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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

Why do vaccinated people feel the need to gloat online about being vaccinated? Just get your jab and continue with life. Same with the unvaccinated people - no need to go around and boast about being too woke not to buy into the hype of getting a vaccine.

Every year, some people get flu shots, some don't. I've never heard of or seen anyone ridiculing a person who has/has not taken a flu shot.

People let's not make this a moral obligation. Our bodies react differently to any vaccinations injected. People should be allowed to vaccinate or not to without being ridiculed.

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Posted in: 2 Louisville officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests See in context

So let me get this straight, the US has three kinds of laws, those that apply strictly for:

(1) Policemen

(2) Caucasians

(3) Non-Caucasians

The US has no right telling other countries about the abuse of human rights, while they're doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Biden aims to reinvigorate ties with allies including Japan, keep pressure on China See in context

How did people get so fooled to believe in voting for change? Every four years people get excited and hope for better policies. It doesn't matter who gets elected, the Military-industrial complex will always be heavily funded at the expense of other important social issues. This is all a game that has been designed with its ending. We are merely characters in a video game, unless we do away with this illusion of "authority."

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Posted in: National Guard called in to respond to Minneapolis violence See in context

"We don't want peace, we want Equal Rights And Justice"

America was founded on double standards. We are told: "All men are born equal"........well, except for those who don't look European.

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Posted in: Spring high school baseball tourney canceled over coronavirus See in context

The kids who will miss out on the cancelled Spring Koshien can still have a chance to qualify for the Summer Koshien( which is bigger than the Spring tournament). But I feel bad for schools that finally got their first break at being invited for the Spring one and now they have to miss it.

I'm looking forward to watching the Summer Koshien. I hope by that time, things will be back to normal.

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Posted in: Springboks' revival makes them World Cup contenders See in context

Go Bokke,

I'll be cheering for you in Toyota and Shizuoka.

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Posted in: In less than a minute, Ohio gunman kills 9 people, including sister See in context

This is not a tragedy, it's pretty much expected because it's happening in the US. This is the only country that has mass shootings and the law makers will only offer magical thoughts and prayers and then move on.

Had the shooter been of middle-eastern heritage, law makers would jump to the gun and introduce policies to ban or scrutinize middle-easterners. But seeing that both shooters are possibly of European descent, mental health is to blame for all of this.

Honestly speaking, people suffering from mental health are prone to inflict pain on themselves than hurting others. Labeling a European-American shooter as a victim suffering from mental illness, it's sympathizing with the shooter and disregarding the horrible act committed.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

So he attempted to call "911" while in Japan - what was he expecting - for 911 to send out the LAPDs to come and rescue him? Wow, this level of stupidity is unbelievable.

Dude must have thought: "Well, lemme call 911 so that they can sort out these non-American corrupt policemen."

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Posted in: Trump reluctant to abandon Riyadh over missing journalist, wants evidence See in context

Money talks!! Other countries are above the "law."

If the same thing had happened in the Syrian consulate in Turkey. The narrative would have been to remove Assad from his presidency, and possibly to assassinate him while dropping bombs on anyone related to him.

Western democracy is truly bias.

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Posted in: Gunman angry at Maryland newspaper kills five in targeted attack See in context

Another day, another shooting. Bla bla bla.......yawn...

US law makers don't seem to care about Americans, and their safety. I think part of the problem is the culture rooted deep into every US citizen about the need for gun ownership and holding on to an ancient 2nd amendment that no longer serves any purpose in this modern era.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

NK should not take trust the US, they should ask Iran, they just recently learned that the US says one thing and does another thing. I'm not condoning any country to have nukes, but NK needs theirs in case the US decides to shower them with some "freedom."

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Posted in: Protest rally marks one year since start of seawall work for U.S. base See in context

Good for them for standing up against the relocation.

The bases should be moved completely out of Okinawa, and Japan.

Should there be a war against the US, those bases will also be targeted and sadly, many innocent Japanese lives will be lost. This nothing but just modern colonization using the military.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un tests Trump with latest nuclear offer See in context

NK should NOT give up their Nuclear weapon. It will be useful to defend their country when there's an invasion from that country in the middle west that's known for invading other sovereignty states.

If they do give up their nuclear weapons, so should the other 8 countries.

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Posted in: Gunman kills estranged wife teaching class in Calif, then himself; 8-year-old student also dies See in context

USA, It's possible to live without guns, and still live a prosperous life. Ask other nations.

Unless you're a soldier going to a "real" war to fight for your country, there's no need to carry a gun.

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Posted in: Chemical attack kills at least 58 in Syria; U.S. blames Assad See in context

Who appointed the US as the world's police to interfere with other country's affairs by invading, killing state leaders, changing regimes and destabilizing regions.??????

