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How much CO2 are these idiots dumping into the atmosphere for their joy rides?

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Japan would not be the economic & technical power it is today if the war didn't end with the two atomic bombs. If the U.S. invade the main land losses on both sides, civilian and military would have wiped out 50% of the Japanese population. Okinawa showed how the population would fight to the death like the soldiers did. No one wins in war, all loose, both the concurer and the defeated parties. We must learn, we should avoid war and all the suffering it causes every living thing.

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Mr Toyota has plenty of money for the Olympics, but can't seem to find enough to give his workers good pay raises. Sad, very sad.

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Posted in: Japanese duo support Lady Gaga with a unique version of 'Telephone' See in context

Wonderfully done

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I’ll bet you yen that all these people have cell phones, computers and an array of electric devices that need power. It is so Japanese to not show emotion in day to day activities yet be extremely emotional for these short term events. Either pump C02 in the atmosphere or find a balance between oil & nuclear power.

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