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Posted in: Honda to close UK car plant in 2022 with loss of 3,500 jobs See in context

Its not totally Brexit alone, but yes, Markets have changed and if Britain is now on outside of Europe just as Japan is, it comes down to which Government can provide the biggest sweetener to the Company to go to. It's Natural that Japan Govt would do this... unlike the British Governments of past which simply sold off their assets etc to other Countries particularly - India etc, (and note, after Brexit, it will be the India Presence that turns the UK into Civil war as their involvement has been likened to Cuckoos / locusts - creating pockets of insular foreignness which has played into the hands of Brexiteers to date, they will sadly become the next focus of attention)

f you're smart, sell out of the UK and move out.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

We haven't got to a state of Peace yet, so isn't that a case of jumping the Nuke ?

Sure, if N. Korea gets inline with the rest/(most) of the Worlds expectation... then sure, Trump will have done something that other US leaders haven't to-date, so a nomination is appropriate, alongside all the other nominations for consideration. So, I don't really see what the fuss is all about yet. Trump can't claim Peace, as that has not happened. Period. End of story, so ... as in the words of others here... "Move on, Nothing to see here"....

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Posted in: Video of Ootoya restaurant employee exposing himself posted online See in context

Seriously... "Kids" these days have a major problem when it comes to Social Media, they think it's fun expressing themselves like this in front of their so-called "friends"... but a few years later... it comes back to haunt them!!!! And in Japan, and elsewhere the definition of Kids need revising... when it comes to online mentality.

Even the Amazon Boss, has been caught out using his "personal" account to send explicit material to a friend... He should have at least setup a separate disassociated account for "friendships" which could be dropped at a moment and dismissed as being hacked/not his, and any pictures/content therein, etc, photo-shopped.... this is a high tech CEO with poor personal tech judgement. What a nob! And he wants you to buy his "Alexia" products ???? Geez.... Nob leading the nobs or what?

Folks. Simple lesson here. The internet is a network of connected nodes. When you publish something, it goes from one machine to another, which gets pass on and on between various machines until it reaches its destination... between you and the destination machine are numerous points where your juicy information can be collected, reassembled, and now-a-days potentially decrypted (if its already encrypted) and used against you. And if you think reassembling is hard to do... look towards a recent IGP hack (yes, it was) which redirected all internet traffic through a certain (unnamed...) Country... That was done, to capture a needle in a haystack, whilst the rest of the World then thought it was simply a configuration error... hah! Buzz.. Wrong....

Nothing is 100% secure upon the internet, no matter what, people will try to tell you. Even your IP phone calls... which now are where your mobile operators diverting your calls to... are not secure.

When you base your security upon an encryption methodology that do not understand, you are essentially placing your company upon a Cliff edge. As soon as that encryption is broken - your Company will loose its luster. And, when someone points you towards how improbable that it is, that someone would break the encryption, you still need to worry about the improbable, since that's your 100% loss.

In general, the best option is to keep a low profile, use different IDs for different purposes, diversify your risk. Avoid using your mobile phone for 1:1 emails on subjects that may be used by the Tax man, or the Media, or particularly of anything concerning National Security issues....

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Posted in: Tokyo's barrier-free push hits snag for wheelchair users See in context

No, there is a huge issue for visitors with disabilities when visiting Japan, let alone those who live here. (I know). And for stations that do have elevators.... WTF do able bodied people queue up to use the elevators for there, when there are Mothers with kids in push chairs, or elderly in wheelchairs waiting in line...surely they should see that and make the moral decision to use the stairs!... may the pox of diabetes be upon them if they are deemed so unworthy.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

It would be an honorable thing, if the Emperor to be, forked out to provide temporary care centers for Kids (local sports centers are ideal places - like in my own Childhood).... anything else, would be an utter inconvenience... which is not the Japanese way.... (perhaps it's intentional?)

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

Doesn't bode well for the forthcoming Rugby World Cup and Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context

"indigenous" Japanese people... does that mean, they're really more Japanese than the usual bunch here ? And if so, is this an admission that the majority of Japanese aren't really Japanese at all, but merely immigrants from overseas like us Foreigners ! Wow... the worm has turned.

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Posted in: Omron releases smartwatch capable of measuring blood pressure in U.S. See in context

I've tested numerous BP devices, and basically different Manufactures produce different readings. Which one is correct ? I guess it doesn't matter really, so long as you keep using the same one for relative measurements.

A bluetooth ankle strap one, would however "imo", be much more worthy of having rather than a bulky watch on your wrist, less invasive.

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Posted in: Renault scraps Ghosn's $34 mil deferred and severance pay See in context

Seems in Japan in order to be successful as a Foreigner, you need to keep your head down and don't draw attention to yourself.

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Posted in: Software pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones See in context

I guess apple are embarrassed that the Hacked Software works better than their own... it's possible even more secure!

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

I don't see any issue with this type of Marriage in Japan - there's no Religious objection. Though it's going to cause one heck of a mess with the paperwork and ancient Computer systems when you try to register. Maybe that's the reason for the Governments dragging of feet over this matter ?

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Posted in: The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist See in context

Madam Tussauds meets AI ?

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Posted in: Shoei to release HUD-equipped motorbike helmet in 2020 See in context

This is Potentially dangerous given the retina cant be both near and far sighted at the same time. So momentarily you take your focus off where you're going to look at the speed-o, and then back again in front of you... it's no different from looking down, infact worse!!! Dont drive too fast period!

