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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

RedemptionToday 10:16 am JST

Men who don’t work are considered worthless bums.

As well they should be if they are able-bodied and have no constraints.

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Posted in: Poland invests $2.5 billion into fortifying border with Russia and Belarus See in context

“We have begun these works, to make Poland’s border a safe one in times of peace, and impenetrable for an enemy in times of war,” he added.

Definitely a good idea. All you need to do is look at the history of that region and the hulking menace to its east.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

> BertieWoosterToday 09:48 am JST

Reading on through this morning's articles, I came across this one:

> https://blog.gaijinpot.com/what-is-the-average-cost-of-living-in-japan/

> And found this sentence:

> “Based on the average annual salary, these taxes add up to 40% of income. Broadly speaking then, that’s around 40% of your earnings taken care of.”

> As obladi writes:

> “It’s not just the women, young men and women are choosing not to have kids. The reasons behind this collective decision are not well understood, but surely the economic health of Japan, which deteriorated under the LDP, is a major factor.”

> This country is biting the hand that feeds it. Taxes are so high that people cannot afford to start a family.

That is a part of the problem but it's mainly their different ideology that's stopping them. A good amount of women saw their mothers having to do all the housework, child-rearing and take care of elderly parents and grandparents while the husbands offered little support and help and don't want that life. They want to travel and spend their money on having fun instead of being stuck in a house with an extended family. I know quite a few women who grew up in the bubble era and are now in the 55 to 65 year old range who are not married and have no children so this is not a new phenomenon, although it is expanding. It also has nothing to do with defense spending. It's a personal choice to pamper themselves and not be stressed out in life like their mothers. Spending more money on ways to support young families would be a step in the right direction but that alone will not solve the problem. Cutting taxes is not going to suddenly change people's minds.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

AlongfortherideToday  07:50 am JST

SO perhaps if the government stopped giving money away to wars on the other side of the world Japan has nothing to do with and stopped spending trillions of yen on a military upgrade it does not need and look after their own people first perhaps people would be more open to having children

Yeah. I overheard a whole group of young women at my company saying they would gladly have children but those darn military upgrades made them change their minds.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for indecency on Tokyo Disneyland field trip See in context

Gene HennighToday 08:37 am JST

It raises the question: how did she restrain him? I can think of one good way

Got him by the tamas.

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

That kind of treatment in the detention centers and injustice toward foreign victims is par for the course. Did anyone even give the obligatory insincere bow and apology to the bereaved family?

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Posted in: U.S. arrests American and Ukrainian in N Korea-linked IT infiltration scheme See in context

If convicted, they should face the gallows.

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Posted in: Timberwolves force Game 7 by blowing out Nuggets 115-70 behind 27 points from Anthony Edwards See in context

Game 7 is must-watch TV!

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Posted in: Victoria's Secret reviving fashion show after six-year hiatus See in context

Make sure you keep just real women in the shows. No need for "diversity" here.

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

I don't know what cities would want to be permanently in debt? The Olympics are infamous for their cost overruns and bribery scandals. Who wants that as your major news story every 2 years?

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Posted in: Can yogurt reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes? See in context

One of my favorite foods since childhood so I hope the studies are correct. Either way, I'll keep enjoying all varieties.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

Fighto!May 10 10:54 pm JST

Of course any violence is not acceptable but the girl seems to have been provoking him and escalating the situation. If this was a Japanese man it would surely not be a news story.

> So, I guess it seems that the JR Staff was also "provoking" this Kenyan man and "escalating the situation" enough to get assaulted and injured?

> Rationalizing violence - partucularly against teenage girls - is never a good look.

> Let him do some community service and continue living in Japan.

> Violent acts in your country may well attract light (or even no) punishment. Japan, however, takes a dim view of guests in their country acting violently

I don't think you know what you're talking about and if you put your hands on someone, the other person is well within their rights to stop you from touching them. If it were a Japanese in America, the crime would be recognized for what it is - VERY minor - and it wouldn't make national headlines. The main reason it did make headlines is because of what Joe Biden said a few days ago about the general nature of this country. In the United States, none of the citizens would be talking about deporting anyone.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

> Fighto!Today 06:03 pm JST

Oh right, you missed something here Wainaina is a resident here, not a visitor, and he should be treated the same as any resident here.

> And? You do understand foreign residents of Japan - "PR" or otherwise - can be deported for serious crimes?

> I would call assaulting two innocent people a serious and violent crime. Japan is not the place for this Wainana.

