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What's the problem with being verified with academics? If what Korean insist is true, this will be a great opportunity to sweep away the suspicion.

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The comfort women for the old Japanese military was the prostitutes or professional camp followers, not sex slaves. That's why Momii said it had been practiced by many other countries, which is true.

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Last week, the Japanese government distanced itself from remarks by the head of the NHK public broadcaster, who had said the Japanese Imperial Army’s system of wartime sex slavery was commonplace “in all countries during war”.

Please don't mislead, dear. He never said "sex slavery", it was comfort women.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

OMG this article is distorted. Who is "many mainstream historians"? Do you know where the number 200,000 came from? In 1943, Japan founded Teishintai 挺身隊 (direct translation: (women's)volunteer corp), that was to get the women into the industrial work (mainly the factory worker, nurse and so on) to make up for the huge shortage of the male workers due to the draft. 1970, Seoul Newspaper mentioned that 200,000 Japanese & Korean women were mobilized as teishintai 挺身隊 from 1943 to 1945, of which 50,000~70,000 were Korean women. Teishintai 挺身隊 and comfort women慰安婦 were totally different issue, but Korean people totally mixed them up and picked out this 200,000 then came up with saying 200,000 Korean comfort women bra bra bra.. Even now, the Korean group of this comfort women issue still use the name of Teishintai 挺身隊. What a laugh! The exact number of the comfort women is still unclear, but they always try to ignore the fact that there was a number of Japanese comfort women, and the brokers who assemble the women from Korean peninsula were KOREAN. I feel sorry for the ladies who deceived by those brokers or sold by their own parents because of poverty, but putting blame on Japan instead of them is not right.

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