Posted in: Police investigating drone flights near imperial locations in Tokyo See in context

Like France,would Japanese police also try to hunt drone with eagle employing falconer.

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Posted in: Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94 See in context

I remember him to take control the Persian Gulf War.

I image that President Trump continued to deny by Bush is chuckling beside back.

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Posted in: Macron and Abe seek to avert Renault-Nissan row See in context

I fear that P.M.Abe become manipulated by Friench government.I can't image that Abe insist clearly to defend Japanese company.

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Posted in: Ghosn arrest shakes Franco-Japanese alliance See in context

Did an employee of 20,000 get laid off for the Ghosn's wealth? Too absurd!

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Posted in: In major policy shift, gov't OKs draft bill to open door wider for foreign workers See in context

Almost foreign worker in JPN works sincerely & faithfully.I hope government to improve working condition.

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Posted in: Trump says next summit with N Korea's Kim to come after November U.S. elections See in context

It is obvious to perform a U.S.-North Korea talk for the purpose of canvassing for votes of the interim election. The Japan-North Korea talk of Prime Minister Abe prolongs the Upper House election of the next year until just before that, too?

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Posted in: Tokyo has a new manga library with beer See in context

Comic&beer(^^)After work, we can feel slight richness.

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Posted in: Going, going, gone! Tsukiji market holds last tuna auction before move See in context

One of the traditional spot was gone.But some diner in Tsukiji will remain.Though this spot will be a little lonely,I hope local government to conserve that historical place filled with fishmonger's memory.

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Posted in: 36 C in Niigata Pref a record high temperature for October in Japan See in context

Already Tokyo is autumn,but why climate is hot yet?Today was over 30℃!?

I can't stop sweat(^^;)

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Posted in: More work-linked deaths, illnesses found at Mitsubishi Electric See in context

In case of Mitsubishi,did dead employee suffer from not only too much work but receiving more shout from his boss?I read that in farmer article.

I request further research from government.

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Posted in: Italy's Donadoni in talks to coach Japan's soccer team See in context

Although the national team by head coach Moriyasu has gone into orbit,please report to throw cold water.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro's fashion legacy lives on in memory, youth See in context

The time she made debut,Shibuya overflowed with the girls who imitated her fashion.

Though I'm a little older than the girls who called Amuraa,Amuro Namie is legend for me too(^^)

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

When I knew her who have double identity at first,I felt her something unapproachable.but she is modest,sincere & pure.If I cam say selfishness,hope her Japanese skill little more progress(^^)

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Posted in: Cold weather hits evacuees after deadly quake in Hokkaido See in context

In now the temperature of Hokkaido continue below zero.L worry heaters are enough for the people of disaster area.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief asks Abe to consider daylight saving time See in context

In Japan,almost people think daylight saving time is useless.That's only waste huge tax & make us confuse about automation system & lifestyle.

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