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Posted in: In view of the Okinawan government’s opposition to the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station from Futenma to Henoko, should the Japanese government stick to the 2006 agreement over t See in context

This was a hard vote for me. The feelings of the locals are important, but so is Japanese national security, the international security for the entire region, and ultimately how much the current Japanese administration is going to effect change in article nine. It would be wonderful if America could pull out the majority or even all of their forces eventually.

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Posted in: Firebombing survivor fears Japan starting down road to war again See in context

It is unsurprising to see an article like this on Japantoday JT's consumers are mostly foreigners so it is expected that the concerns of Mr. Katsumoto as well as other ideas which do not fall in line with mainline Japanese beliefs will at least have some voice. I do wish that these kinds of articles would become more commonplace in Japanese language news here though. It sometimes seems as if the entire country is resorting to tatemae with regarding the past both within Japan and outside of Japan. It is sad to think that the leadership believes that changing foreign textbooks will help Japan's image more than being humble.

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Posted in: When pedophiles or minors convicted of violent crimes are released from prison, do you think residents in communities they move to should be informed of who they are and where they are living? See in context

pedophiles OR minors? I would think it is supposed to say pedophiles of minors, but that doesn't make sense either.

So I am guessing it has to mean children who commit a crime are imprisoned and then released probably as adults.

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Posted in: Credit union turns down application for account with 'Islam' in name See in context

The guy trying to open the account was Japanese. Racism is an inaccurate word. People that call this racism rather didn't read the whole article or don't understand what racism is. Prejudice is a perfectly acceptable word for what is going on here. Whether it is justified or unjustified prejudice is not my point. But it is not racism.

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Posted in: Do you think there is a role for monarchies in this day and age? See in context

I voted yes, However using taxpayer dollars to support the monarchy is something that needs to done with reservedness. It is not appropriate to spend $30 million to support one family. I don't know what might be appropriate or what current monarchies actually do but focusing that much wealth on one family or person is no good.

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Posted in: In view of what’s happening in Syria and Iraq, do you agree with the Japanese government’s decision to confiscate the passports of any private citizen who wants to go there? See in context

It seems to me that the last few weeks Japantoday has been asking a lot of questions regarding the freedom of people and the power of the government to restrict that freedom. I think this is a good thing, but I think that the Japanese voters should notice this kind of trend because it is not just Japantoday. I believe that there should be freedom the vast majority of the time, freedom of speech especially, but also freedom of travel (not that it is a constitutional right) is important for free societies. Sadly the hypothetical jump from a dangerous country to a country that has ideologies that don't support the government of Japan is not that far.

Japan has been become strong because of freedom. It does not need to move back into a prewar us against the world mentality. It needs to open itself up.

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Posted in: Tokyo named safest city in world; Osaka No. 3 See in context

I have often told my friends that Japan is a safe country in terms of person to person violence. But We have volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, floods, blizzards, avalanches, mud slides, typhoon and even occasional tornado.

Because we cannot predict these things I don't think they can accurately be figured into this list. They are however very real safety concerns.

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Posted in: More than 8,700 people sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories See in context

After years of living here and reading hundreds of articles this is perhaps this is probably the single most dishonorable thing I have ever seen. These people should have the right to attempt to sue but it should be immediately thrown out of the court. The pride of people like these is probably the most damaging thing for Japan's international relationships.

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Posted in: 20 prefectural and local assemblies in Japan have urged the Japanese government to make hate speech illegal. Do you think hate speech should be illegal? See in context

At the time that I type this there are several more yes votes than there are no votes.

It causes me to want to comment that voting no hate speech should not be illegal does not mean that we like or appreciate hate speech.

I personally voted no because having freedom is more important that not being offended. It would be great if there was no more "hate speech" but it isn't the governments job to stop it, and I imagine if they tried they would do a horrible job.

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Posted in: 20 prefectural and local assemblies in Japan have urged the Japanese government to make hate speech illegal. Do you think hate speech should be illegal? See in context

Freedom of speech is important. If someone is yelling things and making trouble for everyone then give them a fine or arrest them for disturbing the peace but removing someones to calmly express their opinion, even if it is a hateful opinion is not how a free society works.

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Posted in: Gov't to launch campaign against hate speech See in context

Freedom of speech should be maintained in Japan. If these people are yelling at schools and scaring children then they should get a "disturbing the peace" charge or something like that. But freedom to say what you want should be guaranteed for citizens and immigrants alike.

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea was responsible for the cyberattack on Sony Pictures? See in context

I don't know and that is the way I voted. I would like to address the people that say North Korea wouldn't attack Sony but instead attack a military or government system.

