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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein abuse claims: report See in context

So, yes, I would stand by anyone who said that they were Appalled by "Epsteins" accusation of Child abuse.... though I would also question what that abuse was, and at what age were the impacted, and how / why they were at his Parties.... there are so many questions that may impact many others not just in "Epsteins" circles, and which will extend from Poor folks to Rich Folks alike.... Multicultural age of consent vs Rules of the land/region... it's going to get very complicated from here-on-in.

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The Tabloids are after everyone... they even have Lord Mountbatten as being a Pedophile for young boys...

I think that those who're commenting here, probably haven't been to many Socialite Parties, and if "under-age" women (are there) then why are they there .. seemingly Willingly... who are their Parents and why did they agree to this in the first place ?

Society views have changed over time, Laws have changed over time, and Tabloid invasiveness has changed over times. The latter seeks to ruin a person for its own gain regardless whether true or not.

Fines for false reporting should be uncapped... enough to shut down a Media's operation should the damages be warranted. This is the only way to stop such reporting and make News more reliable.

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Posted in: UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages if it leaves EU, says contested leaked document See in context

Apparently the shortages were for French Champagne, and Truffles... which only the most Wealthy would find as being a disaster to their Life style.

News Stories have a tendency to over sensationalize the real news item... which is understandable, News Sources wish to attract Readers....

Smart people... will read between the lines, and seeks multiple sources before making an opinion.

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Which agency handles Fujitsu hires in Tokyo ?

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Posted in: Paralympics expected to help promote understanding of disabilities: survey See in context

Central Tokyo is sort of okay, but elsewhere, would be I'd imagine, be more, challenging.

The only way to get change, is to embarrass the J-Govt by Travelling around the Country and highlighting the Pro's and Con's that you find.

In Central Tokyo, the confusing signs for disabled access to subways is a good starter - a simple "O" for roll on/off/up/down route would be a good start. But I've encountered some places where the disabled route ends with a stairway... Families with Baby chairs would need an "O" route too, so you'd think, especially with Japan's declining population, something like that would be encouraging to make some things easier... but ... no...

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Posted in: Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright See in context

Walking down the isle of a shop will lead to utter destruction from that swinging robotic tail.

And what about the basics of simply sitting down ? It's a nice idea, but practicality ? ASynchronized spinning gyroscopes in a belt may be a better bet for stability than having a Dinosaur tail. But I guess Researchers need to do funded Research, even if some ideas are practically duds off the drawing board.

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So the plan is for Shanghai to take over the Financial activities of Hong Kong and Shenzen just the other Business, leaving HK to be starved and run down... ?

If that's the case, look for the Port city no longer receiving any maintenance grants, and that will be the start of the decline. The Bridge to the mainland has already got problems, what a waste of money, wonder if HK will be charged for it's construction now ?

I hope the UK offers all HK Citizens UK Residency.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. of plan to offer robots for denuclearizing N Korea See in context

The only Robots needed to "deNuclearize" North Korea are the T-2/T-1000 models from the Terminator Movies... anything less would rank less than this fantasizing.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

Throw the book at the Police driver, and compensate the Family.

If it had been a Civilian driver trying to get a pregnant wife to Hospital or some other case, the proverbial book would have been thrown at them.

Geez look at the way Ambulances drive... slowly and asking for permission to cross during a red light. Goodness knows how the person inside handles the extra delays... but for the Police, in order to get a guy drug tested... they're willing to drive crazily ? Something is wrong here, very wrong. It all emergency vehicles drove the same way, then the Public would be more cautious when hearing a siren, but every one these days seems to have sirens...

So throw the book at this Police driver. Period.

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Posted in: Veteran UK politicians asked to lead potential anti-Brexit government See in context

The Queen of the British Empire (specifically the UK) is right to be frustrated with her "Politicians" at present.

They (the UK Politicians) themselves created this situation through an ill thought out vote based upon a public driven "facebook- like" system....

Now, they can't decide among themselves what they had really asked the Public to vote upon, and wish to renegade upon that vote's (for once within the UK, a Truely democratic outcome)

From my Perspective, as an outsider, they should all resign, as they have all shown total incompetence to hold any form of governance position, and have turned the UK into the Laughing stock of the World - no wonder the Queen is a bit unhappy. But that would not be realistic .. as the UK system does not embrace newcomers easily into mainstream Politics.

Could the House of Lords take over ? Could the Queen ?

Unlikely... so we will probably have to stumble through as always in typical Brit fashion, though this time, it involves an impassable EU Wall of ... "Non!" to changes in the agreement that was arranged under PM "May".

John Bercow who threatens to undermine the authority of the PM, and go against the Will of the confirmed Majority of the population, should be subjected to a Treason investigation. Does he, have the support of the Queen - that would be, the paramount question to ask in such a situation.

