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Great pic to start off the day! Need to end the day like that, too!

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Posted in: Japan drops in OECD scholastic ranking; China leads in all categories See in context

Some people on this site can't handle the truth; Japan is slipping and it's glory days with the feeling of "The Japan That Can Say No" are long gone.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, killed in head-on collision See in context

How can you be driving and not notice that EVERYONE else is going in the opposite direction, swerving to avoid you and waving or honking their horns at you? I feel sorry for the old man but glad that he didn't kill anyone else.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts adopting ordinances for bicycle liability insurance over accidents See in context

Yeah, I agree with tougher penalties, especially for mamachari people and "weekend warrior" types. However, let me tell you that as an avid cyclist with almost 25 years of riding road bikes in the Kanto area, people walking into the street without looking or hopping out of cars, drivers cutting you off while turning left, etc, are also a serious hazard to us regular cyclists. I have been hit several times by doors and mirrors, run off the road numerous times and been hit by cars and mopeds 4 times. I have also hit several people who just ran into the road out of nowhere or were walking between cars in a traffic jam, not to mention the other hundreds of times I had to squeeze my brakes as hard as possible, take evasive action, and /or shout at the top of my lungs at some fool. The only thing that kept me alive was my anticipation, quick thinking, and possibly just plain good luck but I have been in an ambulance and just missed being under one guy's car tire. People and cars are just as big a hazard to us and don't confuse a bicycle rider with a cyclist. Some of us would like some protection from the general public.

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Posted in: Chinese people are useless at private commercial companies because their performance is poor. We wouldn't invite applicants for job interviews in the first place if it turned out they were Chinese. We'd reject them at the stage of document screening. See in context

There are many people who feel and act just like him. His loss, but even so, the Chinese don't need him and they probably would hate working there anyway.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

This has to be one of THE dumbest ideas ever proposed anywhere. I seriously do not want to know when any woman I don't know intimaty is menstruating.

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Posted in: How you dress at work is way more important than you think. Do you agree? See in context

Yes, I do agree. It IS more important than many people may think but dressing nicely won't bring any benefits or accolades if your work isn't up to snuff.

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Posted in: Al Hilal beats Urawa Reds 2-0 to win Asian Champions League See in context

Good result.

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Posted in: Sniff... sniff... does Japan have a problem with odors? See in context

to speak, if you couldn't see gheir faces, you'd probably swear you were talking to an ogre or something. They don't use mints and almost always have terrible breath. Guys on the train are the worst. Even on a Monday morning, they have incredibly bad BO.

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Posted in: I want people to keep in mind that casual social media posts can lead to your personal information being exposed. See in context

If someone is determined to get you, you can get got. This is not something new that just arose because of the Net. I can't speak for others but I would just cut the cord (as much as possible) if I had troubles online. Luckily, I have never been interested in FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc and can give up JT if the need arises.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for snipping hair off bus passenger seated in front of her See in context

I get being a bit peeved but you don't need to get snippy about it.

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Posted in: Kostornaia, Hanyu win NHK Trophy See in context

Nice picture. Three lovely and talented young women.

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Posted in: Knee replacement doesn't solve sexual problems See in context

I got new knees baby. From now on you are going to see a demon in the bedroom!

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Posted in: China calls U.S. world's biggest source of instability See in context

All big powers have a hand in destabilizing the world. That goes for the U.S., Japan, Russia, France, Great Britain, and most DEFINITELY China. They all also engage in protectionism and unilateralism. Think about withdrawing from treaties backed by most of the world, suppressing freedom of speech, propping up or letting their currency fall depending on how it benefits them, backing corrupt regimes, exerting pressure on smaller countries, etc. They are all guilty.

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Posted in: Trump claims he’s why China didn’t crush Hong Kong protests See in context

Delusional Donny is at it again.

Trump asserted if it weren’t for him, China would have responded to the unrest in Hong Kong with brutality, potentially killing thousands in the process. “The only reason he's not going in is because I'm saying, ‘It's going to affect our trade deal, you don't want to do that,’” Trump said.

OK. I guess they'll just wait until after you sign to go in.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure See in context

The cafe offers casual meals and sweet desserts made according to recipes produced by AKB48’s idol singers, which diners can enjoy while AKB48 songs and videos play on large screens set up around the interior space

Here lies the the real cause.

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Posted in: Men in UK and U.S. seen growing less comfortable with women leaders See in context

I have had several women bosses and supervisors. Never had a problem with their leadership in terms of them being in a superior position to me even though we disagreed on some things. From an ability standpoint, it is a non-issue.

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The girls have nothing to worry about with those guys behind them.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of estranged wife See in context

As much of a male chauvinist pig as I am, I want to tell women that when they go to talk about breaking up, bring or have a trusted friend or family member as close as possible. This is especially important if you have been a victim of DV at that person's hands. Also, let the guy know that you didn't come alone.

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Posted in: A crash course in Japan’s blood type theory See in context

In fact, the next time a Japanese person asks you what your type is, all you need to do is respond with a single letter and that’ll be all the information they need.

Yeah, I always tell them "x" and then ask if they like Hitler (they never get it). Pseudoscientific nonsense. Explaining it won't work because of the cultural brainwashing they've had since they were born.

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Posted in: New acts rule Grammys as Lizzo, Lil Nas, Eilish lead in nominationss See in context

I know they did that on purpose. C'mon, switch back he pictures of Ariane Grande and (not at all thin) Lizzo.

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Posted in: Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school See in context

and has largely admitted to the allegation, 

Just what does this mean?Either you kicked him or you didn't. Kick this guy out of the industry.

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Posted in: Student touts rake in big money in Kabukicho by steering customers to overpriced izakaya See in context

Seedy things happen in seedy places.

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Posted in: Weightlifting is Japanese salarymen’s newest hobby, report says See in context

All good and well but a lot of the people in the gym have no idea what they are doing there and are just blocking or obstructing machines.

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Posted in: Boy in Japan uses his high voice to impersonate a schoolgirl in prostitution scam See in context

Guy came to the park with 900 yen expecting what? He shouldn't have gotten beaten up but he wasn't getting any nookie either, that is for sure. He certainly didn't get a "happy ending."

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context

StrangerlandToday  04:25 pm JST

And also a border with Nevada. Which doesn't.

It’s like these people think splitting a restaurant in half and saying ‘this side only is for smoking’ will keep smoke out of the other side.

Outstanding. So true.

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Posted in: Name five of the most memorable film villains for you. See in context

Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) in White Heat, Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney) in Angels With Dirty Faces, Tuco (Eli Wallach) in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) in the Shining, Darth Vader

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 4 days after statute of limitations expired See in context

Have to give credit where credit is due: great job by the police! They wanted their man and got him. Now, they need to go about getting the rape statute of limitations removed.

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Posted in: Chinese swimming star defends failure to take doping test See in context

If he had nothing to hide, why did his mother instruct the bodyguard to smash the ? Oh, the "protocol" wasn't followed. He could have come out looking like gold (pun intended) if he had willingly given the samples and then filed a protest about the protocol and his samples come back clean. He didn't and even if nothing happens here, his medals are forever tarnished and he will always be considered by many to be a cheat.

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