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To Mocheake: I can't agree with you more on your thoughts below. I thought I was going out off my mind thinking "Am I the only one feeling this way?" until I read this article and your post. Thank you.

Mocheake MAR. 14, 2014 - 10:52AM JST I always know where I stand here. It's pretty clear that I am a foreign "friend" to all of the Japanese people I know. They never invite me anywhere, never set up anything for us to go out and do and I never see their Japanese friends or family. They see nothing wrong with it and use every excuse as to why the problem is not with them but with you or just plainly ignore it. You can defend them if you like but I know Japan is mostly a covertly racist and biased country where most people don't care about anything that happens to others outside their country. When the devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Haiti happened, there was barely a peep written or spoken about them, except in the case of some Japanese dying during the New Zealand one. In my opinion, they generally don't care what happens to non-Japanese. People outside of Japan see them as such "nice" people because of the low crime rate (understandably), "shyness" and all that superficial bowing that goes on, etc but my eyes have been wide open since day one. I have gotten ten times better hospitality and made better, quicker friendships in so-called Third World countries than here. They are easily the most predictable people I have ever come across and when I walk out of my house I could narrate what's going to happen on any given day at work or on the bus, train, etc with uncanny accuracy. Like it or not, I am actually happy to see China getting stronger and standing up for themselves against Japan. I hate their government but I have been treated way better by my Chinese friends than by the people here, including my "in-laws". I wanted to be accepted and liked and I really wanted to like this place but many people here go out of their way to remind you you are a foreigner and don't belong and will never truly be accepted every day of the week. You can call me a basher if you want but what you should say is he calls it like he sees it.

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