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Posted in: A coalition of human rights groups Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia is urging the International Olympic Committee to rescind its decision to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing over its human rights violations of more than a million Uighur Muslims. Do you support such a call? See in context

Just cancel the huge capitalist spectacle, it's not appropriate post covid. I like the idea of holding competition in Greece, minus spectators, when and if it's safe to do so.

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Posted in: Queen’s Masquerade features Marie Antoinette afternoon tea & dinner at Hilton Tokyo See in context

This just does not look appealing.

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Posted in: Unique signs in train station will leave you speechless See in context

Beautifully done!

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Posted in: Japan considers making promotion of paternity leave mandatory for companies: Nikkei See in context

That would be a horror story for many women. I used to live for the moment my husband left for work, and my heart sank when he returned home.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end lower as Trump tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Oh Bob, I'm sorry you are over exposed. You know there is help out there if you lose bigly in your investments. Good luck!

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