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Posted in: Judge, Ohtani among 3 finalists for AL MVP award next week See in context

We know these guys are valuable but without Judge the Yankees don't win the AL East. With Ohtani, the Angels still were way under .500. Judge plays in a tougher division and his WAR numbers speak for themselves.

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Posted in: Woman dies after falling out of moving car; driver arrested See in context

I find it hard that the driver could push someone out, especially if they were wearing a seat belt. I've been in a car arguing with a woman a couple of times and the first time the woman grabbed the steering wheel and almost made me drive off into a small canyon. After that incident, when requested to stop, I did just that. She got out and then I kept going. This guy should have done the same thing.

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Posted in: What are the 500 best albums? Rolling Stone has an answer See in context

Just something subjective to debate.

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Posted in: North Korea has fired dozens of missiles. What now? See in context


Today 09:17 am JST

What would the US do, if for example, Cuba and China were to hold a huge military exercise in international waters right off of Florida?

Cuba? And China? Laugh at the level of dysfunction.

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Posted in: Two Sushiro workers form Conveyor Belt Sushi Union, seeking better wages and more See in context

My company would have walked all over its foreign workers were it not for our strong union. They wouldn't even provide a decent place to sit down in some offices. I wish these guys the best and I hope to see more bold action like this from other workers in professions and industries.

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Posted in: Javier, Astros pitch 2nd no-hitter in World Series history, leveling series at 2-2 See in context

They are good at this combined no-hitter thing.

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Posted in: South Korean parents bury children killed in Halloween disaster See in context

Sadness all around. May the Comforter be with all the families and friends.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to his death from 25th floor of apartment building in Chiba See in context

Incredible and incredibly sad. There is absolutely no reason for the parents to have left him home alone. RIP.

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Posted in: Tokyo real estate agency sends beautiful women with you on apartment visits for date-like mood See in context

Just another fantasy that will make a lot of these guys more awkward and unable to deal with women in natural situations.

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Posted in: Phillies pummel Astros to take 2-1 World Series lead See in context

Hard to root for either team but Houston cheated to a (tainted) championship so I hope Philly wins.

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Posted in: JAL logs ¥2 bil net loss in April-Sept See in context

The government will always be there with the next bailout.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

AntiquesavingToday  01:44 pm JST

the U.S. still comes out on top of the heap.

Yep of dung!

Weak. Your country probably isn't even worth the tiny postage stamp it's printed on.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

Haters can hate on America all day long but they are just mad and jealous because when all is said and done, the U.S. still comes out on top of the heap.

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Posted in: South Korean police admit responsibility for Halloween tragedy See in context

Just wondering but are the cops they were going to send trained in crowd control? Seems to me there's a big difference between a traffic cop and a guy in the narcotics division. Not sure just sending in more cops could have prevented this tragedy.

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Posted in: Japan’s gigantic KitKat futon looks like a sweet place to catch some Zs See in context

GaijinjlandToday 12:07 pm JST

I think you mean if you’re a hetero guy living anywhere else but Japan. The quickest way to get into a Japanese girl’s (shouldn’t say anything dirty) heart is to act like a sweet man child. Why else would you take your Japanese wife to Disneyland for your anniversary?

Yeah. I see your point.

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Posted in: Japan’s gigantic KitKat futon looks like a sweet place to catch some Zs See in context

If you are a hetero guy looking to meet women, having stuff like this is akin to painting a big L on your face.

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Posted in: Saga replaces Ibaraki as least attractive prefecture in annual ranking See in context

Okinawa, for me is number one without a doubt. Nice weather year round, friendlier people, lower cost of living, not overly crowded, beautiful seas, a better mix of people, good nightlife, marine sports.

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Posted in: Tokyo trains ask people to refrain from wearing Halloween costumes that may scare other passengers See in context

JayToday 09:45 am JST

Classic Japanese subjectivity. How are we supposed to know what makes particular individuals feel "uneasy"? Does, say, having a beard and being muscular make people feel uneasy?

Good point! Just being other than Asian-looking is enough to make a lot of folks stare and forget to breathe, spill their One Cup on themselves, dash for cover, leave the metro area, move to another planet. Is the hairy guy in the Snow White costume supposed to take responsibility for all that?

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Posted in: Namesake gathering in Tokyo smashes world record See in context

Erik MoralesToday 10:28 am JST

I bet Koreans can beat this. They only have 10 different last names there lol

You may be correct. I mean, they have no less than six ladies with the name Lee Jeongeun on the Korean LPGA tour alone.

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Posted in: Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul See in context

Pretty terrible news. Condolences go out to the families. Rest in peace to the deceased.

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Posted in: TV study: White men favored as big-budget series creators See in context

Peter NeilToday 11:05 am JST

I don’t understand the goal. Blacks are 13.5% of the US population. Is the goal over representation?

> It seems as if Hispanics (who mostly identify as white) and Blacks have gone the route of creating their own networks that exclude whites in their programming.

> The press and academia in the US are too fixated on race.

This is what people always want to point to nowadays but they get amnesia about how it was for a hundred years. I remember when MTV was created and you couldn't find a black or Hispanic person. To add to your point: The press and academia have always been fixated on race and usually excluded non-whites as much as possible. The goal is to be completely fair, which is unlikely to happen, but white men are the ones who traditionally have been way over represented. Don't see how people can't understand that.

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Posted in: Chinese 'police stations' in Canada under investigation See in context

There's a second Evil Empire in the world. I feel sorry for the people there.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

Damn. Just tell the guy you pressed the wrong button. I'm sure an amicable solution could have been worked out. I think both of these guys made horrible choices.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya on high alert for return of Halloween crowds See in context

Overreactions abound. There are drunk and disorderly up there every weekend and when vandalism, etc happen on those days, it isn't associated with anything. Anywhere you go, more people usually equals more trouble? Just have fun and don't be a party pooper.

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Posted in: Australian health insurer says data of all 4 mil customers hacked See in context

Just a precursor to what's going to happen worldwide in the not too distant future. Everyone will eventually get COVID, just like their data will eventually get hacked. Only a matter of time.

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Posted in: Astros sweep Yankees in ALCS to advance to World Series again See in context

The Astros are just a better team and the Yankees peaked way early anyway.

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Posted in: Japan temporarily closes Haiti embassy as security worsens See in context

> JayToday 07:07 pm JST

Of course, all of this started with the Haiti Massacre of 1804, when Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered the indiscriminate bloody massacre of all white Haitians, despite the majority of whom being openly in opposition to the rule of King Louis XIV and highly sympathetic to the anti-slavery movement.

> Good luck finding any of that in any modern woke-plagued history books, but regardless, for the nation that still worships Dessalines as some sort of noble hero, such utter calamity should come as no surprise.

If you want to find utter calamity, look at the past two world wars and the one coming up, all centered in Europe in so-called developed countries.

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Posted in: Tokyo taxis offer to let you take a ride with 'The Ring' ghost girl, just in time for Halloween See in context

I haven't called for a taxi in Tokyo in a while, but if I need one this week I'll ring Sadako.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from apartment building See in context

Nothing about the parents is written in the article. It would be nice to know if they were even home. Poor kid. RIP.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists react to mask-wearing in Japan, and Japanese people react to foreign non-maskers See in context


Today 05:11 am JST

"Wearing a mask when there’s the possibility of infection about is a sign of respect and consideration for others"

> That is something the Americans will never be able to comprehend.

What bs. There's ALWAYS a possibility of infection.

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