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Am I the only person here that has done the maths. This guy apparently walked 1400km in 11 days thats 80 miles a day for 11 days. Assuming he is a super athlete then the SAS or Navy Seals should be talking to him. 3 marathons a day for 11 days in a row? Am I such a twat to therefore assume that he is lying? Has everyone reading this "news report" accepted the "facts" on face value without even thinking about the logistics of such a feat! Dont forget that this guy was attending a card conference, therefore pretty much a bit of a geek (I know what I am talking about, I consider myself to be a bit of a geek and I used to trek maybe 20-25km a day in my youth, but 125km in a day? I dont think so!) The guy doesnt deserve the praise and adulation that he is getting, the question should be what was he really up to in those 11 days? Whether his mum or the police need to be investigating that is another matter.

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