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Posted in: Japan expected to announce state of emergency extension on Tuesday See in context

Apart from not being able to stop in my smoky-ass local for a nama on the way home, I didn't see any 'state-of-emergency'.

No change for me.

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Yep. If there is anywhere I would anti-mask it would be in the Aussie desert. It's brutal out there, Corona has no chance.

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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

Only 23%? Ha! Yeah, I call bs on this, I'd wager around 2%. Where I live virtually no vehicle will stop at a crosswalk unless you throw yourself on the road or the driver is foreign. Even if you do throw yourself on the road the driver will be up in arms and blame you. I think it's a combo of selfishness and tunnel vision.

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Posted in: Fireman photographs female in bath; gets chased by parents and drives off with mother on bonnet See in context

Yeah really. Most bad people used to be unemployed, recently they've become firemen.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor calls for restraint in travel during Obon holidays See in context

Is that a snack bar? If so that's just cranking up the weird level. The ones near me I see on the way home from work don't look remotely like that.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy hit and killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

Traffic is crazy in Japan, this accident is just the tip of the iceberg. I've worked behind the wheel in many countries and the traffic here has to be the worst I've seen, including Asia. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike have a very laissiez-faire, apathetic attitude towards navigating the roads. Add their seeming lack of peripheral vision, obsession with screens, selfishness and then the poorly designed infrastructure and you have one huge recipe for disaster. The saving grace is they never really go that quick.

I feel for the kid and his family and perhaps the bus driver (without knowing the full circumstances). However, as much as it may be claustrophobic living in Yokohama I would not let my 8 year-old kid ride around on her/his own there, or anywhere for that matter.

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Posted in: Why have no COVID-19 clusters occurred in pachinko parlors? See in context

I had kinda thought that about pachinko joints, it's virtually impossible to talk in there.

Side topic but I passed a Starbucks (no dig at this particular chain) yesterday that was absolutely packed with maskless people. Of course adding alcohol makes for a more touchy experience but there are other places besides bars where people break C's.

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This is wrong on so many levels. That Socceroo has clear disregard for crossing etiquette.

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Posted in: Man swims across moat to enter Imperial Palace grounds See in context

I don't think you would have to 'swim' across that moat. Wading would suffice.

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Posted in: Truck driver abandons body of suicide victim, claiming he thought it was a doll See in context

Sorry, the P.E.T. urine bottles are not so much thrown out on the highways but the local 'freeways', where they [the truckies] use off-ramps to access factories and whatnot. The first red light after the freeway off-ramps are hot spots, these areas are walled and inconspicuous. I don't know why they do this, many things here are inexplicable. You're right there are plenty of convenience stores with toilets and waste receptacles around. I can perhaps understand they may hesitate to pull over, but they could maybe roll down the window and empty them at the lights then toss the bottle, or refill. This would probably be more environmentally friendly in the long run.

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Posted in: Truck driver abandons body of suicide victim, claiming he thought it was a doll See in context

This is the first time I have ever heard anyone else mention the dubious looking 'half-empty', yellow liquid filled pet bottles on the side of truck frequented roads. I had previously brought that up with Japanese people before and the horror of what I was implying was too much for most folk. So like every bone of contention here, I just let it go. I know what's going on, deadlines don't allow for breaks of any kind. I drive everyday on highways and personally I think a majority of truck drivers here are callous and selfish. Not to mention crap drivers.

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I live literally 30m from the border of one prefecture and 800m from another. Policing borders would take some manpower. Perhaps that's why there are so many helicopters flying over recently.

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They've been doing that for a couple of weeks in The Daiso near me. Its alright, but the plastic they use is kinda frosted and opaque, thus it's difficult to make knowing eye contact with staff. So you end up going aroung the side and invading their quarantined zone.

Some staff have taken to rocking those Darth Vader style shields that grannies wear on their tricycles. That's proper WHO style.

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The plan doesn't seem to reflect the majority of Japanese (Tokyo or otherwize) apartments I've been in.

The bathroom is totally unJapanese, I don't believe I have ever seen a freestanding tub, even in nice houses. The toilet is seldom in the 'bathroom' space and 90% of bathrooms I have seen have an enclosed shower/tub room, which is actually super practical and I would love one in my home country, even though space is not an issue.

I have never seen a freestanding western style cooker/stove in Japan. Some new Daiwa homes etc., may have a built in oven but always in the so-called system kitchen, part of the bench. The sink is way too small and that open space underneath would have doors, even in a Leo. The futon? Maybe, but anything built post circa 1980 in Japan has some form of built-in storage space, for storing futons and attire. People hang their clothes on racks if there's no allocated space, not in wardrobes. And lamps? Who the heck has lamps? Only foreign people, there is no mood lighting, everything is floodlit.

Finally the entrance/genkan. Yes, most apartments will have a small shoe removal area but that space in the pic is just shy of a quarter of the whole apartment area and it has an abundance of dead space. What's hidden in the corner near the bathroom and and that shoe/slipper rack? Are they planning on opening a clinic or eikaiwa?

Perhaps the apartment floor area is on the mark. It's not for me, but hey it's Tokyo, it's a lifestyle choice and you pay for the lifestyle.

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