I think the original ideas of the EU were great and the UK accepted those back in the 1970's, but... the 1980's started the rot of centralization and loss of regional controls that was when combined with the Euro ill-thought out. Europe is not, and has never been nor will be, a US Mk2.

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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

Now following on the above... why would the Rich & Powerful be associating with such a man in the first place


If he had the reputation for always having the freshest/youngest Hookers in Parties, then those claims made by the women should surely be dismissed as they were clearly selling themselves for sex.

A lot of people wonder about these Rich folks parties, but for us common folk, Swinger related parties are quite common, and its not all couples being involved. is/was a site where you could partake in such events quite easily without age verification. (I think they have wisely had Legal advice recently, and banned non-paying members from active involvement on their "site")

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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

I hope these so called accusers also get thoroughly investigated and if found falsifying claims, be held accountable and prosecuted for actions that led to a suicide.

An 18 year old girl having sex with an older man willingly should not lead to the man being subjected to the accusation of Pedophilia.

A 14-15 year old Girl being invited to an older mans place, without Parental consent is a gross dereliction of Parental duty, and if leading to sex would be Pedophilia.

But why do we hear now of these events and not back when they arose ? There's a common pattern of people jumping onto the bandwagon in the hope that they can make a quick buck out of a false / weak accusation many years after the event... and then demanding a huge payout saying they'd suffered Mental issues.... This is a relatively new type of thing - a bit like the "Whiplash" or Ambulance chasing cases or past... smacks of Lawyers seeking new ways to make "the" big payout and retire themselves rather than caring about the victims.

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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

Security guards drugged, Security Camera switched off.. oh.. such fodder for a conspiracy theory... were SAS forces, acting upon direct instruction from the Queen of England to bump off this chap before he "told all" ?

Maybe Hollywood being fed up with having to make remakes of remakes, decided to create a situation that would for years, inspire conspiracy related blockbuster action films raking in Billions of $ ...

In a few months time, it will be off the front pages and we will be reading about the next scandal ...

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Posted in: U.N. Security Council finds no breakthrough on India-Pakistan row See in context

If Pakistan were to target Mumbai that would have a huge Global repercussion... due to the amount of Tech. Offshoring that goes to that location as well as Bangalore. Maybe dropping those names as targets would get more Global attention to the matter ?

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Posted in: U.N. Security Council finds no breakthrough on India-Pakistan row See in context

Will Pakistan threaten to use it's Nuclear arsenal ? (Assuming it really has one)... and if so, what would it be likely to target ? How would India counter such a threat - do they have the ability to shoot down any incoming Missiles ?

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Posted in: Fiji PM labels Australia PM 'very insulting' after Pacific standoff See in context

The Fijian PM should read up about Chinese Diplomacy and Politics before trying to draw comparisons.

And maybe Australia should simply stop pumping money into those Pacific states as they clearly don't appreciate it.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific CEO suddenly resigns See in context

When you resign, you forfeit any package since you are breaking the terms of the contract that you signed. You will of course be able to keep those share options until they vest, but other future perks will be gone.

If he was pushed / let go, then a package would be provided.

In this case, his resignation does appear poorly timed with certain events, and comments against the Airline coming from the mainland. You can draw your own conclusion as to the reasons for his resignation. However ti comes at a time that CP is experiencing a slump in sales due to the HK disruptions, so further bad news may be forthcoming.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

I don't think it's going to be that bad really. The Olympics are a year away, and with the potential of a forthcoming Global recession looming we may all be out of a job, so plenty of seats upon the trains.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

It's not just the crush.. but the really foul smelling breaths that simply is off putting. And... will possibly leave a lasting bad impression of Japan upon any effected visitors.

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Posted in: Body paint artist shows off surreal animal-human creations at new exhibit See in context

Could come in useful if you wish to explain to the boss why you want to take the day off... sorry but I'm having a bit of open heart surgery.. look see for yourself!

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setback See in context

It's over.

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

Maybe "The Green" bit confused Trump... a whole Golf-course Island ? "Well.. why not buy it !"

Or... maybe, he knows something we don't from Classified material...

were that the case... I'd really love Trump to spill the beans over the Roswell myth, etc.. (even the Kennedy Assassination) and put an end to the long running conspiracy theories... that would, at least stand out as a long lasting achievement within his Presidency above all else.

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Posted in: Short look See in context

More than likely someone has snapped a picture of a "Tourist" who has been given / picked up a flag-like symbol and stuck it in their pocket as a memento of their trip to Japan.

So, in short, Happy Memories, and if you even find out the true meaning of that symbol, then you have it up to yourself to choose what to do, hopefully without offending people of your own Nationality, but hopefully that won't discolor your memories of your visit, and perhaps you will come back again.

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Posted in: UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government See in context

BTW... Corbyn appears to be what he is....

What many call a "Leftist" Politician... seemingly because he is one who wishes to listen to the views of the "Opposite" side, even if they are being seen as "Terrorists" by the "Opposite" Side.

