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quercetumToday  03:22 pm JST

Did the new emperor have any say in this since it’s his era?

The Emperor's life is shrouded in opaqueness. We don't even know if he has a say in his bedtime.

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Posted in: Japan introduces legal cap on long working hours under labor reform law See in context

This article is a great way to motivate my son to study English. I don't need to put the fear of God in him, just the fear of Abe. 'You'll be rolling that stone uphill just like orce.'Sisyphus, if you don't crack that English textbook and get the hell out of this Abe's work force'.

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Posted in: Japan introduces legal cap on long working hours under labor reform law See in context

What's going to happen when someone dies from overwork under these conditions? The company will be able to say, 'It wasn't us; we were following the law'. The government will be able to say, 'It wasn't from overwork, because the worker's time didn't exceed the guidelines. It sure was a shame though'.

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

At the end of the day the change you want to make may make society feel happier, but it is only an ephemeral emotional one. What would really make us happy is for you to get us out of the post 1992 bubble collapse and all the ills that have come with it, because that is where we still are and the rest is pretty meaningless.

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Posted in: Japan deploys missile units on southwest islands amid China's rise See in context

Anyone have an opinion on this. Why isn't the US military ever play a more active role (more than just behind the scenes) in this types of situation? What does the Status of Forces agreement state in regards to these ongoing skirmishes and the role the US might play. Land grabs have been the new norm these last 5 years or so --Russia: Ukraine and Crimea with former USSR satellite states shuddering. China making a huge economic exclusion zone in the China sea.

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Posted in: It may be hard to solve all of the problems through this year’s G-20 meeting. But the fact that Japan is chairing the group means that it can at least exercise leadership to bring the issue closer to resolution. See in context

The real news is how it came to be that Japan is chairing the group. This above quote is just a distraction.

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Posted in: Trump downplays white nationalism threat after NZ mosque massacre See in context

Japan Today once again displaying hit pieces on Trump. All quotes in the article are from left wing Trump haters.

I don't usually take issue whether the news is coming from the left or right. I take issue with its content and sometimes make an argument from that point.

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Posted in: Trump downplays white nationalism threat after NZ mosque massacre See in context

pointofviewToday  03:41 pm JST

Japan Today once again displaying hit pieces on Trump. All quotes in the article are from left wing Trump haters.

Where are good sources of news from the right? Where do you get your news?

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils robots to help wheelchair users, workers See in context

Which came first the robot or the idea of designing a robot for a handicapped individual in mind?

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Posted in: 7-Eleven store to continue operating under shorter business hours See in context

Not sure I'd want to operate a franchise. I'd take on the load of the risk at the mercy of the rules I need to fall in line under, all the while the franchisee is guaranteed a steady income. No thank you.

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Posted in: Son arrested for abandoning body of father under house floorboards See in context

Interestingly the father's age is not given. Wonder why police never released this information?

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Posted in: Another flight delayed after pilot exceeds alcohol limit See in context

Does anyone else have the suspicion that this has been going on for years, but the 2 companies out there that recently keep popping up in the news are just now getting around to do something about it.

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Posted in: Abe suggests he won't seek 4th term as LDP president See in context

batter up for our next authoritarian

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Posted in: Japan issues rules for companies hiring foreigners via new system See in context

I know I won't be popular posting this, but someone has to say it.

What about the economic wellbeing of the countries where the workers come from?

Don't they also need young cheap labour, trained skilled workers and a source of tax revenue of their own countries?

Examples: India desperately need doctors, nurses, IT workers etc., but many of these workers are working overseas (I am guessing some in Japan).

Labor behaves like a market too. In the future, for example, if Japanese companies haven't been paying consultants a global competitive wage, and so some of those workers have left the country. It can cut both ways.

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Posted in: Heat, floods, quakes: Tokyo 2020 preparing for any disaster See in context

I wouldn't put my money on any of these. A more likely candidate would be that either the Okutama reservoir or Tone river would run dry. These are major lines where Tokyo gets much of their water. Just a few years back there were times when both were nearing too low warning levels. So with the Olympics, Tokyo will have many many more toilets flushing and showers running. This issue isn't going to go away either as tourism is expected to substantially grow in the up and coming years. Can you im I don't hear anyone addressing this.

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Posted in: Getting ready for abdication See in context

Why do we know next to zero about them or their handlers?

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Posted in: Brain expert warns parents of horrors that await juvenile smartphone users See in context

I'm not a big fan of the smart phone, but I'm also not a big fan of this article. Nowhere in the test data does it break down what students are doing on their smart phones. Can't children use their curiosity to learn about the world, play stimulating games, solve puzzles just above ability, read different points of view, video calling friends and family, and so much more.

Yes, most time on smart phones aren't as constructive. But instead of building a dam to keep back smart phones, isn't it better to keep that river flowing, but just guide that river towards better choices, like the above? and Yes, smart phones shouldn't be an end all. They should be an enrichment.

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Posted in: Will ‘Voice Up Japan’ encourage Japanese women to finally speak up about inequality? See in context

Haven't you forgotten? Everyone is the same in Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Akita police sergeant arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

It was only just in the 90s enjo kosai was the still the thing where underage girls strove to earn the money to afford themselves high end brand purses and likes. All for fashion. There was a huge write up on in in 'WSJ' then.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizers struggling to find enough buses, drivers See in context

Wait until the trains and subways become inundated and the city realizes that fans can only use 2 out of every 5 or so ticket wickets because they don't possess a pasmo card. 'The egg on my face games'.

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Posted in: Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet See in context

...and more beano.

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador warns Canada to stop rallying allies See in context

If China doesn’t want an open free society and the West has no ability to have economic sway, so be it. I myself want to continue through reasonable expression be heard and to hear others.

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Posted in: Osaka subway drivers win court case over right to grow beards See in context

All this effort just for a little individuality! Too much conformity inhibits self expression and essentially creativity. No wonder change here is so slow.

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