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Posted in: Sony shares recover after first-ever buyback announcement See in context

Interesting. Where'd they get the $ ?

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Posted in: China's January forex reserves rise to $3.088 tril See in context

Alternatively it suggests that China has identified a figure of foreign reserves that it needs to maintain in order to accomodate a market governed Currency..... So where is the Yuan valued in the unofficial market these days ?

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Posted in: No-deal Brexit could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide: study See in context

No deal is better. At present the Business community does not know which way to turn. Even if the pro-remainers get an extension to stay, it will just prolong the pain within the UK.

Clear cut, sort things out afterwards. Keep it simple, do it right. Do it themselves.

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Posted in: 40 countries, but not U.S., China, agree cars must have automatic braking See in context

Not really workable within all cars, and could be potentially dangerous.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

I won't buy Nissan - not because of Ghosen, but simply because they Falsified their performance Statistics and as such can't be trusted.

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Posted in: Harrison Ford attacks leaders who deny climate change See in context

I've been wondering of this one.., in the UK we often have Christmas card depicting people skating upon Frozen ponds or the Thames, but in my Lifetime, I have never seen that happen.

So I understand Global Warming leads to extreme Weather conditions at both sides of the scale (Hot/Cold) but, are we sure that this hasn't happened before, and it's simply an equilibrium thing ? Also, has anyone actually bothered to measure the changes in distance to our Sun over time ?

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

@Cleo - FYI some people are allergic to Chocolate. Just like some are allergic to Nuts (or both):

Receiving Chocolate Gifts in this case, when others know you are Allergic, is not a nice thing, but is done simply to taunt you as being different from the rest. Sadly, it means that you have to follow through with the pretense and reciprocate the chocolate delivery, lest be on the receiving end of unfavourable Office banter and ostracized as such... which happens.

I know this from Personal experience. But now, IDGAF, so will Challenge the whole premise of this event, especially in our present ... liberal times.

If you want to give Chocolates to someone you like, do so in your own time, outside of the work environment and make sure its unconnected to your work role. Giving Chocolates, should be ranked alongside with "Sleeping with..." were that to take hold, then this event will be rapidly curtailed.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

Valentine's day is Sexual workplace harassment / minefield. If you're a Manager, and none of your female workers give you chocolates then your colleagues will wonder what you are doing wrong, and why you are so unpopular, if however you receive lots of chocolates, then your colleagues will think the Women are seeking benefit from you. It should really be banned, as it has no place within the Workplace, and its only in Japan AFAIK that it's become such an extreme.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

As for "free" dating apps in Japan.... they've mostly lost appeal - AFF used to be a great place, but few use it now so it's pointless. And with Privacy concerns ever becoming more of a concern, paid for apps which leave you open to identification are troubling to those seeking an unembarrassing future Career.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

If you receive unwanted Chocolates, then Rebel. Stick them in the freezer and return to sender the next month, alternatively just don't reciprocate. This is a commercial gimmick ill afforded by many, a disruption at work, and absolutely pointless. Yes, I have received and have given, but enough is enough... with the #MeTo and all that going on these days, it's time to #ChocsAway !

If you fancy someone, or think they are nice - tell them so, learn the art of Flattery - this is something that appears to have been recently forgotten, except for use in a derogatory form.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy driving car crashes into police car after chase See in context

Cool driving on behalf of the Police. They stopped him by using their own car without serious injuries as a result.

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Posted in: Sumo-size cake See in context

The Cake is just for starters....

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Posted in: Automakers in U.S. recall 1.7 million cars with Takata airbags See in context

Why is this still going on ? Takata Air Bags should have been totally recalled due to their potential danger to the Public and subsequent liability of damages to the Companies using them. Scandal.

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Posted in: Shimizu begins construction of 1.9MW biomass power plant in Nagano See in context

Wood chip waste, or specially produced Wood chips ? One wonders if this would really be environmentally beneficial.

Now, were it to collect home bio-mass waste and use that as a source for energy... that would be something to talk about. Think about all the waste foods, bits of chopped vegetables , unfinished plates of food within the country simply being dumped. Surely something more productive could be done with that "waste".

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Posted in: Warren says Trump may not be 'free' in 2020 See in context

American Politics is so dysfunctional at times - (just as other Countries appear of late), it's little wonder why people see little point in exercising their Democratic right to vote, or just give up on Politicians altogether, particularly now-a-days, when you seemingly have to be either at one extreme or the other.

That said, I watched Trump's State of the Union speech online, and regardless whether you like him or not, he is a good Orator and his audience skills are clearly something to learn from for any future President to be.

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

I'm curious, how does Japan go about bringing in Foreign workers. Send a delegation to an overseas Country and recruit X number of workers to bring back with them ? Or hire an Agency within that Country to bring a set quota of persons over ?

But even after that what then ?

I've seen a recent BBC Report upon how Thai Farm workers are treated within Israel, and begin to wonder how such a situation can be avoided here. Perhaps the local Governments are more worried about how they can avoid similar issues arising ? For example, exploitation by corrupt agencies - a good example of that would be the North Korean overseas workers within Europe who don't receive their Salaries.

This decision by the Government, which is much needed, is certainly raising some concerns by the local Governments who probably feel that the onus upon worker rights has been dumped upon them.

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