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Posted in: Chinese swimmers failed doping tests ahead of Tokyo Olympics: New York Times See in context

Nothing against Chinese(people), but I always suspected they have done it since 2008.

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Posted in: No explosives found at Seoul stadium following bomb threat against Ohtani See in context

There are a lot of anti-Japanese people who claim to be Japanese. Anyway, it is so regreetable that we have this kind of thing in 2024.

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni shrine on WWII anniversary See in context

To this day, let's remember the souls that fought to Japan and other nations. Leaders made mistakes, and common people should not be blamed for decisions that leaders did in the past.

Meanwhile, we, as representant of modern generation, we should not hold grudge for those men. They made terrible mistakes, but we should learn to forgive even they not asking for it.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim orders more missiles made See in context

While it happens, thousands in North Korea are dying of starvation!

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Posted in: Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ dies at 82 See in context

When he was a young player, he had to deal with several challenges that modern players wouldn't be able to deal with it. Back 1950s and late 1970s, the soccer was way different than today. Players had to play with heavy ball on fields that was not proper to play (full of holes). In addition to that, their football boots were not confortable as it is today.

Despite of all of this challenge, he(Pelé) was able to overcome everything and, to become the best soccer player ever.

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki, Japanese pro wrestler politician, dies at 79 See in context

Many politics think that they can solve all problemas by fighting with other countries, when we can make peace and good relations through dialogue.

He was a great person for sure! RIP Inoki Antonio.

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Posted in: Beijing closes 10% of subway stations to stem COVID spread See in context

Who in the Earth would believe on China numbers?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,533 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,231 See in context

Number of new cases are decreasing. That is a good news!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,855 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 27,701 See in context

300 in Okinawa. Is that includes American soldiers?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,855 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 27,701 See in context

The number of new cases is decreasing and, it is a good news.

For those who still complaining about "testing enough" this number will not influence on number of deaths.

Let's be more optimist!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,502 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 39,659 See in context

The number of new cases is falling, which is a good news for all of us who live in Japan.

Now, have you guys noted that Omicron has have more negative efect among Asian nations than Western nations?

While Japan, South Korea and Vietnam the number of cases increase too much, in Western nations the number of cases is falling.

Why so?

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

If this amoung of money would result on India getting rid of poverty, I would understand, but what I can see is, the Indian government is just using Japan and other nations to get the money, but we don't seen any development made by them with Japanese money.

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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Nothing against India and Indians, but untill when Japan and other coutries have to help them regarding fight against poverty?

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Posted in: Don't help Russia's invasion, Biden tells China's Xi in video call See in context

He accused Putin for being war criminal and, then he talked with Xi, who killed innocent Chinese civilians who told the truth.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 10,221 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 57,922 See in context

Many people said that Omicron wasn't as dangerous as Delta one's, but at least for Asians Omicron killed more Asians than previous one.

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Posted in: South Korea hits daily record 400,000-plus virus cases See in context

The number of death in Japan on last five days was: 163/169/125/108/180

The number of death in Korea on last three days was: 200/193/164

Based on this datas, we can assume that the number of test will not help the number of deaths decrease. I'm not against testing everyone, but what we are looking for is, ways to decrease the number of deaths or make the number of deaths be ZERO.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,836 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 32,471 See in context

New cases are decreasing, what is a good news. However, we can't low our guard.

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Posted in: Kishida says sanctions to be imposed on Belarus See in context

Hopefully the war is over.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,468 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,030 See in context

Testing and tracing systematically from the beginning helped understanding that blaming foreigners is the proverbial finger that Japan looks at, while others try to deal with the 99% moon the finger is pointing at.

Ok, so you are saying that Korea is right. Have you give a look on how many deaths Korea has? For a country that test everyone, it was supposed to have zero deaths, but it has about 30 deaths per day. What is more important data? The new cases data? The number of tests done? Or the number of deaths?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,468 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,030 See in context

Foreigner In TokyoToday  07:15 pm JST

What does it matter now if the case number is 10,000 or 100,000? Hospital occupancy and deaths are what matters.

It matters for scientific reasons and statistical reasons. Accuracy is everything for those two fields and the less data there is, the more useless all of it becomes. Heck, even from the perspective of government policy it's important. How else do you know what's really working and what's not? How can you plan for the future if you don't know what's going on in the present?

Can you give an example of a country that test everyone and have zero deaths?

The main goal is to have zero deaths and not about compete who test more people.

If test was meant to have zero deaths, certainly you guys could be right, but that is not what we are seeing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,561 news coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,744 See in context

Vaccine by itself will not prevent us to get infected.

Based on this fact, we still need to follow procedures that will help us to overcome this virus thing that are: Washing our hands properly, wearing masks, avoiding staying too late at night on pubs, gargling twice a day, eating food that are rich in Vitamin D as cheese, disifecting the food box that we buy after arriving at home, and before entering and leaving the supermarket disifect our hands.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,198 new virus cases; 1,711 in Osaka, 1,644 in Okinawa See in context

Some countries have less new cases, but the number of deaths in those countries is very high. As an example we see Uklaine that exceed more than 100 deaths today's report.

In Tokyo the number of cases are very high, but as I have seen the number of people hospitalized with severe symptoms are few. I wonder what kind of healthy condition are those who are among new cases number.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 871 new coronavirus cases; 779 in Okinawa See in context

By looking at new cases number we may think that it is the end of the world, but if we check at other numbers and percentage, we will see that Japan is not as bad as some think. That doesn't mean we should think it is all ok. Nope, it is not ok, but we also can't be crazy about this wave.

There are countries that have much more test than Japan for sure, but these countries have higher number of deaths too. Lets see some and analize it carefully.

UK = 6.118 test per 1m.pop - number of deaths yesterday 313 - number of deaths today 97

Canada =1.403 -44 deaths e 77 deaths.

Of course, both Canada and UK are doing great job regarding testing thing and Japan is way behind them. Despite of Japan not testing enough, I still see Japan a better place to stay. Now, if people think those countries that test more are in better sittuation than Japan, so feel free to go back to those countries since over there are more safety.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s French fry rationing extended for about another month See in context

I don't have problem with it since I give my preference to Japanese cuisine rather than McDonalds.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

US troop must be inside of the camps for sure.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,593 new coronavirus cases; 1,223 in Tokyo See in context

The Okinawan prefectural government on Sunday reported 1,533 new coronavirus cases, down 226 from Saturday. A further 429 new cases were reported by the U.S. military in the prefecture.

At least the number of cases in Okinawa decrease. I hope for US side the number of new cases decrease too.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency takes effect in 3 prefectures See in context

Take some responsibility for your own actions, please Japan.

Until the number of cases from American personal come out, the number of cases in Okinawa was low.

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Posted in: Former Australian PM, treasurer test positive as Omicron cases hit new highs See in context

Looks like most of the people present mild symptoms.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,759 new coronavirus cases; 1,224 in Tokyo See in context

The number of new cases is certainly very high. Despite of that, the percentage of recovering is higher too.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency imposed on 3 prefectures hosting U.S. bases See in context

Actually US soldiers are supposed to not leave the base.

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