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I am not good at English, but I want to tell you what I was actually taught, at school, about history. (I am a Japanese girl, currently attending to one of Japanese high schools. Probably needless to say, I am not a right-wing or left-wing person.)

You perhaps dont know this fact, but Japanese history textbooks including Yamakawa's ones, which are used by most of the students in Japan, write what Japan did to SK during the war. And actually, my history teacher told me what 'sex slavery' is. ( I mean jugun ianhu.)SO, most Japanese teenagers feel sorry about them or at least know its existence.

However, some of you are just thinking 'Japanese have too much pride, so they are denying their own faults and hiding the fact' or something like that. I am really sad to know that. Not all Japanese are so called netouyos.

Actually, my Korean friends, who are in my class, are very proud of being Korean, but everyone accepts them properly, and we are getting along with one another very well.

Of couse some Japanese are careless netouyos, and its a sad thing. But some Koreans mistakenly or carelessly think 'Japan is enemy and its always Japan that is wrong.' You know, its a sad thing too. So I want you to know one thing: What politicians (such as Abe) say is not always what everyone in Japan thinks. Dont think stereotypically.

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