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Posted in: 7 Japanese superfoods to boost your immune system See in context

it was first introduced from China by a Japanese Buddhist monk in 1191

So, it isn't really a Japanese superfood then, huh?

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Posted in: How effective are lockdowns in stopping the spread of a pandemic like the coronavirus? For example, a lockdown does not seem to have worked in New York. How important are cultural factors, lifestyle and way of working in determining whether a lockdown will be effective or not? See in context

If a lockdown comes too late, then the damage has already been done. There are probably a huge amount of asymptomatic people walking around out there who are unknowingly spreading the virus.

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Posted in: Lockdown or lock-in? Fears of alcoholism, addiction in confinement See in context

With more than three billion people around the world living under lockdown

None of them in Japan. People are highly expendable here.

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Posted in: The Japanese government is considering cash handouts and coupons to support households hit hard by the coronavirus. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

All the no votes must be from the millionaires on this site.

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Posted in: Businessman paid $8.2 mil by Tokyo Olympics bid lobbied figure at center of French corruption probe See in context

This is pretty shocking finding out that they bought votes. It was almost as shocking as when I realized that water was wet.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

That's it - wait until the very last possible moment, then when the virus hits us hard they'll still say they did every thing they could to stop it. Japan cares a lot about work. About the workers not so much.

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Posted in: As the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus, do you feel safer in Japan (if you live here), or would you prefer to be in your home country right now? See in context

Would rather be in America but I wouldn't have medical insurance so...

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Posted in: Sex delivery workers, scammers adapt to coronavirus See in context

Adapt and overcome but as NY advised it's citizens, refrain from rim jobs.

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Posted in: Free wagyu beef is Japanese politicians’ latest coronavirus response plan See in context

What about all the other industries hurting? Maybe they going to want the government to issue vouchers on their behalf too.

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Posted in: Jobs and businesses have vanished because of the coronavirus. It seems that many individuals live from paycheck to paycheck. Why do you think so many workers have no nest egg? See in context

Living to excess is the main reason. Most of us have what we need times twenty and think it will always be sunny or that we deserve it. We don't even appreciate that just being born in a richer place has put us on a path to success that the vast majority of people in the less fortunate parts of the world will never see. We've sold our goods at exorbitantly high prices to the less fortunate and forced them to abide by our demands while acting as if we are superior and should get more respect because of our wealth, "smarts" or status. We've polluted the oceans, overheated the globe and chopped down the life-sustaining forests at alarming rates and have had the world on the brink of nuclear holocaust. The wages in countries like Japan and the U.S. are some of the highest around regardless of the COL and many people have someone helping them or government backup in tough times. .Do you really need that/those (insert just about anything here x 20)? We have been spoiled and I know I definitely have been living high on the hog. Maybe we find out just how people in the so-called Third World can survive on so little every day and still be happy and content ( in many cases). Not saying I want that, just being a realist. I have no one to blame but myself.

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Posted in: Woman suspected of killing mother-in-law, elderly neighbor, then trying to kill herself See in context

The stress of taking care of an elderly person made her go berserk? Why kill the neighbor? How come the murderers survive in a lot of these cases? So many questions...

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

Onemof my favorite comedians anywhere and I really loved his comedy with the Drifters. RIP.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics unlikely to be in spring, Mori says See in context

Still this obsession with the Olympics. It is mind boggling how these people are so focused on something so unimportant in the grand scheme of things going on right now.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says people can enjoy cherry blossoms next year See in context

rainydayToday  08:31 am JST

I’m not saying be foolish. But why not look at what Japan is doing right compared to other countries? Keeping clean and just a usual polite distance. Instead of listening to these crazy commenters on here.

Because it was just days ago that Italy had only 49 deaths, and half measures won’t cut it? And its not just Italy, its Spain, Iran, the US, et etc.

Thinking we’ll get out of this by “just keeping clean and a usual polite distance” IS foolish.

