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Posted in: Japan to disband panel of coronavirus experts after criticism See in context

As one Reddit user put it, the panel would like you to believe that at-will testing in outdoor open-air tents, car-based drive-up testing, and visiting a special room in hospitals would cause a spike in coronavirus cases. They also believe that for some reason "hostess bars" are the leading cause of infectious spread.

But nevermind that home delivery prostitution is legal in Japan, no mention of that.

Never mind that, twice a day, places like Shinjuku station pack in millions of people within 2 inches of each other.

But nevermind that existing conditions are being recorded as the "technical" cause in death certificates being posted on social media

If you believe the numbers coming out of Tokyo right now you're a very silly bastard

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Posted in: Separate bedrooms best for a good night's sleep, expert advises See in context

Everyone in the comments has this all wrong. The author is being typically polite. You don't know how to read the air.

Obviously, the best way to get a lot of sleep to put in the proper required 14 hour daily workday is to get two separate houses, where the family lives in a rural town and the husband lives as close to the office as possible, or simply sleeps in the toilet while pretending to work should god forbid he goes home before his boss.

Having two homes is good for the economy and good for the family. That way when you get home from work there isn't anyone there, and all arguments can be avoided. The man can then go home and be a family man on weekends, except Saturdays, which are best spent sucking up to your boss on the golf course for a future promotion.

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Posted in: Car driven by 83-year-old woman hits, kills man and woman See in context

What a waste of life. Life can be short and taken at any minute.

Also, self-driving cars cannot arrive fast enough.

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