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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' to get theatrical release in Japan, after all See in context

u_s__reamerToday 10:36 am JST

There is no way they would have rolled over after Okinawa fell.

> How long have you lived in Japan? The Japanese people were the same in 1945 as they are today: after centuries of living under the military rule of the samurai class the peasantry had all their revolutionary fire and spirit of resistance knocked out of them. After all the devastation and destruction American incendiary bombing Japanese cities were starting to look like Gaza and the civilian population was at the end of its tether. Game Over! Except Truman & co just had to test their "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" after going to all that expense, plus demonstrating the superiority of American arms and so signalling to the Soviets to keep their paws off Hokkaido.

Except that it wasn't up to the civilian population to make that decision to surrender. The military was in charge of the country, had been telling the population for years that the country was superior, the emperor was a deity, and so on. Even after the first bombing, the stubbornness of the leaders prevented them from giving an unconditional surrender. They would not have rolled over after Okinawa fell. 5hey were willing to sacrifice all of the people.

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Posted in: Centenarian survivors of Pearl Harbor attack returning to honor those who perished 82 years ago See in context

Thank them all for their service, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Posted in: Yankees get Soto from Padres; Ohtani and Yamamoto still up for grabs as winter meetings end See in context

News flash! Soto is not up for grabs anymore. Woo!

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Posted in: Alcohol taxes aren't high enough, says World Health Organization See in context

I won't drink to that.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

Ratted out by a stool pigeon.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

What a bird brain!

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Posted in: Divers find wreckage, bodies from U.S. Osprey aircraft that crashed off Japan See in context

ZENJIToday 01:48 am JST

I have always hated American Forces based through-out Japan.

> Nothing but trouble & death for some.

Maybe one day when the U.S. leaves, you'll get to hate the Chinese or Russians, too. The only difference will be that you won't be able to say it freely. RIP to the brave servicemen who died to protect your freedom.

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Posted in: Fears grow Japan-U.S. alliance may be affected by Osprey crash See in context

Unfortunately, in all walks of life, accidents and fatal accidents happen. I've seen with my own eyes ships colliding, hitting piers, pulling down large parts during ops like refueling and much more. I've also heard many second-hand accounts from eyewitnesses. When you do exercises on the frequency of what a country like the U.S. has its military do, there are going to be accidents and deaths. They are always going to be extra-maginified in Japan due to the way people feel about foreigners in general and the U.S. military, especially in Okinawa. The Osprey does seem to be more prone to accidents but it could be the operators, weather, or a combination of several different factors but weapons that are needed and used can't always just be pulled out of service upon anyone's request. We lost some servicemen and there were no casualties on the Japanese side. Rest in peace to the ones we lost and we keep moving. People from places with small or inactive militaries will never understand how these brave men and women go out there ready to put their lives on the line every day. Easy to comment from your armchair about something you know very little about or even really care about, for that matter.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl riding bike seriously injured after being hit by car; driver arrested See in context

Maybe they have cameras and video that can give a clearer picture. Hope the child recovers fully.

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Posted in: The atmosphere of the neighborhood is bad, so residents do not walk about at night. See in context

Lol! This is hilarious!! Lots of Japanese men who I don't know spend all day trying to make eye contact, get close or make conversation with me wherever I go - restrooms, on the train, in the streets, in bars, in front of my house. It's all unwanted and unsolicited and has been going on for decades. Getting back what many are giving is just terrible, huh? You should just learn enjoy this new 'atmosphere,' Mr. Ashihara. It's way past ancient for me.

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Posted in: Who are some musicians you used to love listening to but no longer find them interesting? See in context

Limp Bizkit. They fell off the side of the round earth. Should have taken the Spice Girls along for the one-way ride.

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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving ailing 86-year-old mother to die in park See in context

OK, I get the part about being stressed out but leaving your mother to die on a park bench is beyond cruel. At that age, he had to have been able to come up with even a few viable ideas. Poor lady. RIP.

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Posted in: KFC Japan develops new fried chicken designed to taste great with beer, other alcoholic drinks See in context

The Lawson spicy crispy is excellent with beer. No need to order all that other junk.

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

"The research, conducted jointly by Japanese food manufacturer Kinjirushi Co...."

> That's all I need to read to know this is BS. It's like the natto companies touting a natto diet, cucumber farmers touting the "kyuri diet", and even citrus farmers pushing for an "Orange Day" on April 15th (to follow Valentine's and White Day). I wonder what foodstuffs the company makes.... hmmmm...

Exactly. I take all of it with a grain of salt and a lot of "Yeah. Uh huh."

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

The price of wasabi is about to go through the roof. People are going to start hoarding it too. I'm going to put it on everything. Wasabi in my coffee, on my kimchi, in my pizza, with my medicine. I'll use it instead of Vanterine or Tiger Balm.. Hell, I may even put it up my nose straight and then I can probably be able to remember the day the doctor delivered me or the moment I was conceived!