The world doesn't need America's corrupt export version of "freedom." The world would be a better place without it. Someone needs to stand up to this bully.

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Posted in: Trump condemns Syria chemical attack but won't say what action U.S. will take See in context

Who appointed the US to be the world's police and interfere in in other country's affairs, by imposing sanctions, invading and executing state leaders, destabilizing regions to war zones???????

The US is exporting its corruption to countries that threaten to ditch the Petro-Dollar. Someone needs to stand up to this bully.

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Posted in: Chemical attack kills at least 58 in Syria; U.S. blames Assad See in context

Western Propaganda continues to push their agenda of destroying the Syrian government and removing Bashar al-Assad.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that this is another way the west is trying to justify a soon- to- be "removal/killing" of Bashar al-Assad.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to become official White House unpaid employee See in context

If something like this happened in another country not highly favoured by the US, we would be hearing of "Regime Changing, and the country would be heavily criticized by the US.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to become official White House unpaid employee See in context

My time living in Japan is about to come to an end. I'm gonna go back to my home country. My father is the current president, and he's got a job lined up for me. I'll be joining his administrative and take a position as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Well, I've lived overseas and traveled around Asia for a while now, so, I think I qualify for this position. Oh, by the way, I will split my monthly salary and donate it to different charities because I'm not doing it for the money.

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Posted in: Sikh, told to leave country, shot in Washington state See in context

The perpetrator is probably a European-American terrorist.

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Posted in: British foreign secretary: Gambia to return to Commonwealth See in context

"Commonwealth countries." Pleeease.........

Nothing common about the wealth, but just exploitation.

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Posted in: Asked about Putin, Trump says U.S. isn't 'so innocent' See in context

Trump is right about the US having killers. They have been killing people since they robbed the native Americans their land. As if that's not enough, they went on to overthrow the queen of Hawaii. They made up stories in order to invade countries such as Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Philippines, Guam, the list goes on and on and on.........

The US is still killing people even to this day and having a good laugh at it. Trump ( or whoever might have been the US president ) is more of a threat to world peace than any leader of any nation, including Putin.

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context

The new Season of the American Show seems to be interesting, better grab my popcorns and make sure I don't miss a single episode. Keep the drama coming.

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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

If it is indeed true ( that Russia had a hand in helping Trump to win ), then the US should just shut up, they are in no position to complain about it because they do the same thing ( and even worse ) to foreign governments.

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Posted in: Trump lays out non-interventionist U.S. military policy See in context

This makes sense. I don't see a point of having so many military bases in so many countries.

Russia has about ten overseas military bases in neighbouring countries, North Korea has none. The US has over 100 bases in all continents, except in Antarctica. Now who is the aggressor here?

The reason why we spent so much on our military is because our government is obsessed with wars and bombing people who have a different view from ours. Our troops stationed overseas are not fighting for our freedom, but our ego to dominate.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Not sure why everyone is so shocked about the results. Did the recent previous presidents do better during their terms?

No!! Indigenous people are continuing to being oppressed ( North Dakota Oil pipeline still going strong). Black people still being shot ( Black lives matter )

And what about World Peace?

No!! ( invading of countries, especially in the middle east and Northern Africa.) So...America is still America. Nothing will change, but instead, trump will continue with the agenda of making America the world's superpower while bombing the hell out of other countries and killing its leaders.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

The Season Fenale of AMERICA was interesting.

AMERICA never disappoints when it comes to entertainment .

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Posted in: Fury at debate as Trump refuses pledge to respect a Clinton win See in context

It doesn't matter who gets elected. We are still gonna face the same social problem we have. We seem to have a short term memory. Every four years, we get excited and passionate about a candidate, thinking that a new face into the oval office will change things and make lives of the American people better. These politicians don't give a damn about our well being or that of the rest of the world, unless they profit from it.

Voting is just a waste of time. All of this is just an illusion. This time it's even worse because both candidates are disliked by the Americans and the rest of the world. Maybe we shouldn't blame the "elected politicians" but rather the people who have voted for them.

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Posted in: Duterte meets Xi as Philippines cozies up to Beijing See in context

Good on you Duterte. Most countries would be better off without the US as their allies. Who needs a country that sees the advancement of other countries as "a threat to their foreign policy."

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

The world would be a better place without the interference of the US acting as self-appointed world policemen in other country's affairs. The Philippines is dealing with their drug related crimes in a way it sees fits.The Human Rights Group should instead criticize the US for these everyday killings of unarmed black people by law officials who are clearly above the law. And the constant invasion ( by the US ) of countries that don't seem to want to dance to the US' dictatorship.

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