families were ordered to pay several million yen by the court.

If today's court decision sides with the lower court decision we will see quite a commotion in the ruling. The question is whether family members are capable of watching over their Alzheimer loved one 24 hours a day if the court rules in JR's favor. Every family situation is different and not every patient can be interred in a facility due to the costs and sometimes the willingness of families to take turns watching and caring for the patient.

I think a countersuit should be made if the court rules that the Alzheimer person, who went onto the tracks through the unlocked gate near his house together with his family is found guilty and responsible. JR should be forced to make their nationwide tracks unaccessible as they do with the uplifted Shinkansen tracks.

In order words JR would be made to regret ever taking the family to court to recover their lost time caused by the accident. My other question is whether families will also be financially liable for suicides of their family members at the train stations that happen almost every day in Japan.

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Posted in: Flight Nishikori See in context

JAL begins it's wasteful spending again. I don't think investment on a person's short career and fame is a good investment. Will it help to draw foreign tourists to Japan? Picture of cherry blossoms or a picture of Mt. Fuji would be my pick for advertising Japan.

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Posted in: DPJ, Innovation Party OK merger with eye on July election See in context

Absorbing other small parties will also be vital to success.

Yes, it's imperative that the organizers not forget to bring in Ozawa Ichiro, Japan's greatest backstage maneuverer and ultimate destroyer.

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Posted in: Police officer commits suicide with pistol in station toilet See in context

Can any of you imagine standing in the cold and rain and seeing all the sleek cars and people coming and going in those magnificent homes while the cops after duty go back to their dingy apartments? Dedenchofu would not be a good choice to guard if you are poor and 80% of us are poor when compared with the money crowd in Dedenchofu.

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Posted in: Japan announces new sanctions against North Korea See in context

Funny situation...if North Korea extends a olive twig (peace) and normalizes relations Japan woudl certainly suffer economically and militarily in the long run. Best way to ensure continued division is to enforce hard sanctions against the North. How fast Japan forgets ....it was only 71-80 years ago that sanctions forced Japan to go it's own way militarily. Sanctions only hurt the citizens and I have no quarrels whatsoever with the regular joe in North Korea. Lift the sanctions, make the citizens aware of the outside world and it would turn out like China today. On the other hand the military industry complet wouldn't like that especially since Japan is beginning to be involved in selling weapons abroad so wars can continue.

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Posted in: Move sought for Japan's oldest elephant may be too late See in context

There are so many similar situations like this all over Japan. Birds in little cages until they lose their will to live. Huge ancient tortoise with their sad teary eyes getting the attention of only the sensitive children. Everytime I see chimpanzees I see myself in the cages as in the Planet of the Apes movie. I am all for any kind of petitions and projects to better the habitats or even better, returning the animals back to their origins. Bettering the habitat may be the only recourse for many of them like Hanako. Let's not forget to say to her "We're sorry, please forgive us."

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Posted in: Voting under way in Ginowan mayoral election See in context

The US military brass is OK with whatever the Japanese government wants as long as they too benefit by going along with the LDP. Naha Airport on Okinawa is too congested although in contrary it is still the old Naha Air Base. The commerical side only occupies 10% of the whole installation. The Japanese military, to it's credit, thinks or is forced to think, on long term basis.

If Naha AirBase is destroyed they must think of a fallback like they did from Shuri Castle to Kochinda, southern Okinawa and finally to Mabuni, southernmost Okinawa in 1945. The fallback is Henoko and the US military knows that and remains silent although the brass knows what the long term thinking of the LDP is but the benefits for the US military, at least for now, is too beneficial to pass up. The only victims again would be the Okinawans in any military confrontation and many of them now understand what is at stake and will be going to the polls on Sunday morning. Will Abe understand the outcome and humbly accept the wishes of the Okinawans? I think not.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for stabbing his wife to death in Ibaraki See in context

Kapuna, Whenever I hear of elderly couples killing each other or committing suicide I just kindna have a sense of understanding the stress and agony involved.

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Posted in: Voting under way in Ginowan mayoral election See in context

Are the Okinawans so gullible to think that the CEOs of Disneyland would even think of branching out to an isolated island susceptible to all tourism negatives like frequent typhoons, sensitive political issues, bad economy, bad education and natives themselves leaving the island for greener pastures in mainland Japan?

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