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Posted in: Brazilian who intervened in Dublin knife attack insists he's no hero See in context

Authorities say that unconfirmed reports circulating on social media that the stabbings were carried out by an "illegal immigrant" ultimately sparked the disorder, which saw vehicles burned and stores looted.

> Caio Benicio, who works for the Deliveroo takeaway app, used his motorcycle helmet to stop the unnamed suspect as he allegedly stabbed three children and a woman.

Benicio reiterated Saturday that the riot by around 500 people, who authorities have said were encouraged by far-right agitators, "makes no sense".

> "The protest is against immigrants, and I'm an immigrant myself and I was the one to help out," he added. "Anyway, I think it was a small group of people (responsible) that they don't even know what they're doing, fighting for."

In some of these places, they make big deals out of whether you are an immigrant, illegal immigrant, whatever. Some groups are always looking to scapegoat an entire population of others. Cheer the one guy but riot (without any real proof) against the exact thing he happens to be and overlook the fact that it's an isolated incident and most of the crime in the country is committed by the natives.

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

Let the objectors drone on. That's their reason for living but they need to remember why they still have the freedom to object. Freedom isn't free, it's paid for in blood.

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Posted in: French man says sister missing in Japan since 2018 a victim of crime See in context

GaijinjlandToday 01:10 pm JST


> A Japanese woman did disappear in France and was murdered in 2016. French authorities found her killer. Just not her body. Not sure what you’re talking

I'm talking about the attention that's typically given. It's usually based on socioeconomic status and race. The people from certain places and certain races get more attention in most cases.

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Posted in: French man says sister missing in Japan since 2018 a victim of crime See in context

A Japanese missing in France? Problem. Same as if a white woman goes missing in the U.S or in a poor country. Big problem. Now, some of those people in rich countries understand how many marginalized people feel when one of their loved ones goes missing and the authorities don't seem to give much of a damn.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 11-year-old son at home for 3 days while she stayed with boyfriend See in context

Terrible terrible "parent," but at least it seems she knew that and it also looks like she had no love for the young man. Tough situation for him to be in. I have to say, though, that at that age, my mother trained me so I was able to take care of myself. However, with no heat or hot water that would have severely complicated matters. I guess the father is out of the picture and the boyfriend did not give a damn. Hope a relative can take him in and take care of him properly and I wish him the best.

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Posted in: Marriage for many Japanese has become an unaffordable luxury See in context

If you make marriage all about money, as this article seems to do, you're probably doomed before you start. It makes people out to be poor now in one of the richest countries on the planet, by comparing finances over the past few decades. It's not a good way of doing that but I hear people fall back on that a lot. You don't have to have a lavish wedding. You can go to city hall as a few of my friends, Japanese and Western, have done or just have a small(er) wedding. Love is the main reason one should get married, not financial status. Seems to me what's missing is natural affection.

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Posted in: 'Barking deer' in Japan causing havoc for human population See in context

Make them pay deerly: Anyone for venison?

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Posted in: Japanese museum dedicated to salmon has no live salmon on display this year See in context

Something fishy not going on up there.

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Posted in: Number of Japanese restaurants abroad triples in last decade to 187,000 See in context

sakurasuki: "In fact no Japanese people really needed to prepare and eat Japanese cuisine."

I agree about the preparation part. I see many restaurants with all Japanese staff making what I feel to be good Italian, Mexican and other foods, so why can't it work the other way around?

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Posted in: World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report See in context

Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%", was based on research compiled by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and it examined the consumption emissions associated with different income groups up to the year 2019.

I wish people would stop throwing around the word "equàlity." When it comes to money, justice, race, etc., it does not exist on this planet.

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Posted in: Where do you like to buy furniture in Japan? See in context

Hayama Garden. Don't know about now but they used to have stuff you won't find in most others' homes.

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Posted in: Rap mogul Sean Combs sued for rape by singer Cassie See in context

Talk about fast! The AP says the lawsuit has been settled.

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Posted in: Rap mogul Sean Combs sued for rape by singer Cassie See in context

When you are rich and famous, you should always carry a personal tape recorder whenever you interact romantically with someone, especially from the opposite sex if you are a man. People get dropped, get bitter, want a slice of the pie and lawsuits come fast. "Sixty years ago, I think you touched my buttocks in a mall in a small city in the Midwest and now I have pain and anguish."

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Posted in: George Brown, drummer and co-founder of Kool & The Gang, dead at 74 See in context

RIP, George Brown. Always liked him and loved their music.

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Posted in: Top court upholds 27-year sentence for Vietnamese man convicted of murder See in context

Based on the evidence written here, he sounds guilty to me. I wonder what his motive was for the attacks?

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