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Mitsuhiro comments

Posted in: India starts voting in world's largest election as Modi seeks third term as prime minister See in context

Seems like an article written by a leftist at the associated press.

Deliberately picking the negative comments only.. smells very biased.

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Posted in: Japan asks Iran to talk to Hamas and try to calm tensions with Israel See in context

Don’t know why Japan is donating the money to Gaza when Japanese people themselves are economically struggling with increase in prices, stagnant wages.. and when it is almost sure that the donated money will only support Hamas terrorists in Gaza indirectly..

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Posted in: Japan asks Iran to talk to Hamas and try to calm tensions with Israel See in context

Humanitarian acts are good, but getting rid of terrorist organizations is a humanitarian act !! It is unfortunate that terrorists hide behind innocents to protect themselves but eliminating the terrorists is a human responsibility!!

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Posted in: Israel vows 'mighty vengeance' after surprise attack by Hamas kills hundreds See in context

Every month there is an Islamic Jihadi terrorist attack somewhere in the world.. what is this religion about? Can’t they learn how to live peacefully and respect other religions too ??

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Posted in: India suspends visa services for citizens of Canada; Trudeau says he's not trying to cause problems See in context

Canada has been allowing anti-India terrorist activities as that is Trudeau vote bank. Celebrating killing of Indian ex-PM Indira Gandhi publicly in itself is an evidence how Trudeau is promoting terrorists for his votes. Trudeau’s policies are bringing bad name for Canada. All for votes..

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Posted in: Canada gets muted allied support after alleging India may have been involved in killing of Canadian See in context

Recently the killing of exPM Indira Gandhi was celebrated in Canada through a tableau. There has been no action so far on those Canadian citizens as those are Trudeau’s vote bank.

Is supporting terrorist activities against a country from Canada appropriate as per Geneva conventions?

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Posted in: India tells citizens in Canada to exercise caution as relations worsen See in context

Canada which generally had a good image has been allowing anti-India activity openly. Last year tableau displaying killing of ex-Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi was celebrated. Trudeau has links with the separatist terrorists and that being his vote bank is not taking action action against the unlawful activities in Canada.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't ordered to pay damages for death of arrested Nepalese man See in context

Worst police possible ever.. forced confessions on foreigners, killing foreigners in police custody, and besides this in free time up-skirts, sexual molestations.. is this really worth calling police??

Every month there is an incident when a victim asks for Japanese police help but gets killed by the person from whom the protection was requested. When it comes to Yakuza, these guys can’t even dare to speak a word !! Pathetic !!

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Posted in: China restates vow for freer regional trade, but path forward unclear See in context

China distracting everyone to create a more devastating virus. Last time, they created Corona but it got leaked in China and affected China too.. this time with their zero Covid policy they are trying to create the capability to protect itself and let only the other countries to suffer..

Totally unreliable and untrustworthy Chinese government..

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Posted in: Rishi Sunak to become Britain's next PM after months of turmoil See in context

Finally something good is happening in UK !! Coming out of racist image.. Very hopeful of this great, capable, and promising leader !!

it may take for ever to see a person from non-Chinese race to become a prime minister in China or a person from non-Japanese race to become a prime minister of Japan !!

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Posted in: Japan to ban luxury car exports to Russia See in context

This will hurt Japan business.. right?

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Posted in: Japan OKs bigger budget to host U.S. forces, step up alliance See in context

Japan needs to become self-reliant in phased manner and reduce these spendings on foreign military !!

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Posted in: China criticizes Abe for 'colluding with' Taiwan forces See in context

China has no business in Taiwan.

It is upto Taiwan to decide who should be its friends !!

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

This is more for the benefit of Japan than for India.

This is in the interest of Japan to reduce its over dependence on China.

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

This is not “donation” but is “investment”.

japanese companies will invest in their own companies and factories to produce (automobiles etc) on the land of India, so that they can sell more in South Asia, Middle East, and East Asia.

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Posted in: Vietnamese man released after being wrongfully arrested for assault in Tokyo See in context

Guy was lucky.. that he was not forced a “confession”.

hope this guy can sue them for unrepairable long lasting psychological damage..

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

This is not a donation for poverty reduction. This is corporate investment in one of the biggest markets in the world.

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