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Posted in: Winter Mille-Feuille Wishes See in context

Looks good but probably over 1000 calories per serving

Unfortunately, that's probably true. It looks so delicious though!

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That's really, really and obviously small. It's cute though, I have to admit. TIME TO KARAOKE~!!

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Posted in: Dying in a Strange Land See in context

Seems like an interesting story. I'd like to read it.

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Posted in: Report: North Korea to make 'major announcement' See in context

I think it will be that N.Korea will become the 51st American state, that Kim Jung will now be the Asian spokes person for Disney. And that the N.Korean army will defect, in total to Japan where they hope to become salarymen.

Oh my. That would be very...weird.

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Posted in: In many U.S. airports, guns are OK outside security See in context

"Many US airports"? They're really uptight here in the US airports about everything, and I can't believe they'd let people in with guns at some airports. Smart, no?! =D

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Posted in: Natto with sukiyaki sauce See in context

Sounds delicious to me!

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Posted in: Chocolate bath fizz See in context

Oh my. Very odd. XD

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Posted in: Net cafes becoming delivery rooms for poor pregnant girls See in context

Absolutely awful and disgusting that someone would do that to a child, especially their own. Don't you just love the world? :)

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