I respect him for that.

He's at least trying to make an informed "self-educated" judgement...

If he comes up with one that he can't properly explain to our liking,

then in the UK,

we at least, have the Democratic right of not voting for him (and his party)... plain and simple.

I would relish the opportunity to invite him for a private Family Dinner... as that can sometimes tell you a lot about a Person (outside) of their Public life... and Public life is mostly fake anyway... just look to U-Tube/Instagram for examples of that. I try to avoid being dictated to by the Press, and look between the lines, or what is being written... but it's clearly getting hard to do this these days.. how do you determine what is "Fake" news and what is "Real" news... Certainly in China (Shanghai)... first hand experience, has shown me, Real News (an event), can be turned to Fake by "Official" sources.... which certainly confuses matters for the Individual.

My thoughts above for "Corbyn" also apply to any "Politician" .. though Tokyo is a bit off the track for most UK ones these days,and I don't really know what those who came hoped to achieve really... waste of UK public payers money... a Video Conference call would have been more appropriate - and if the UK wishes to promote itself as a Centre of "Tech"... clearly more appropriate and "topically" ... "Environmentally Friendlier".

That message may not have reached some...

On that, environmental issue.. I also wonder however, if this "upstart".... "Greta Thunberg" is seeking some kind of Martyrdom through her voyage to the US in a Sail boat... should she be succumbed to the Seas, we will probably hear that this was due to Global Warming... (not like it's never happened before), and her efforts alone to draw attention to a phenomenon known as "Global Warming" outweigh those of other "Protesters".... ) .

Proper Environmentalists can demonstrate impact, and have dedicated their lives to doing so, and should be listened to as "Authorities" upon the subject matter in their Field of experience. Why should she ... reap the benefits of $, from their Work, simply because she's a "Young Person using Social Media" ? I can understand the like of "Richard Atternberg" being happy to see her as connecting to Young people... but Folks.. please. She is nothing other than the current "Statue of Liberty" to the cause. Do not, please, forget those, who are doing the actual hard work of proving the issue.

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Posted in: UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government See in context

No, Brexit is a Stalemate.... UK Politicians are indecisive and have caused all this problem in the first place.

They say they want a deal, but wont accept the one that was worked on. EU says it wont renegotiate a new deal... so where do you go from there ?]

Give Northern Ireland back to Ireland ? .... this seems the only option to break the impasse, since other pseudo options have been rejected.

Perhaps the Queen should take over the Rule of Law and disband Parliament ? Or Simply within her rights refuse to partake in any Royal duty - which would... effectively (apparently) close down (& Legally) any UK Government changes....

The US Democrats with their Threats relating to the Good Friday Agreement... can be construed as support for Terrorist activities in case of a breakdown in discussions.... in which case all Democrat Party members should be held account and tried in Court as Supporting Terrorism.... plain and simple.

I hope people calm down, and view a reasonable approach on how to handle this choice.

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Posted in: Study debunks Japanese belief in link between deep-sea fish, quakes See in context

Perhaps its time to do what Weather Computers are doing at present, and come up with a Model for Magma movements (possibly traceable by Magnetic abnormalities) and correlation to Earthquakes ? We can track Tornadoes and hurricanes these days ... so why not the potential causes of Earthquakes ? (If you don't knock the shelf - then nothing falls off it...unless the mountings give-way... ).

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Posted in: Study debunks Japanese belief in link between deep-sea fish, quakes See in context

OK, this call for.... They're just Fishing for ideas on how to predict a Big Earthquake ...

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Posted in: China says protesters like 'terrorists' as Hong Kong airport reopens See in context

In an ideal World...

The UK should grant HK Citizens the right of abode within the UK, and if the rest of the World helped with relocation fees, HK could be left pretty much empty - a ghost state. It would be a sad situation for HK'ers.. but really positive for the UK given the enthusiasm for Business that HK'ers have at heart. "Two fingers up to the CCP we're out-a-here"... would be an apt phrase.

Sadly this wont happen, as due to the Cost of property most people are up to their neck (and beyond) in debt. And given the current situation Negative Equity is going to be a more likely outcome - which will inevitably hurt the Banks - HSBC being one. So for the HK Residents, the future is bleak - trying to rebel against the CCP is like trying to avoid Death & Taxes ... China will Take full control over HK in '47 and unless something dramatic happens to the CCP... (wishful thinking in the positive sense), then what's changed then from now ? Your Mortgage will probably be well beyond '47....

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Posted in: China says protesters like 'terrorists' as Hong Kong airport reopens See in context


a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political


I think Google needs to rewrite the definition... since when the majority of a Country's Population comes out in an "illegal" protest, surely they can not all be declared as Terrorists ? But if so, then maybe China should cut its ties with that Terrorist state - and have nothing more to do with it ?

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

food.. for thought.

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