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I think it would probably be better to have a "suspended" Primary Nationality status which can reactivated upon return. This would allow you to maintain a Bank account within your Country of suspended Nationality, retain properties, and pay local taxes there. And if you became an international Criminal all your suspended Nationalities would become revoked baring your Primary forcing you to return there.

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Note my swipe at the lack of support for those in real need within Japan. Yet the Country promotes itself at helping those abroad, such as in Africa... Charity should begin at home, and then when it can do so, expand thereafter - right now, I think Japan has a lot of shame internally, the Homeless mentally handicapped upon the streets, the Orphanages full of Children (out of sight... no one talks about them), and those experiencing hard times needing help.. where's the Help from THEIR Government ? Shame! Real SHAME! Especially when it comes to this Olympic Fiasco during a Pandemic !

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Personally I do not see the postponement of the Olympics as any form of shame for the hosting Country in this type of Situation... which is akin to a Global this case - a Global War upon the Pandemic.

I would not be surprised if Athletes from other Countries, sensibly decide not to attend, or if their home Countries decide that the risk of them bringing the Contagion back to their home Countries after the event is too strong.

If Japan continues with the Games... then, they will be biggest loss making ones in History ever , and for years to come... no one in their right minds would attend to spectate, and even giving away free tickets wouldn't see an uptake - you'd have to pay spectators to come...

Can you imagine if one visitor tested positive - the impact ? All those queuing up inline along with that person within a 10 meter radius, would be immediately subjected to quarantine - assuming we could identify them. It'd be a nightmare situation.

No thanks.... You could pay me 1 Million Dollars, and I'd still not go, as I'd end up infecting my Family, and my work Colleagues.... perhaps the backup plan is to just bring in the Homeless, with the enticement of free food and shelter ? (such is the harsh help that Japan offers to those in real need within their own Country).

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A few days ago we were reading that Foreign Residents who returned to the Country and (accidentally) broke the 14 day quarantine period would have their Residency status revoked... Now they're going to allow a whole bunch of non-residents into the Country from All over the World !?

This is Japanese Politics ingrained face-saving at its worst. I hope the "Native Japanese" (voters) see this, and vote them out.

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Posted in: Japan to expand virus state of emergency beyond Tokyo as cases top 300,000 See in context

Wearing a mask, whether it works or not, is a matter of courteousness to those around you. Certainly if you cough, just like putting your hand up in front of your mouth, it helps prevent a sudden burst of germ filled air particles racing towards the person in front of you. Nothing is clearly as effective as a sealed suit with independent oxygen supply... but that would give the wrong impression to those around you.

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Posted in: Japan to expand virus state of emergency beyond Tokyo as cases top 300,000 See in context

No option for me now to work at home - Softbank messed up my internet connection. Hope they go bust.

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Posted in: SoftBank unveils lower data usage fees after gov't pressure See in context

I am in the process of gathering evidence to sue Softbank for Contractual Fraud. Assuming I have still the paperwork, (over a 10 year period), I will then be asking the Government to revoke Softbank's license to trade. They're ripping off the Consumer, and should be put out of business immediately.

Sadly, Softbank does not have a uniform approach to English Support - so they will sadly, end up suddenly with a Japanese Barrage of Legal queries which will I hope become the next big thorn in their foot going forward apart from a "cease and desist" order along with a winding up order for damages. I wouldn't recommend holding their stock in the near future... it may fluctuate...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 970 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,535 See in context

@virusex - you have a far-better picture/avatar than me. I wish you the best for being it the same in person too :-D

As cases increase, I wouldn't want to go get tested... for fear of being near to people who may really have the virus. So I suspect we will see these peaks and troughs continue for a while to come.

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Posted in: Man steals taxi; switches to another cab, then flees without paying fare See in context

Ride sharing...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,219 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,876 See in context

Fewer people on the streets today in Ginza, but it was certainly Colder... so that may explain it a bit.

A lot of restaurants are clearly going to go bust with these new restrictions, which is sad.

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@zichi - if you're missing the no frills style of Car - perhaps consider a Kit car.

