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I heard that much of the the roadblocks faced by the expansion of geothermal power in Japan is due to the majority of sites being around protected forest habitats and concerns by onsen owners due to their proximity driving customers away.

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How about reducing your dependency on foreign non-renewable energy resources?

Nope. Can't do that when the majority of your nuclear reactors are shut down. Japan was on its way to sourcing more than 40% of their electricity through nuclear. But then Fukushima hit.

Really you should expect Japan's dependance on foreign non-renewable energy sources to grow in the future as you need more coal/natural gas plants to provide reserve power due to the intermittancy of future installed renewable power sources.

Maybe if Japan can feasibly introduce deep offshore floating wind turbines (that provide more powerful and reliable output) on a large scale, things may be better. But I have my doubts

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That's not gonna happen...ever.

It may not be as far fetched as you think. Korea just needs to do enough lobbying to get a future US president to officially make a statement on Japanese war atrocities in colonial Korea and China and to denounce Japan's worship of war criminals. Similar to Biden's acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide and Turkish war crimes. That would be the catalyst that Korea needs.

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Offering to pay money is not going to make this go away, not for a very long time. Not until Japanese society as a whole comes to a consesus and acknowledgement of Japan's past sins and they stop worshiping war criminals. I'm willing to bet that Korea is intensifying their campaign on historical disputes with Japan, not simply to find closure, but to create more controversy and discussion about Japan's war crimes in colonial Korea with the international community. To change the worldview on Japan. Why do you think they are trying to build more and more comfort women memorials around the world? Probably the next step would be to make the boycott campaign against Japan go global, similar to how the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel took off. If that succeeds, no amount of anime will redeem Japan's image.

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Ethnic Koreans whichever color of passports they carry, who keep cursing and spitting on Japan despite living their lives in Japan are the lower than lowest losers. Don't you think?

No you got it wrong. Japanese nationals who worship war criminals, glorify imperialism, deny history and propagate historic revisionism through propaganda end education are lower than the lowest losers.

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@Samit Basu

This may be unrelated, but can you tell me what are the strategic reasons for Korea wanting their own aircraft carriers? Doesn't make sense to me.

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@Hito Bito

It may only be the 32nd most used website in the world, becuase it is the dominant search browser in Japan.

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Mitsubishi seems to be going downhill just like Toshiba, selling their stake in wind turbines with Vestas, the loss making Spacejet that burned a billion dollars facing cancellation and now this.

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Well Japan is going to be one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change and sea level rise, considering it has the most populous coastal cities. They will pay for this one way or the other.

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@Septim Dynasty

As much as I dislike America's nefarious foreign interventionism, you should to provide some sources for the claims you make. Also why did Germany manage to retain and keep its social democratic, union and worker friendly policies while Japan could not?

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There ain't no Japanese companies in the forefront of the 5G cellular network game. Only Koreans, Chinese and Americans. And this despite the fact that the Japanese pioneered 1G systems back in the 1970's. How the mighty have fallen.

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From this, we can objectively identify these people as pro-Korean and anti-Japan, since they want an outcome where Japan is poorer and Korea is richer.

Japan's inept government is already doing a wonderful job of making Japan poorer while Korea is becoming richer. Only ultranationalist right wingers and supporters of history negationism make such black and white arguments. Any effort by someone to shed light on the forced sexual slavery of Korean women will be shut down, because in the minds of untranationalists they will always be pro-North Korean communists.

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@Desert Tortoise

Agreed. Until recently, the people in my country feared the Japanese way more than China. My grandparent's generation especially so. I remember watching anime like Dragon Ball Z as a child and my grandparents scolded me fiercely for watching "Japanese propaganda". Of course my generation has far less animosity towards Japan and now China is our enemy number one. But the people of my country have not forgotten the brutality of the Japanese.

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Best course of action for a foreigner planning to move to Japan is a self-employment profession, or starting a business. Working for a foreign company's Japanese branch like Microsoft or Google, that is foreinger friendly and does not subscribe to Japan's archaic work culture is also fine.

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It bewilders me that the Japanese simply allow this "culture" of work and politics to continue for so long, despite it having failed them for the past 30 years. How many more corporate bankruptcies are needed for the Japanese to realise that they are doing something wrong? How much more economic malaise, worsening child poverty, corruption, declining wages and poor quality of life is needed for the Japanese to realise that maybe, just maybe they need to do something different?