The kinds of protections in place for military, intelligence agencies and the federal government are more sophisticated and would pose a much greater risk for North Korea than a private business. An attack on something like these would almost certainly fail while being detected. The North Koreans may be brain washed and it is true that some of them may be legitimately insane as a cause of brain washing, but there must be some cooler heads in the country which would want to start by attacking easier targets that go immediately for NORAD or the CIA.

Plus the thing that appears to be most important to North Korean leadership is their image. The governments of the United States, Japan and South Korea are not overtly threatening physical force against North Korea. They are not doing anything which is as offensive as the movie (I assume, having not seen it). Their capabilities and motives I believe make Sony or Comedy Central a more likely target than a military target.

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Posted in: What’s better for the environment: a fake or real Christmas tree? See in context

I am not sure about some places but in North America at least (which I imagine is the largest market for Christmas trees) the timber industry in general does a good job of replanting trees. It is simply good long term investment on their part. Buy a 20,000 acre forest harvest 600 acres a year and replant those acres. So that way 30 years later they will be harvesting the same area.

The Christmas tree lots were closet to 100 acres around where I grew up, but each year they planted more trees and customers were only allowed to cut down trees from about 10 acres of the property.

In is in the best interests of all kinds of tree farmers to ensure that their business will continue to be profitable in the future by planting trees and most of them certainly are aware of that.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan should allow immigration by unskilled workers? See in context

Unskilled is a poor choice of words. Virtually everyone is skilled in some way. Ultimately though unless there is a nation change of attitude towards having children then allowing "unskilled immigration" is a necessity. Perhaps not today, but it will become so.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest names you've heard or read about people giving their children? See in context

A kid from a middle-eastern country named whose named was pronounced shith-eed but spelled S***head. I guess it was common, and the pronounciation sounds fine, but the first day at school the teacher thought someone was playing a joke on her. I imagine if he still lives in an English speaking country that he has a hard time getting interviews for the same reason.

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Posted in: The Japanese gov’t says nuclear power remains essential, saying the economy cannot afford the mounting costs from importing gas and oil, resulting in utilities hiking rates. Do you agree? See in context

Some of you have mentioned that inconsistency between the two parts of the question. Because of that inconsistency I voted "I don't know". I think we need to get off of nuclear and coal and oil. To me solar seems the most reasonable, but it will require time. There is no immediate fix. To get all houses or business fitted with solar would take years, which is why I believe we should get started now.

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Posted in: As Abenomics falters, problems fester See in context

From a long term perspective no matter what policies are enacted a couple decades out the declining and aging population is going to tip the scale. What happens now will at best potentially only slow that effect.

The Japanese people simply need to have more kids. This is not something the government can legislate. It is a mix of cultural ideas about loyalty to company and the ideal family size among other things that prevent people from having children. Until this changes I don't see Japan's economy turning around. They were #2 for years, they will probably slip dozens of spots down.

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Posted in: This month marks one year since Caroline Kennedy became U.S. ambassador to Japan. Do you think she has done a good job so far? See in context

Regardless of political affiliation or where they are from a person should understand (language and culture) the people they are representing their home country to.

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Posted in: Do you think it is OK for media organizations to support candidates in elections or should they remain neutral? See in context

Is this about whether or not the law should be changed to prohibit media outlets from supporting a candidate or is it more simply about opinions on what is considered ethical media?

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Posted in: Is pouring more financial aid into Africa the best way to help that continent develop? See in context

I voted no in the poll. I don't think money is the best way to help Africa. Though I do think finances are part of what is going to help, maybe a small part. I believe that looking at the continent as a whole and thinking about helping the continent as a whole is also not the best way to approach the situation.

It may sound simplistic, but helping out a community seems like a better approach. My view is based on a belief in Christ so it does include telling people about Christ, but to send people to help with a school, or technical or medical know-how to train people on a small scale can in time lead to big results for millions. We can't just "fix the Africa problem(s)" with a new piece of legislation or large donations.

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Posted in: Spider-Man slings into Japan - ahead of U.S., for a change See in context

I remember that Spider-Man 3 with Tobey Maguire also premiered a few days earlier in Japan than in the states.

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Posted in: What changes are needed in Japanese society to stem the falling birthrate? See in context

I think that Marilita is right on the mark. As I was reading the other posts I was thinking to myself that the Japanese government will not be able to change this. The culture of Japan has been geared to value other things more than children. Including but not limited to: work, status (mostly in relation to work or wealth) and personal comfort.

The nation as a whole has to have a change of heart. This kind of change cannot be legislated.

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