No doubt you are correct but so many people don't care.


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Posted in: Shinjuku Ward official accused of stealing personal items from unclaimed bodies See in context

without permission from the ward. 

Does this mean that if he had asked the ward office they could possibly have said yes, and, if so, that it would be legal?

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Posted in: Are gun shops in U.S. 'essential' businesses during a pandemic? See in context

Guns are totally essential for shooting viruses first so we can take them in for questioning later.

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Posted in: Virus-striken Diamond Princess leaves Yokohama Port See in context

mike_oToday  02:19 pm JST

Who wants to buy a boat? Anyone?

I do, but not that one!

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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

m6bobToday  10:11 am JST

I am rather familiar with the Japanese way of life and to answer the question, I have to say it's the typical Japanese sense of cleanliness imbued into the culture. Japanese washes their hands, at least the wives & kids and the majority of the husbands, when they return home and before meals and after toilet.

Well, believe what you want but if you came to the public bathroom at my office (frequented by mostly Japanese men and boys), it would shatter the last part of that myth forever.

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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

What garbage. Viruses don't give a bleep about culture but I bet the funny thing is many people here really think in this way. Revisit the headline a month from now.

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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

Every day Olympics Olympics Olympics. You would think the country's survival depended on it or something. Man, give it a rest already. It's not the Second Coming!

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Posted in: When you first heard about the coronavirus, did you think it would escalate into the crisis the world is currently facing? See in context

No, not even a little bit! This thing is a once in a century scourge, doesn't discriminate, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Posted in: Postponing the Olympics: Here are some of the challenges See in context

The fork has already been stuck in but some people refuse to believe it's done.

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Posted in: Daughter of former SMAP star Takuya Kimura becomes a model in Japan See in context

She was born on third base. ANY job she wanted was going to be easy to get.

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Posted in: Royal graduate See in context

Did she graduate by herself? Oh, right, no big social gatherings. So, what is that herd of kids behind her doing there? They get forced out because they aren't ''royalty?''

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Posted in: As governments around the world apply strict measures to contain the coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and companies are facing bankruptcy. Do you think the economic fallout is worse than the health impact? See in context

Are we comparing an individual's health to a business? the world economy? Not sure what this question seeks to find out but without your health, you have nothing. You may be homeless, destitute or whatever but if you are not breathing, none of that is relevant.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl’s dress See in context

His urge, as another poster said, is totally understandable.

I am pretty sure you are being sarcastic, but, anyway, as a man I can sometimes understand the urge, however I can't condone the act.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl’s dress See in context

Sometimes we need police protection and a lot of times we need protection from the police.

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Posted in: Chinese robot maker sees demand surge amid virus See in context

“The epidemic made people aware of the fragility of human beings,” Liu said.

Can only speak for myself but I was always aware of our fragility and robots can carry both living and electronic viruses. Don't just blindly put your trust technology to save you.

It can spot customers with bare faces and remind them to put on a mask.

So, does everyone have to wear a mask? Big Brother robot.

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Posted in: New Harajuku Station building opens in Tokyo See in context

I think it's nice," said Unjiro Hatano, 82, who had just exited the ticket gates with his 80-year-old wife Rieko.

Living in nearby Yoyogi, the elderly couple walk pass the station every day, Rieko said. "Each time I wondered when it would be completed," she said, adding that she was glad that the nostalgic old station would retain its form even when "remade."

Wonder if they have any pictures of the station from waaay back. Would be cool to see how it has changed over time. Maybe JR already thought about that and have them displayed somewhere in the new station. Don't particularly like most of the designs for these new places though. Convenient and trendy but also blocky, metallic, glassy and lacking charm. However, maybe I am just a nostalgic Boomer.

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Posted in: Actor, singer, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81 See in context

Always liked him and a lot of his songs' lyrics. 'You gotta know when to hold em/know when to fold em/know when to walk away/know when to run. RIP.

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