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Posted in: High school girl skirt lengths and hair fashions once again in a flux See in context

"I was jolted by the sight of it," she was quoted as saying, adding she actually felt like screaming out loud. "I think most of the girls now can wear normal sox because they have longer legs. Really short sox in my view are dasai (out of fashion).

Sox? This isn't a report about baseball teams. The word is "socks" when spoken as a single word, unlike bobbysox which can be written also as bobbysocks.

I hated those long loose socks. The new fashion is much better.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

To put it mildly, Japan is full of itself. Living here this long (over 30 years) has made me see how I don't want to be treated (like a pariah or a persona non-grata) and how phony many people can be (bow politely while telling you you are not welcome, if they even speak to you at all). Been to over 40 countries and have lived in several but this place is the capital of discrimination, bias, prejudice, etc in my eyes.

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Posted in: NRA has history of promoting gun rights outside U.S. See in context

Those three capitalized letters in that order are one of the organizations I most despise. If they were ever to receive some real karma I would not be displeased in the least.

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Posted in: Australian rugby star Folau calls Christmas, Easter 'man-made' traditions followed by 'heathens' See in context

Another guy who clearly cherrypicks and manipulates things from the Bible to fit his narrative. I guess he also thinks he is a saint but can't even see the walls of the glass house he's lived in all his life.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

Just one of the ways that Japan is just strange. I see good-looking women on the train or street every day but most of the guys aren't even paying them any attention. They stare at me more than the girls. The boys being weird has made the women weird too. Glad I wasn't born and didn't grow up here.

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Posted in: Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy See in context

Soon there will be study debunking that study and then another debunking that one and so on... Butter, no margarine, no butter. A study said aspirin helps protect against heart attacks...until another study says it doesn't. The list continues.

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Posted in: Odd translations found on English websites for tourists in Japan See in context

Google Translate is spotty at best and downright terrible sometimes. The trouble with most of these translations is that the people doing them don't have a firm enough grasp of the nuances of the two languages. Every time I come across a ridiculous or hilarious translation I take a photo. I have hours of laughter material.

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Posted in: Japanese amusement park’s new horror attraction involves handcuffing visitors in the dark See in context

@Serrano: that would be wicked good!

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Posted in: Controversial ex-sumo champ Futahaguro dies at 55 See in context

Had forgotten about this guy completely. I was not yet in Japan but the news of his retirement was carried Stateside and my friends and I had a good laugh, as in "Who?" and "What sport?" Little did I know I would be headed here in the coming years and grow to love sumo. RIP.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese teenagers found drowned in Australian lake See in context

"Lake McKenzie is the postcard-perfect image of Fraser Island — it's where all the tourists go," Seymour said. "It's really unimaginable how somebody, let alone two people, could drown there. It's a calm lake in the middle of an island ... whatever has happened is highly unusual."

It's a good-sized body of water with an average depth of 5-6 meters. May be highly unusual but not really unimaginable to hear of people drowning in just about any lake, really: one kid who cannot swim goes in too far, starts to struggle and the other goes in to try to save him. They both can't make it out. RIP.

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Posted in: 613,000 Japanese aged 40-64 considered recluses: survey See in context

It's more than just shutting yourself in, etc. Many of these people have deep-rooted emotional and antisocial behavioral problems. A lot of them also have been babied since forever and don't know any other way except to sponge off of parents, family, etc. Some are just plain lazy but no one wants to say that in "hard-working" Japan.

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

Doesn't matter much in the great scheme of things.

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Posted in: Japan broadcasters group requests gov't to abolish AM radio See in context

I say we abolish the JCBA.

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Posted in: Brunei's new Islamic criminal laws including stoning to death for gay sex and amputation for theft See in context

Totally ridiculous. Countries with laws like this should not even be allowed into the UN.

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Posted in: Consumers turn to nostalgia goods, events in final weeks of Heisei era See in context

What was so nostalgic about the Bubble bursting (in more ways than one), negative growth, many natural disasters, an atomic disaster, getting passed by China, Aum Shinrikyo, etc?

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Posted in: Popular Tokyo cherry blossom-viewing park increases admission prices by 150% See in context

@jcapan, nail on the head! Gave up going to those "viewing parties" a while back. Cherry blossoms are nice but seeing them while walking or from the elevated trains is enough for me.

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Posted in: Mike Trout says he's 'an Angel for life' with $426.5 million contract See in context

Many top players are opting not to test free agency. They would rather sign a reasonable extension. Can't blame them. After a couple hundred million or so, do you really need that extra 5 or ten? The guy is on a career trajectory which would put him comfortably among the 10 best of all time. He has no weaknesses but too bad he is stuck on a weak team. Can't dislike him at all and wish he were on my team.

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Posted in: S Korean union calls on ex-Japanese civil servant to apologize for brawl See in context

Best way to make yourself look even more of an idiot racist: yell out how you hate all the people of that ethnic group while in their country.

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Posted in: Electronic mirror helps manage health See in context

Oh, brother. Big Brother watching you. What a waste.

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Posted in: How to lower chances of employee theft: 5 things to know See in context

Tie a max-limit or a need for higher approval (yours) to any financial transaction that exceeds a certain amount. Make sure you are overseeing the daily goings-on. Don't give carte-blanche authority to anyone, not even to a close family member.

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Posted in: Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds See in context

Have to fly to Jamaica and tell those 70-something year old guys I know to stop smoking that strong stuff right now. They might stop being so mellow and go psychotic at any minute.

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Posted in: Winners and losers in the 'papa-katsu' game See in context

Some of that might work with a Japanese nerd, but not happening in my neck of the woods. Her juvenile scheme is laughable.

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Posted in: Ichiro walks off into history in 'sayonara' at Tokyo Dome See in context

The guy is a legend in two countries and surefire hall of famer. It was time to go and he went out in style.

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Posted in: When you were a child, how did your parents discipline you? See in context

The strap. It is good for instilling discipline. I still believe in it.

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Posted in: Nissan unpicks Ghosn legacy of 'high-handedness' and 'wrongdoings' See in context

If Nissan had failed, they would be blaming the gaijin. Even with success largely created by Carlos Ghosn, they still want to find a way to make him look bad. Typical.

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Posted in: Poll: More Americans want immigration to stay the same See in context

I like that picture! Look at the different skin tones. From white to brown to black. Nothing wrong with that!

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Posted in: New Zealanders give up guns after massacre, drawing some online criticism apparently from U.S. See in context

What a really progressive country! Next thing you know they'll even have a female head of state. Oh, they already do. America doesn't know the meaning of progressive. Mostly, it has a 19th century mentality.

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Posted in: Australian senator faces censure for anti-immigration stance See in context

Just a sec! Attacks like this happen because there are racist, bigoted people of all colors everywhere. That said, a large amount of whites don't look at terrorism the same way when it comes from someone of their own color and religion the same way they do when it is done by someone who doesn't.

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Posted in: Railways to extend operating hours during 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

@Derek Grebe: Yes, lots of us are sick of that. You hit the nail on the head. Every weekend going home on the last train I grouse about it. This will be a welcome (but all too brief) respite.

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Posted in: Ichiromania returns to Japan: Will he retire, or won't he? See in context

Had to let someone know that although he WAS a great player, he is way past his prime and could only attract attention from Seattle (for obvious reasons) and the bottom feeders.

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