From the cheap, and basic:

To the absurdly fast...

Do you think your Missus would allow you the pleasure of driving one of these ?

(Pre-made or in Kit form - though has an added thrill of ... Speed.).

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Posted in: Airbus to meet suppliers amid jet output concerns, sources say See in context

@Samit Basu

Boeing jets are cheaper to operate than Airbus jets

Where do you get that information from ?

For example, the following suggests, that it's not so clear-cut:

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As an ex-Commuter, having an area of my route fenced off, is damn annoying - I wouldn't care even, if these girls were dancing stark naked beckoning me to join them in a mad orgy ... I still need to get to Work on-time!, and they're blocking my way! WTF... Very Annoying. Stupid promotion, and for those commuters who stand and watch these "dancers" ... I hope their Companies decide that those Employees are not committed to their employment as many others who are without work, would be!

What a waste of space, my time, and their effort!

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Posted in: Prioritize athletes for vaccine so Tokyo Games can go ahead: IOC member See in context

Having taken the vaccine, you are supposedly immune to the nastier side of this virus, but it does not mean that you won't become a Carrier of the virus, and infect those who have not had the vaccine.

So this idea of inoculating the Athletes first is downright dumb. They're super fit, and healthy, and by all rights should be the last.

IMO - the Games should not go ahead this year. Athletes just haven't had the same level of preparation as they would have had in past games, so the whole event could turn out to be rather embarrassing, and furthermore bring in an influx of virus carrying persons into these islands, which is thing we need!

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This is so wishy-washy - so indecisive, that it makes the UK Prime Minister- Boris Johnson appear like the Thinker of the Century....

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

Buying a round could be geographically arranged via Uber Eats/Drinks, etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

VR Pub visits with your Colleagues could be the next big thing!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

Read, Educate yourself, Decide..

Clearly, Face-masks help prevent the disease when in Public places... elsewhere, is your choice (like for example at home).

In the workplace., I would far rather my management say lets buy a six pack and have a relaxing conversation in a meeting room, rather than going out to a Bar... but that would clearly be detrimental to the local Bars unless they started signing contracts of provisions to local businesses... Times need to change, on Year end in Japan, staff drink on site - no issues from anyone, but why not other times ? Responsibility needs to be the thing, right ? Staff who know when to leave should be considered just as Corporately responsible as those who can service the Client, and put them into a Cab safely to their destination. Roll in the Robots ?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

@ClippetyClop - don't be so flippant upon your assessment of fast-tracked medication..

This makes an interesting reading:,conditions%20including%20complications%20of%20leprosy.

I am not an anti-vaxer, as the current trend in terminology dictates, though I would like to understand, why when I have never (in many decades...) had a Flu or other virus, that I suddenly need to take something that may mess up my current Karma... everyone is different, and I should be able to make my own choice, based upon my own Medical advice, rather than collective pressure - which these days is either a mishmash of fake "influencer"/"fake news" based, or some genuine factual news - In these situations, I go to do the Scientific journals and read those, and make my decisions based on those - but I guess, I am amongst a few who can read between the lines of such studies , and be willing to take such "life" related decisions outside of the hype.

Even outside of Pandemics the local GPs here in Japan don't really know what they're doing - they're tied to the same Pharma companies and prescribe the same prescriptions for everything... a local Pharma Sales Woman I knew even told me, that Japanese Bodies are different from Western and thats why the Meds are prescribed differently here... So I basically tell the Doctors what to prescribe me based upon my past history of effectiveness. So if you are a planning on being a Long Term Resident... I would strongly suggest you keep records as to what works and what does not, regardless of ailment.

Best of luck!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

I'm guessing that Japan only tests people with "recognized" symptoms of Covid, hence the testing population is low when compared to elsewhere, yet high relatively 35% of all those tested had Confirmed cases of the infection. In other Countries, many people without symptoms are getting tested, so the figures are skewed significantly towards the alarmist side here.

