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as a former professional cyclist i couldn't agree more about the need to get novice riders off fixies without brakes and force them to start riding within their limits and follow rules, but at the same time i find it absolutely unacceptable that tokyo has no bike lanes and cannot seem to agree on where cyclist should ride. while i may feel comfortable riding in traffic, i certainly would not like to see the average citizen forced to ride in traffic so exposed and unprotected. i would love to see a crackdown on unsafe driving by motorists and bus drivers in particular as well.

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i'm sorry, but with china's track record it's really asking too much to trust them. they've already hijacked the planned shared natural gas development by moving ahead without japan. fact is they have more people than they can possibly support. they need food and resources and the seem to feel the only way to resolve that is to appropriate what they can from japan, vietnam, and the philippines. burning japanese cars and businesses does little to show a willingness to trust them, nor does their history of intimidation tactics and retoric.

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it's about time the u.s. started earning its keep in okinawa. i mean, they've been saying they are here to protect us, it's time they start demonstrating that.

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