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Posted in: ACCJ urges Japan to end 'double standard' re-entry rules See in context

Great.... so I can leave the Country, but cant return to my home, so will be left homeless... nice one Japan.

Japan really seriously needs to think how it treats its permanent residents - tax us to hell and back, but doesnt give us representation. This is not a democracy.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign comes under fire See in context

"Go To..." "Somewhere else, and not here" maybe ?

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Posted in: Asia's garment workers say virus used as cover to smash unions See in context

Yes, they're totally right. The virus is going to kill off all the Union members, if they ignore it.

BTW - the opening sentence should be changed from :

From factory floors in India to the warehouses of Cambodia


From the sweatshops in the UK to the warehouses of Cambodia

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Posted in: Nissan rolls out new electric crossover to boost image See in context

Nissan has lost the "Goodwill" to their brand.

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Posted in: Robot to clock in at a convenience store in test of retail automation See in context

Anubis lives ? (well in Robotic form)

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Posted in: Google faces lawsuit over tracking in apps even when users opted out See in context

Google's story is a bit like "Luke Skywalker" - starts off good, but then gets turned to the Dark side...

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Posted in: Apple wins EU court battle in tax case See in context

Ireland's budget is going to be under further pressure.... maybe they could take a leaf out of the BLM protest group and sue the UK for past crimes against their population ?

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Posted in: Lawyers: Trump might claim harassment in tax return quest See in context

It does appear to be a single track harassment. Why should he have to reveal his Tax returns ? If he has to, then why not make everyone's publicly available and free to access via a Government web site ?

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals cut staff bonuses as coronavirus drives them into the red See in context

You don't think that this will happen elsewhere in the World ?

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Posted in: Virus testing centers may open in Sept at 3 airports See in context

Taking your temperature would be a Pointless exercise for Tourists.

Take a look at the Fishing boat in Argentina, out at sea for 35 days, but cuts the trip short due to the crew falling ill due to the Corona virus for which they'd been tested before leaving.

Part of the problem is Testing does not appear to be picking up those who have just become infected. Just like HIV, you cant detect it a day or two after becoming infected, but you need to wait for it to get hold first, and then, if you're unlucky it's too late.

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Posted in: Panel calls for penalizing foreigners who refuse deportation See in context

How can you penalize someone facing deporting ? Surely deporting them is penalization & matter over ?

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Posted in: U.S. brands China claims in South China Sea illegal See in context

@Opinionator, Sources, sure:

Recently we had Dr Li-Meng Yan being interviewed about the CCP "Cover-up"

Have a read of the following too:

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Posted in: In reversal, UK says it will make masks mandatory in shops See in context

wait for the price-gouging....

actually dont - best go buy as many as you can now.

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Posted in: U.S. brands China claims in South China Sea illegal See in context

@Sh1mon M4sada - totally agree with you, however China didnt adhere to that ruling, and has essentially already started the war with the Corona virus release, which, we will shortly hear, was released from a Lab in China - that rumor has been circulating now for sometime, saying that the source of the information was from some Scientists who'd escaped from China... now only this week, do we see those said Scientists being briefly interviewed by the Media... it's started. Just where will it finish ?

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

We may hear "The Tokyo Olympics will go ahead Next Year"... being said again, .... next year, and so on....

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Posted in: Trudeau apologizes for not recusing himself from decision See in context

seems a minor issue

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Posted in: U.S. brands China claims in South China Sea illegal See in context

I sense a fight coming....

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Posted in: SoftBank Group explores options for chip designer Arm Holdings: WSJ See in context

Anyone think Apple may be considering purchasing Arm ?

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Posted in: Pandemic-proofing: Insurance may never be the same again See in context

Another Tax dodge for businesses ? Insure your key workers... but who gets the payout ? (The business of course), and the payments can be offset against Tax no doubt.

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Posted in: Fireball that lit up Tokyo sky confirmed as meteor after pieces found See in context

Its not every day that you wake up find a chunk of space rock in your corridor.

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Posted in: Japan defense review slams China's virus 'disinformation' See in context

Prepare for War between US (& it's Allies) and China.

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Posted in: Tokyo shares jump on hopes for COVID-19 treatment See in context

Gilead Sciences.... America's favorite  price-gouger of key Medications.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque gunman to represent himself at sentencing See in context

White Supremacy has got no place in today's Society.

Those who preach it are hardly Supreme - neither Athletically nor Mentally.... Challenged perhaps be a more appropriate choice of Word.

That said, Focusing upon one race or religion or gender, over another should also not be promoted. Equality, however would be a far more useful goal for such energies.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

119 tests all came back positive, so they... ahem... stopped.

Conincidentally.... (maybe) 119 is the magic telephone number in case of Emergencies requiring Fire/Ambulance services too!

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

I did a bit of background reading into Home Brewing here in Japan, apparently back in 2018 it was illegal... so I'm guessing it still is. :(

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

@BertieWooster - Interesting opinion. I've always found Sapporo to lack beer taste but Asahi super-dry to have some resemblance to beer. I guess my sense of taste is different from yours, which is fine - each being distinctive is in part what makes us all unique. Do you like the non-alcohol versions of Sapporo, etc ?

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

Anyone tried home-brewing here in Japan ? Your thoughts and recommendations would be welcomed.

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

Japanese Beer pretty much all tastes the same.

You essentially have Asahi Beer, and Yebisu - the rest are sadly not distinctive. And @Kurisu, that includes Orion... no idea why it exists.

I'd welcome local companies attempting to be more experimental in taste, but sadly it seems, they just want to copy each other as presumably thats what the public want...

As to the non-alcohol beers, Asahi is by far the closest to their actual beer taste.

Just whilst I'm here on the subject... Chinese [mainland] beer, is also pretty lousy. Snow brand for example, its probably safer than drinking the local tap water, and cheap too, but makes even the worst of Japanese beers look incredibly good.

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Posted in: Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visa offer See in context

@zichi et al.

The problem is, if you're a poor village Farmer whose Family has been farming the land for decades, Government officials can seize that land for their own purposes if you can not prove that you really own that land... which sadly most can't.

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Posted in: Mixed reaction from Hong Kong expats to UK visa offer See in context

Most activists are young and were born after the 1997 hand-over.

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