The guy owned up to it, which, as Yubaru wrote, is way more than the vast majority of locals we read about usually do. It's not something you need to deport someone for. We know how much you defend and love any and everything Japan, but it's not any more special than anywhere else in the world and deportation for this would be way too harsh.

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Posted in: Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your fondest memories of your mother? See in context

One of my fondest memories of my mother is of her trying her best to get the belt far enough under the bed to whip my a*s after I told her a lie when I was about ten years old. It was the only one I ever told her and she was really upset. Luckily, the box spring was very low to the floor so I was basically unscathed but had to wait a while for her to cool down before I could come out from under. May not seem like a fond memory to most, but it was a memorable and seriously valuable lesson: Mom is no fool and she can sniff out bs easily. If I had told her the truth from the start, she would have been upset but I would not have gotten the strap.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on acquaintance's car in Iwate See in context

A caregiver? Probably not really much of one. She said no. Take it like a man and move on.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

Get the guy on the right out of the picture and the view is wonderful! May have to run out there and buy a bento.

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Posted in: This is Japan’s, and the world’s, first capsule hotel, and you can still stay there See in context

I always looked down on them until I got stuck coming back home and stayed a night at the Breezebay in Sakuragicho a few years back. It was clean, modern and overall quite nice. Pretty novel idea.

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Posted in: Man suspected of firing gun in fight on Tokyo road See in context

Probably a Yakuza and it might be the only shooting of a gun in Tokyo all year. I praise Japan for its intolerance of illegal guns and gun violence.

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Posted in: Commercial jet maker Airbus is staying humble even as Boeing flounders See in context

WatanabeBuddhaToday 08:37 am JST

This is why there is a need for Russia, China and India to fill the gap

Thanks for the morning, afternoon AND evening laugh!

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

If they were clogging my spot, like the dentist's, I'd do like they do in front of many stations and have someone standing there with a megaphone belting out some inane nonsense. That would get rid of them. Maybe even put some barricades and install pay parking like at the Lawson on the main drag from Kamakura station to the beach.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe has perfectly innocent reason for its startling-looking name See in context

Yeah, but is the coffee any fukking good?

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

John KennedyToday 06:22 pm JST

Many Japanese may be surprised that the crime rate among foreigners living in Japan is lower than the crime rate of the Japanese themselves.

> And that isn’t my opinion. It’s a statistical fact. Check it yourself

True, but you'd be hard pressed to find one in ten in the Japanese population who actually believes that. The police do a "good" job of reporting on foreign crime by the annual simplistic statement that foreign crime has gone up.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

Stick to the point, people. There are many things being written about crime, etc but the president was talking about xenophobia. On that point, he is no doubt correct.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

Well, I don't think the president regrets it at all and I see the government is STILL smarting from the truth hitting a serious nerve. Live with it. I mean, you can't think "Japanese Only" signs mean you are very welcoming. Taro Aso and the late Shintaro Ishihara sure had their negative things to say about foreigners, so why can't the president say how he feels? JT will later censor this and all the relevant comments with the most down votes and then close this article to comments but it won't change a thing.

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Posted in: Qantas agrees to pay $79 million in compensation and a fine for selling seats on canceled flights See in context

They got off easy. All they'll do is wait for the storm to die down and raise prices to make up for the fine they had to pay.

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Posted in: Luggage manners See in context

Most Japanese on the trains I ride leave their backpacks on and their bags and briefcases on the floor, with people fairly regularly sitting on the floor on the late-night trains, blocking the flow and the doors. There are some who wear their packs on the front but that can be very annoying for the people who are seated. The vast majority do not use the overhead racks. On a side note, I see someone listened when I posted that it should be "manners" and not "manner" on the headline and in the article.

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Posted in: Deer causing road chaos in Hokkaido as crashes hit record high See in context

Controlling the deer population is easier said than done. In the 1970s, there were about 20,000 hunters, but now there are only about 6,000 largely aging locals willing to participate.

I'm sure if the prefectural government made it worth their while, many others would do the necessary paperwork and training to become licensed. It's culling time again. Anyone for (lots of) venison?

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

bass4funkToday 12:47 pm JST

The most xenophobic country in the world telling other countries that they are xenophobic...

> What a circUS..

> Impossible, we are the most racially diverse country on the planet. China and Japan can’t say the same thing. Facts.

Facts. The U.S. has its problems but you are definitely correct and attacking the U.S. is just a knee-jerk reaction from people with no real argument. The topic here is the comment Biden made about the xenophobia of certain countries. The U.S. is far from that type of country. Some have never been, so they don't know.

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