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The criminal and my grandparents live on the same street, and they are literally NEIGHBORS. Oh my goddd

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

Just found out that the criminal lived REALLY close to my grandparents who are in their early 80s. On our visits, my family has walked past this man's house before. My grandmother who is diabetic and has Alzheimer's is just like the victim, who is weak, frail, fragile, and walks with her shopping cart, sometimes by herself at the bus stop. This is so scary, knowing she has been at the exact same place as the woman when she was murdered.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

Honestly, so many people don't understand the actual story. The mother of the criminal watches the news on the TV all the time, and when she saw the security footage of the homeless woman being killed cast on the TV, she recognized the clothing the suspect was wearing, and realized they were like the ones her son wears. She asked him if he killed her, and he said yes. She made him turn himself in. Heartbroken, she walked him to the police box, because he might've run away if someone else was doing it. She might have been killed by her son just by turning him in, since he's clearly not right in the head, and seems to have some issues. She was older than the homeless woman. She's almost 80 years old. Have some sympathy for the woman. It's very hard for parents to soak in the news that their child did something crime-related - let alone turn their child in to the police. It's dangerous for her when her son is let out of jail - he might come for her. I'm Japanese - I know. My grandparents live in Japan, and my grandmother is currently injured from a fall. She's older than the victim, and she lives in the extremely tiny place where the criminal lived with his family before he was arrested. I've been to the exact crime sight in my visits to Japan. I've been to her house many times. It's so scary for my family, taking the note that the once safe place my grandparents are living are increasing rapidly in crime rates. My grandmother has a shopping cart like the victim, is extremely weak, and is an easy target.

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