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Posted in: British PM apologizes for skipping D-Day ceremony to return to election campaign trail See in context

Cameron was so far removed from the populace that he didn't even the consider the possibility losing the Brexit vote.

May thought the British people would support rushing a deal through and deporting the Windrush generation.

BoJo partied like it was 1999, while denying grieving families their right to attend a funeral.

Truss counted on (pun intended) the voters and the entire banking system not noticing that her economic plan did not add up.

And now Sunak reckoned that no one would notice that his "Labour will cost you £2,000" claim is an outright lie and that talking to a reporter (about that bogus claim) was more important than honouring our D-Day veterans and standing alongside our allies at a time of European military crisis.

Tone deaf and out of touch, the lot of them.

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Posted in: Nissan in U.S. warns owners of older vehicles not to drive them due to risk of exploding air bag inflators See in context

Bear in mind that Takata airbags have saved over 50,000 lives, at a cost of 35.

That's a 99.9% likelihood of one saving you vs a 0.1% chance of death.

Most surgical procedures have worse odds than that.

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Posted in: Japan racks up ¥462.5 bil trade deficit as imports balloon due to cheap yen See in context

30+ years ago western nations complained that the then far weaker Yen caused Japan's trade surplus with them. Now a weak Yen is getting blamed for the trade deficit?

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Posted in: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange faces U.S. extradition judgment day See in context

No wonder the USA ranks so lowly in Freedom of the Press (42nd - Problematic) behind such bastions of freedom as Chile, Armenia and Romania.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy flagship carrier USS Ronald Reagan leaves its Japan home port after nearly 9 years See in context

It will be replaced later this year by USS George Washington

Didn't the Reagan replace the Washington in the first place? I guess she's been overhauled and sent back to see her days out in Japan - nothing new, I remember being shocked to find the vintage Midway still in active service in Yokosuka 30 odd years ago.

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

I remember the last time this sort of “news” topped the headlines. It was soon forgotten about after an earthquake and tsunami caused a new clear meltdown.

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Posted in: Man arrested after woman stabbed to death outside Tokyo condo See in context

Why, in every article involving a "hospital", you say "taken to hospital"? Taken to "a hospital" would read a little better, just my two cents.

In much of the English speaking world you go to hospital if you are sick or injured, but go to a/the hospital to work or visit someone sick or injured. It's much the same with schools. Just my two penn'orth.

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Posted in: Orange juice crisis ’24 – Japan’s OJ supplies drying up See in context

Disband Nokyo tomorrow and watch land use follow demand, not subsidies, by 2027.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

30 years ago that Lawson would have begun charging for the car park, got postcards and t-shirts printed and started selling Fujiyama blue and white kakigori. Daiei, with support from the local authority, would've organised a stamp rally and plastered Tokyo's trains with images of the "Fuji-Lawson". And some enterprising soul would have made the dentist and offer he couldn't refuse and repurposed the building as a souvenir shop with a rooftop cafe.

Is Japan's newfound lack of opportunism yet another symptom of the greying populace?

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

Way to turn an opportunity in to a problem.

Typical NIMBY behaviour.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

JT’s comment section has its detractors but insights from posters like DT above proves the value of an open forum. It would take Kyodo, AP or Reuters days to get that level of relevant, detailed information.

Thanks as always DT.

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Posted in: Japan’s space agency says it hopes to forge profitable launch business with new H3 rocket See in context

Cost of putting 1kg in to orbit:

NASA SLS: $14,500

JAEA H2A: $10,000

JAEA H3: $5,000 (predicted)

Space X Falcon Heavy: $1,520

Space X Starship: $970

Musk claims* Space X can drop that to two digits within a few years through economies of scale.

I'd love to see JAEA's predictions.

I know, I know. He claims lots of things.

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Department sues Apple, alleging it illegally monopolized smartphone market See in context

If it was not antitrust with the Macintosh, why is it antitrust with the iPhone?

It was and is. To my mind their MO became clear with the cynical "upgrade" from System 7 to OS 8.

