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Posted in: Bar host arrested for assaulting girlfriend over Y615,000 bill See in context

I'd be pretty ticked off too but there is no justification for him beating her up. Don't go drinking if you can't afford to pay, lady.

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Posted in: Damages awarded to families of fatal raw meat poisoning victims See in context

Don't really understand this country's fascination with eating food raw. Sushi is OK but cook the rest for me.

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Posted in: YouTubers caught offering 'free boobs' to passersby in Shibuya See in context

What bad luck! I was in Hachiko Square on Jan. 27th.

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Posted in: UK urges public to wash clothes after nerve agent attack See in context

Just want to Putin my two cents: the Kremlin's the first and last place to look.

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Posted in: Japan's new advanced fighter may be based on existing foreign design See in context

Good luck keeping that estimate anywhere near that 40 billion price tag. Military contractors are experts at price gouging.

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Posted in: Collapsible EV motorbike travels 30 km per charge See in context

I like it but nowhere could I find the weight limit for a rider.

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Posted in: Keeping up with Kardashians See in context

Nice thickness!

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Posted in: Man robbed of Y30 mil in Saitama See in context

A sucker born every minute. No way I leave with that kind of loot without having serious backup.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly driving sports car at 235 kph on highway See in context

One of the few American cars I'd buy. The Charger is pretty wicked too. Reckless to do that on the highway so go to the speedways if you want to max it out. Don't risk other people's lives.

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Posted in: Republicans in Congress reject new gun limits See in context

America, vote these backward fools who are totally beholden to the NRA out of office! The pen can truly be mightier than the sword.

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Posted in: Saying 'Me Too' in Japan carries risk of being criticized, ignored See in context

^Don't blame all men.

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Posted in: Japanese race queens give their opinion on Formula 1 abolishing grid girls See in context

Look at where the camera is focused and you will understand what the only real criteria is.

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Posted in: Tokyo can learn from Pyeongchang's weather, transport tests See in context

For Japan, a nation not known internationally for being either flexible or willing to go off script, that will be a challenge in its own right

> You can print that again!

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Posted in: U.S. military helicopter flies over Okinawa school again See in context

National news?

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Posted in: Gov't proposes Y2,000 casino admission fee for Japan residents See in context

Pay money to go inside and lose money. I can't stand the majority of politicians. These people find new ways to fleece the public at every turn. Preventing gambling addiction my rear.

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Posted in: Ohtani begins with Angels to great fanfare, expectations See in context

Too bad the Angels are going to blow this year. Trout can rake but Pujols is way past his prime. Ohtani is going to realize his mistake very quickly.

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

Cue Jay K, ''Future's made of virtual insanity...''

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Posted in: NBC boots analyst over Japan comment at Pyeongchang Games See in context

Foot, meet mouth. All of you who think so-and-so is better off because of so-and-so need to STOP! Often you tend to measure ''success'' based solely on an economic view. How about looking at it from a viewpoint of lives lost, families destroyed, cultural heritage suppressed and even outlawed, etc. People from the most advantaged groups usually tend to believe their group has benefitted the world the most. Many others' opinions would rightfully differ. It's not you who can tell me what is/was best for me/my group.

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Posted in: Shipping shakeup? Amazon may deliver its own packages See in context

Good! I use Prime monthly and pretty much despise FedEx, UPS and DHL for their high fees and usually late deliveries. The USPS and Japanese carriers are satisfactory.

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Posted in: Quincy Jones says Michael Jackson stole songs See in context

Quincy is probably just jealous but I read many years ago about Greg Phillinganes and Rod Temperton doing a lot of the work on Off the Wall.

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Posted in: Tanaka went with his heart in staying with Yankees See in context

Dollars (lots of them) and sense.

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Posted in: Eagles soar past Patriots for first Super Bowl crown See in context

As a Giants fan, I hate the Eagles but hate the Pats even more, as probably most non-New Englanders do. Had to celebrate all night with my Eagles-fan pal tonight. They looked dead after Carson Wentz went down and I would have bet my house on the Falcons and Vikings beating them first. Luckily, I didn't or I'd be homeless now. Congrats to them. Brady is still the GOAT though.

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Posted in: We'd be 10 times happier if we could only learn how to rest See in context

Japan knows how to work...inefficiently. Also seem to like being uptight. Culture.

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Posted in: For all its technological sophistication, Japan is decidedly olde worlde in its heavy dependence on cash, at 62% of consumer transactions -almost triple the U.S. See in context

Nothing wrong with cold hard cash. I am beginning to like (again) the old style of paying now and being done over tallying things up later and realizing I am still overspending.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic costs keep rising See in context

This is shocking. Not! Can you think of a time when costs decreased? Look for this headline to be repeated continually even after the Olympics are over. 'You asked for it. You got it.' Remember that from the old Toyota commercials in the U.S.?

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Posted in: Kawasaki Heavy wins $3.7 bil order for up to 1,600 New York subway cars See in context

Wider doors for wider New Yorkers.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor says U.S. forces crazy, out of control See in context

No damage. No one hurt. Didn't happen on the main island. Page one story and you all know why: the U.S. military doing anything remotely out of the ordinary and all the ''bereaved victims'' come flying out of the woodwork.

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Posted in: Tokyo digs out from heavy snow; transport disruptions remain See in context

Just got back home after being stuck in Narita overnight. A word of warning that maybe some of you know already - don't fly Jetstar on a tour package (wasn't my idea). They have no extra planes planes so if your flight gets delayed for an overly long amount of time by a storm like yesterday's, you will have the entire package cancelled. That happened to several groups of people and JTB was totally useless in this situation, too. Both are lucky they are in Japan and can get away with a few deep bows, etc. In America, they would be tied to a stake and roasted. I am still fuming.

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Posted in: There have been cases where Chinese or South Korean alcoholic drinks are served as Japanese sake at Asian cuisine restaurants. Also, some people see sake as a digestive drink with its high alcohol percentage. See in context

It's just another alcoholic drink. Nothing more special than any other on this planet. Geez!! It isn't the water of life from heaven.

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Posted in: Woody Allen hits back at daughter molestation claims See in context

One person's word against another. It is pretty telling that the allegations came out while he was in the pro cess of splitting with Mia Farrow. You mean to tell me she stayed with him all those years while he was molesting their child? Quite possible but seems unlikely to me. Sounds like the wrath of a spurned lover. What real evidence do these actresses have all of a sudden that makes the support Dylan Farrow. Unless the accused says he or she is guilty, is found guilty at a trial, or there is a preponderance of evidence, I feel the accused is not guilty. Inconclusive doesn't mean not guilty, but it doesn't mean guilty, either.

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