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Posted in: Japan reports 108,281 new coronavirus cases See in context

If Europe and the US are representative patterns, expect these waves to continue until at least 50-60% of the population has had it. I.e. we're only halfway there, and closing the border only delayed the inevitable..

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Posted in: Japan reports 60,108 new coronavirus cases See in context

Don't be fooled - numbers are down because yesterday was a public holiday. Seeing 60k cases despite this means we're still on the way up up up! Not that anyone still cares except the people posting here and the folks who died today. RIP.

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Posted in: Banning Russian LNG imports tough without supply alternatives: trade minister See in context

If only there were dozens of idle nuclear reactors lying around so we could replace the 24% of Japan's energy mix made up by LNG...

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

Boycott Yoshinoya!!!! This is not going far enough!!! Need to appoint a female executive in his place. and also replace him with a female executive. Preferably from some smaller town or rural community. And also get a more diverse workforce in Yoshinoya. Disgraceful.

I agree but think even this is not going far enough!! They should change the name of all stores to Yoshinoyako-sumimasen, appoint a female Ainu from a small rural indigenous village in Hokkaido as the CEO, and replace all beef bowls with Tofu bowls!! If these demands are not met within 2.6 weeks then BoyCOtt!

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Posted in: Japan's coach says nothing to fear from tough World Cup draw See in context

Japan has some decent skills and buildup but lack of scoring capacity is a major weakness. The defense of Spain and Germany will be very hard to crack while Japan's defense is not spectacular. I expect Japan to go out with 2 losses and a draw.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,825 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,210 See in context

The vast, if not all of the hospitalised are aged.

Tell that to my 27-yo female friend w/o co-morbidities who spent two weeks in the hospital and was pretty close to the edge. Anyone regardless of age can draw an unlucky hand in terms of genetic risk factors. It's rare, fortunately, but not as rare as you'd hope.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

I think most will want to stay in Europe with the hope of returning home one day soon.

100% this.

If an Ukrainian refugee has the choice between staying in neighboring Poland for a few months, or moving literally to the other side of the world where they don't know anyone, can't communicate with anyone, and will likely feel completely out of place due to the massive cultural differences, of course virtually everyone will want to stay in Poland.

People complaining that Japan needs to take in more people may want to acknowledge the reality that no one wants to move to the other side of the world for a conflict that may well be over within a few weeks/months (fingers crossed).

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

Makes sense. There are plenty of resources to help these people in Europe, where the cultural differences are much smaller. People who have relatives in Japan and actually want to come here should of course be granted access without hesitation. I'm hoping and assuming that is indeed the case.

For Ukrainians without connection to Japan though, imagine being displaced by a Russian invasion only to find yourself suddenly in Japan surrounded by one of the most distinct and unique cultures in the world where barely anyone speaks English. It's just cruel and definitely not desirable as long as there is room in Europe, which there is.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,125 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 65,633 See in context

It ain't over till it's over.

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Posted in: Kishida says Russian attack on Ukraine undermines international order See in context

Lol at the half-assed plastic divider in front of Kishida. Lest we forget the words of Linsey Marr from Virginia Tech, one of the world’s leading experts on viral transmission, speaking on plastic dividers:

Everybody’s aerosols are going to be trapped and stuck there and building up, and they will end up spreading beyond your own desk.

But I suppose empty remarks about Russia need to be made in the presence of empty covid measures.

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Posted in: Japanese Olympians focus on ending 2022 season on post-Beijing high See in context

Japan; 100 million+ folks, mountains everywhere, big winter sports and ice skating culture, and yet 3 golden medals and rank #12 is its best performance ever... ?


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Posted in: Britain beats Japan 10-3 to win Olympic women’s curling gold See in context

Painful to see Yoshida break down during the most important game of her life and throw miss after miss, but this Britain today would have been very difficult to beat regardless.

Congrats on the medals!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 13,516 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 81,621 See in context

Here you have it folks, a good news/bad news double cheeseburger:

Good news: cases are down a bit.

Bad news: the BA2 variant is coming - with some bad luck it actually combines the pathogenicity of Delta with the spread of Omicron.

Good news: antivirals are also (finally) coming to Japan. Pfizer was approved (why always so late?) last week and Shionogi is prepping its application (so sloooow).

Bad news: you likely have to be an obese centenarian sumowrester to be eligible for an antiviral prescription, at least initially.

Good news: spring is coming!

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Posted in: Unvaccinated Djokovic says he is prepared to skip French Open, Wimbledon See in context

The guy has recently been infected and has better protection than most vaxxed without prior infection. Let's stop this circus ffs.

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Posted in: A different COVID-19 vaccine debate: Do we need new ones? See in context

By the way for an excellent overview of what's happening with nasal vaccines and why they are important, this recent NYT article is good:


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Posted in: A different COVID-19 vaccine debate: Do we need new ones? See in context

In nasal vaccines and mucosal immunity we trust. Shame on the West and Japan for not pushing harder on this (read: literally not doing anything except for rolling out booster after booster). Go India!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19,798 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 95,453 See in context

I ordered a PCR testing kit yesterday. Should arrive in a few days. Then a few more days until I get the result. By the time I know whether I was positive or not, I'll be either recovered or dead. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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