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YuriOtani, whether China is red or bule or in whatever color, it does not change the fact most Chinese people rightfully hate Japan. You are fooling yourself if you just use the lame excuse that China is red and therefore blah blah blah.

Your ancestors gambled a big time more than a hundred years ago that they could beat China and they succeeded. Good for them! However, this gave many Japanese a false sense of superiority against China. Every country goes up and down through the history, and China was at an absolutely low point when they were defeated by the Japanese. You could succeed again this time, with all the superior weapons as you mentioned, but mark my words you would be simply begging for more hatred and hostilities in the future. Great countries like China eventually will rebound, just like it has done in its thousands of years of history. By then revenge will be taken and only by then will the Japanese people truly regret about all the atrocities that they and their ancestors have brought to the Chinese people. You can mark my words on that!

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To tokyomusing: Why do you have to drag the US into the conflict? Man up and fight China on your own! You will either have another 100 years of good time against them, as your barbarian ancestors had gambled, or get defeated completely so they get their revenge with a Tokyo masscre.

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