A known fact, that in Japan things are generally better than elsewhere. Here, Culturally, they generally adhere to rules/advice laid down, and to common sense - though like elsewhere within the World the "Common" youth do tend to avoid that thinking they're above all that (or whatever) ... which is a normal thing within I guess most Cultures... so nothing new there ( Japan purists should take note - you're nothing special, just Human! like the rest of us!)

Japan would appear to be efficient in their testing strategy - though the only way to determine that, would be to check the number of deaths related to Covid that had been checked vs those that had not been checked.... this would be perhaps a more interesting figure to watch.

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Posted in: Robots with rhythm: Boston Dynamics' dancing androids a hit See in context

I don't think the Taliban have anything to worry about at this time. Lots of high-tec spare parts up for grabs were they to be deployed, and you can hear them so far away!

That said, it would be interesting to see how Combat effective these robots can really be ? I doubt very much that we have anything to be concerned over - those concerns belong to Hollywood films and Sci-books at present.

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Posted in: Into the Brexit unknown, a divided United Kingdom goes it alone See in context

For those who disagree, think about this... I have the right to say that and not be imprisoned or have my Country Penalized for voicing such thoughts. Now take a look at the spat between China and Countries such as Australia, and think about what may be to come ahead for free-speech within Europe ?

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Exactly the EU-China Deal smacks against all the Human Rights virtues that the EU Supports. The UK singularly now, has the right to decide themselves upon any deals, and on their own terms, and not those dictated to by another 3rd party.

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The Europe of today is not that which had been envisaged during the days of the past. Control has effectively been handed to Germany, and it would not be unfair to say that the Defeated has suddenly become the Conqueror ! The Euro was the last straw in this sadly, badly designed puzzle, it had no consideration for independent thought - independent cultural needs, so the likes of the Southern European Nations favored less well to those in the North, and its expansionist nature of trying to pull in new nations basically just revealed the Ponzi scheme that it's become. The UK is right to pull out. It will be painful, but if managed properly , will allow successive UK Government(s) to make decisions upon their own, and be held accountable to those decisions - which is, Democracy, after all.

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Posted in: Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures urge central gov't to issue state of emergency over virus See in context

State of Emergency in Japan ? Meh ....

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Posted in: 5 taken to hospitals in Tokyo after choking on mochi; one dies See in context

Sounds akin to the Blue Whale Challenge plaguing the internet.

The Mochi Challenge... swallow it whole to prove you're still young!

Don't people ever learn ? Don't those around them, wish to offer advice to take smaller bites and to take it slow, and enjoy the food - rather than scoff it all in one go...?

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China needs to pay for this mess.

You only need to Look at their continued efforts to conceal what happened to understand this. Zero transparency, 100% spin-doctoring, imprisonment of all, (including Kids even) who say things that upset those in power.

Totally Messed up Country.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 814 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,045 See in context

Its quite simple to understand.

The 18-30 year old live at home Kids with Parents, go out Partying, etc. thinking that they're immune or something stupid like that, then they go home and infect their older 50+ Parents.

The Government should curtail all flights into and out of the Country, restricted all travel within the Country, and impose strict Socializing activities to those that are necessary - such as shopping for food, essentials.

Unfortunately, the Government has done completely the opposite.

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You know, I just give up on Politics here in Japan. I don't care. I have been here several decades, and am still unable to Vote here, so I have no Democratic right... likewise as I have been overseas from my Home Country, I have no voting rights there... so I do not care about Democracy. What I do care about, is fairness. How is it, that someone can manage to survive doing what they are doing leading a Company for so many years without any red flags being raised during that tenure until the end... when someone saw fit to dethrone him. This raises so many questions, but as the Japanese (yes - not being Racist), system is so corrupt, those on the take already will suppress. I hope there will be an investigative Journalist with the "Balls" to dig down deep into what's going on, and reveal all - but they themselves may, if they do so, be subjected to severe pressure, so I suspect that nothing will change, and Japan will be just continue its ways - purporting to be a democratic country and essentially, just be the same as China.

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Posted in: Ghosn case haunts Japan a year after brazen escape See in context

Japan's rule of Law is akin to China's.... in this case.

Maybe its an Asian thing. Guilty until proven innocent ?

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