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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. operation to monitor Internet users and phone calls is necessary for national security? See in context

they are also trying to make it legal to spy on other countries. Ambassadors in the states phone calls and internet, email will also be analyzed. USA made a bad move on this one. USA now owns the auto industry, travel industry, and now our texting, FB, email, phone calls?? There is no more privacy.

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Posted in: 'DJ Cop' at Shibuya crossing a hit on YouTube See in context

there should be more j-cops like this guy. My hats off to him.

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Posted in: Tokyo police hold events to help stamp out molesting on trains See in context

most of the attractive women usually ride on the regular cars while most of the beauty-challenged women ride the 'women only' car. Has anyone noticed this? If they make it mandatory for women and men to be segregated into cars, this problem will surely go away.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils operating system update See in context

Posted from their Windows tech website:

"Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications."

Yea... blame the users. They should have researched this before releasing a dramatically-changed UI. They actually thought that desktop users would use their fingers to work. Hey, we need a finger for nose-picking and scratching our heads. Jesh.

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Posted in: Cherished 'Start' button returning to Windows software See in context

have any of you tried a touch screen with MS Vista!? Its a better step toward natural UI. MS Blue should be a better build. I dont use touch screen except for my mobile and tablet. Desktop and doing my job...well, i need a freaking mouse. Surface definitely needs the Win8/Blue. Until you or MS comes up with a better solution, its all that we have to work with.

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Posted in: Woman hit by bullet train at Sendai station See in context

In a country where lawsuits take years to resolve and common sense was usually the thing that protected people, I can see this just a stupid mistake. The majority of these stations do not have gates. But when the train actually stops at the station, they move about 20kmh. When the Shinkansen is passing the station with no gates, the alarm sounds letting those know a big fast machine is going to speed by. In both scenarios both indicate that people should use common sense. My speculation was that she didn't purchase the reserved seat ticket and was trying to be the first one in line to get a seat. No one really drinks on the platform. They buy their beer and snacks then get inside to eat and drink. Waltery also has a good idea too

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off women's clothes as they slept See in context

now we've heard it all.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese work such long hours? See in context

to stay away from the wife? ahhahha!

I was told be a few old men there that it stemmed from after the war. Competition and a fast rebuilding was the only way to show patriotism...toward a company. but im sure there are other reasons such as hanging out with friends back in the day... but presently, it has now changed to hanging out with friends at work...working.

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Posted in: N Korea removes missiles from launch site: U.S. officials See in context

expensive bluff

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Posted in: Woman held for throwing 2-yr-old daughter from 4th-floor balcony See in context

why is it necessary to show their ethnicity?

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for taking part-time job as call girl See in context

teacher's pay may have been the reason for this. Surely she didnt think that it would have been immoral unless she was caught. and when did she have the time to do this?

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