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Posted in: Toshiba's No. 2 shareholder calls for immediate resignation of chairman, 3 directors See in context

the thick plottens

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Potentially, this can lead to a multi-billion dollar lawsuit that can seriously damage Japan's prestige and reputation on the global economic stage.

At best, this is what should happen. A total humiliation is what the people of Japan need. This country will only change when reality hits them in face with the force of freight train.

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Posted in: Auckland tops Economist's most liveable cities ranking; Osaka 2nd, Tokyo 5th See in context

Lol.. good joke.

You clearly have not been to Seoul then.

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I'd say the only thing Tokyo beats Seoul in is weather and that's just barely.

Even the weather and air quality in not really Korea's fault as it is created by pollution, dust and desert sand particles blowing south from China.

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entertainment, food, infrastructure, weather, ease of transport. Seoul beats Tokyo in none.

In all those categories, Seoul is just as good if not better.

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Why isn't Seoul in the top 10???

Seoul beats Tokyo and Osaka in everything, except affordable housing and air quality.

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Semiconductor industry's history tells us that this isn't going to be sustainable for long.

How so? The history you are talking about is when the there were many players in the chip making industry. But now it is being massively consolidated with chip designers like Intel outsourcing manufacturing to Samsung. Both TSMC and Samsung are trying to up production capacity to meet the increasing demand for chips. And this has worked for Samsung. Their foundry market share has jumped to 19% in 2020 from 3% in 2016 leaving traditional foundries like UMC and Global Foundries in the dust.

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@Sindhoor GK

You say that as if Samsung is doomed because TSMC has a current lead in 5nm and 3nm segment. Samsung and TSMC are still the top dogs, and really the only ones remaining, in the technically complex semiconductor manufacturing industry. I see no danger of Samsung following the same fate as Japanese chip makers, just because of TSMC's current edge. Even though TSMC has better transistor density in their 5nm chips, customers really care about yield and competitive prices for chips, which Samsung offers. And as long as Samsung keeps pumping money into their chip division to boost capacity, they will be fine. To be more competitive Samsung ought to spin off their chip making division and collaborate with SK Hynix.

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Wait another 20 years and the few remaining fragments of Japan's semiconductor industry will be sold off to foreign buyers, as is the case with Toshiba right now. That is the fate that awaits Japanese companies run by dinosaurs. Perhaps Japanese should learn English and migrate to Canada, Australia or the US. There is no hope for them in Japan.

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Your suggestions are just shoehorned in here to make out like South Korea is some kind of legitimate military weapons competitor

Yes, it absolutley is.

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 that Japan lives on tourism as the main source of income!!!

And with the continued decline of Japanese industry, that will be their only source of income.

"a request from the Ministry of Defense for an increase of 8.3% in 2021,"

Japan should have accepted the request.

And they didn't and cannot in the future as that requires taxing Japanese workers to death, to make up for scarce funds and a burgeoning pension system.

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@Peter Neil

And Tesla has never made a penny of profit selling cars. Tesla makes money only because it sells "credits" to other car companies who can't meet the environmental requirements of some states to reduce emissions.

Do you have a source for that.

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Maybe you and other Japanese wont buy them, but billions of people around the world will. Meanwhile Sony still a near zero market share in global smartphone sales.

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KFX's engines are US, so are the avionics, the radar system is Israeli design, the weaponry are from various European nations and the whole welding knowhow is from the US as well.

Which is why Korea was able to develope jets and other military equipment so quickly and sell them overseas with competitive offerings. Eventually they will use this knowhow they gained from foreign firms to develope their own domestic suppliers of jet engines, avionics, electronic warfare systems, radars etc. I believe this is the same strategy Korea used to develope their own submarines and tanks. Last I heard Korea became the worlds tenth largest arms exporter by revenue. What military equipment has Japan sold overseas since export restrictions were lifted in 2014 by Abe?

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According to wikipedia, Hanyu graduated from Waseda Uni on a degree in human information science. He wrote a thesis on using 3D motion capture tech and integrating it into a computerized figure skating judging system.

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