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@RareReason: Can you provide any reference to Japanese law that supports your claim that operating a vehicle is a citizen's right? It appears to me that the whole licensing process presupposes it is a privilege that is granted and thus can also be removed.

Perhaps a little less hyperbole would be better for meaningful conversation... because the rest of your comment is spot-on regarding the traffic management in Japan!

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Again, BB, your focus is on you. But these policies are not intended to dictate what you do with your body or your "personal freedoms"... it is a public health issue! They are intended to ensure safety and health of many people, not just you!

And in your examples, if a condition for employment are any of those examples, then an employee will either comply or not be employed.

Finally, a company does not own your labor -- it compensates you for performing labor. And if you disagree with a condition imposed while performing said labor, you are entitled to find alternative employment.

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Matej: What is the relevance of your question?

How is determining a system of government associated with decisions by employers to make vaccination a condition for employment?

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Mr. Johnson: I beg to differ.

No company is forcing anyone to get the vaccine. They are merely making it a condition of employment.

And just like an individual is free to decide not to get vaccinated, an employer is also free to decide that an individual so choosing is not suitable for employment at their individual company!

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Posted in: Trump says he will leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote See in context

@bass4funk: How about he perform the job he was elected to perform in 2016 and lead a country suffering through a raging pandemic?

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