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Posted in: Global fertility rate to keep plummeting, major study warns See in context

The root cause of famine, water shortages, climate change and war is over population.

I see nothing but good news here.

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Posted in: Upskirt photos lead Japanese high school to redesign cheerleader uniforms See in context

Are they going to go back to making those old fashioned swimsuits that the British women use to wear in 1910's too?

This year: shorts. Next year: bloomers.

Coming soon: burqas.

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Posted in: Jos Verstappen: Red Bull F1 team will 'explode' if Christian Horner stays as team principal See in context

If I were team principal I'd be sorely tempted to take this opportunity to give Verstappen Jr's seat to someone more deserving of it.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

If both ladies were catatonic and unable to give consent: rape.

If both ladies' inhibitions had been lowered enough to go along with sex that they might not have when sober: regret. And the only punishment for regret is regret itself.

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Posted in: 5 arrested in connection with death of teenager in Shizuoka lake See in context


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Posted in: Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate See in context

Back in the 1980s (then nationalised) JR and JAL were squabbling over who would get to run the maglev; JR claiming it's a train and JAL pointing out that it "flies". Despite such tomfoolery Japan was decades ahead of the rest of the world back then, but has since stagnated. Now the Shanghai Maglev is up and running and will be joined by many more before the first Chuo Shinkansen pulls in to Shinagawa.

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Posted in: Putin, in rare U.S. interview, says Russia has no interest in wider war See in context

no interest in expanding its war in Ukraine to other countries

except Moldova?

Putin's plans for that Ukrainian neighbour have been all too clear for two years now.

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Posted in: Networks unite to create new sports streaming platform See in context

The headline got me excited; alas the article is not about J-Sports, DAZN, Gaora, Abema, Tokyo MX and WOWOW.

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Posted in: KDDI to acquire 50% stake in Lawson; take it private with Mitsubishi See in context

KDDI will be able to build a database matching names with purchase history

and the SIM card of every AU user, so they'll know who is buying what, when and where. In short, Amazon's ultimate dream.

But who doesn't like 6 chicken nuggets for the price of 5 promotions?

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context



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Posted in: Tokyo fish market opens seafood restaurants, spa complex to attract more visitors See in context

There will always be those who prefer to visit the castle at Euro-Disney rather tan the 45,000 actual castles in France. I, for one, am not one of them.

What next? Level Shirakawago and replace it with a Ghibli theme park and associated Aburaya onsen lando?

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

Mr. Kipling,

Sales to Russia have increased but the Russian market is a small portion of China's car export market.

Not anymore. Almost a million of those 4.9m exports went to Russia in 2023, a jump of over 500% from 2022.

Without the west's sanctions on Russia, Japan would have kept the No.1 spot easily.

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

But Shiino hopes people will see past her looks.

Said the beauty pageant contestant.

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Posted in: Kyoto arson defendant's doctor calls for ways to resolve isolation See in context

Thank heavens for those such as Dr Ueda, who seek to learn, educate and ensure such a tragedy never occurs again.

Alas, for the lynch mobs, vengeance will always be more important than erudition and prevention.

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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

Bus drivers in Kanagawa get 5M p.a (almost double their contemporaries in Tohoku).


Not dreadful, but about half the 10M p.a. that London tube drivers rake in.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim calls for change in status of South; warns of war See in context

I believe some sources are in order that a mutual defense treaty has been abandoned.

Nicaragua, 1984, is the first one that jumps to mind. Then Germany in 1946. The Vietnam War was caused by FDR agreeing to support Ho Chi Min while also having a treaty with France - look up the battle of Dien Bien Phu and the 1954 Geneva Accords on Indochina. America ignored France's petition for help at the former, and broke the latter on the same day they signed it.

Let's not gloss over that the country is founded on a litany of broken treaties with the independent indigenous nations too. Don't tell Trump, but the country's got precedent.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim calls for change in status of South; warns of war See in context

So would America really put boots on the ground to help defend Seoul?

Yes, if necessary. It is treaty-bound to.

The US has a chequered history when it comes to honouring mutual defence treaties. And one prominent presidential candidate has made his views on such pacts abundantly clear.

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