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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 mascots make public debut at naming ceremony See in context

Pink one looks a bit evil. Menacing eyes...

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Posted in: Women pilots fly against cockpit prejudices See in context

oh come on... Women flying ? Really ? This is news ? Well, I guess the airline kitted the cockpit out with pink dice hanging from the windshield mirror , and pink kitty chan decor everywhere too (being sarcastic)

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Posted in: Body of missing husband found buried in concrete after wife files false divorce papers See in context

Dumb broad - She was Supposed to get him to sign the papers before killing him!

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Posted in: Europe hits Google with record $5 bil antitrust fine See in context

European bureaucrats out of touch with the majority of the World yet again. I guess they need to justify their lavish Salaries by being seen to do something even if it's not so smart

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers need more foreign help with some sports, says IOC See in context

I wonder how Tokyo Bay's water quality compares to other past venues of recent times ?

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Posted in: Japan probing abuse of health insurance system by foreign residents See in context

For the example given, how was the applicant allowed to have dependents who were not living with him, be part of his insurance cover ? If the answer to that question is fixed, then the problem is partly resolved.

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Posted in: Crime in Japan at lowest postwar level in 1st half of 2018 See in context

There's lots of Police in Japan.

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Posted in: Spain to outlaw sex without explicit consent after outcry See in context

Porn sets will soon have to employ a Sexual Compliance office to ensure that the porn actors ask for permission from the porn actresses before conducting any business.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says Japan is 'stupid' for not allowing ride-sharing See in context

I am the only non-Japanese within a small closed off street, they don't associate with one another as is done in the West. So any changes relating to sharing will probably require a cultural shift first.

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Posted in: Muslim candidates running in record numbers in U.S. face backlash See in context

I bet this is going to give rise to calls about "Muslim's taking over the World through our liberal weakness".

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

Well sadly for Nissan lovers, you don't have much choice, seems they've lied to you about the Emissions on their Fossil fueled cars and also on the mileage you can get with their Electric cars (and also how quickly you can recharge them too!). I won't buy Nissan.

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

Turn off that Nissan Engine - you're killing me!

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

Seems Japan is just as corrupt as elsewhere, though unlike other places, just those who do it here, simply get off the hook with a bow and a tear and a promise not to do it again.

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Posted in: British woman dies after Novichok poisoning See in context

She was a living in a Women's Shelter, and was a mother of 2 Kids. No additional information has been released for her partner for the day.

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Posted in: Hyogo man arrested for backhanding cash register while verifying his age See in context

The glass on those machines is so fragile, yet so unresponsive.

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Posted in: Testosterone pushes men to luxury brands: study See in context

I've seen lots of Japanese men wandering around with handbags... so where does that fit in here ?

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Posted in: Taking it easy See in context

I don't recall seeing much Surf within Odaba anyway... and it doesn't appear to be a Windsurfing rig either.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

The trains are much quieter at 5am, so why not move the start time to 6am ? The benefits being it's cooler in Summer, also in order to ease congestion in the evening companies can ask Employees to leave later thus benefits for all - employee wont need sunglasses as they will arrive in the Dark, and leave in the Dark, plus think of all the expensive electricity bills that they will be saving back home.

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Posted in: Ex-head of parents' group gets life in prison for murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

As to the Cries for "Death!"... are we sure that this is the culprit ?

Do we really, "trust", the Police ?

Is the evidence 100% correct ?

If any of these questions could be answered "No" or "Maybe", then the Death Sentence is clearly out.

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Posted in: Ex-head of parents' group gets life in prison for murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

In Japan, does a Life Sentence mean "Full Life-Time" ?

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Posted in: Japan household spending drops sharply See in context

Of course spending has been cut... shrink-flation, upsized taxes, stagnant pay (if any)....

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Posted in: Weapons of trade war: What might China have up its sleeve? See in context

The difference is China does not have a free market economy, and can live without it, so as Trump has isolated America from the rest of the World, it's the US that has the most to loose. China could effectively stop shipping stuff to the US for a few months, and see what happens next.

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Posted in: Docomo to offer cloud-based call/dispatch solution for regional taxi services See in context

The Taxi Company that pays the most, will get the most Business...

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Posted in: Belgium eliminates Brazil from World Cup to reach semifinals See in context

Was it an Optical illusion, but were Belg team taller than the Brazilian team ?

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Posted in: Two Britons poisoned with Novichok nerve agent near where Russian spy was struck down See in context

Sleep Agents handling the Nerve agent and something went wrong ?

Sounds like this could make for a good old spy novel.

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Posted in: Kirin unveils new vending machines with built-in security camera See in context

Whatever happened to the beer vending machines in the street ?

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Posted in: University professor tweets sexual harassment is his hobby See in context

Have Japanese old guys been suddenly hit with a Bug that makes them tell the Truth ?

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Posted in: Outcry as Japanese winemaking couple ordered to leave France See in context

Typical bureaucratic nonsensical regulatory garbage that exists in many Countries - UK included.

It's got nothing to do with the fact that they're Japanese, just a matter of box ticking and being non-French.

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Posted in: 82 car accidents caused by automatic brake malfunctions reported in Japan last year See in context

Of those 82, how many were attributed to old folks stepping on the wrong peddle ?

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Posted in: Japanese tourist dies climbing Australia's Uluru monolith See in context

I'd best climb it before the ban.

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