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I live in Hawaii and take advantage of shopping at the commissary. Fresh meat and chicken, vegetables, paper goods, cold cuts, and cereals are way, way cheaper than in the regular supermarkets here. My husband earned us the privilege of shopping on base (Vietnam era veteran). Prices are better unless one of the markets has a sale on the particular product you are looking for.

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Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian). I am a faithful reader of JT and enjoy the stories year round - thank you, JT staff. I've been to Japan 3 times and am planning another trip in 2023. Looking forward to the beautiful scenery, delicious food, courteous people and great shopping. Be safe and healthy during the holiday season.

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I am not a Japanese national so I don't understand why the companies can't fire these employees. Are they civil servants (i.e., protected by bargaining unit contracts/laws)? I guess just shoving them in a corner won't work - these ojisan probably want to be left alone. Just fire them if possible or give them a warning that either they have to be productive or they'll be unemployed.

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I personally know one of the test group of travelers that went to Japan earlier this week from Hawaii and Los Angeles. He is our tour leader and owner of a Hawaii tour company. I've been to Japan three times since 2015 with him and my 'Tomodachi' travel group; we were supposed to go to Kyushu in Oct 2020 but that was cancelled due to covid. He is in Japan to see if it's possible to restart his tour business. And I am anxious to see Japan again. I am fully vaccinated and boosted but still a little hesitant to travel. I love Japan and want to go back soon.

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I live here in Hawaii and enjoyed the lack of tourists last year. Less congestion on the roads, in stores, etc. But now that Hawaii has 'reopened' we have the wrong kind of tourists - unruly, rude, and those who booked cheap deals. I miss the Japanese tourists - they were very courteous, big spenders and aware of our customs here. It's the same reason why I love traveling to Japan - I always feel so safe and secure, it's so clean (no rubbish on the ground), store clerks are super friendly, etc.

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I am so happy for him! Congratulations.

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Very mesmerizing. I enjoyed listening to his music and chanting. Thank you!

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I live in Hawaii and love the 2019 Rav4 Hybrid that I bought last year. The car is outstanding.....but maybe the plugin will be our next vehicle sometime in the future.

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