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Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi comments

Posted in: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call off engagement See in context

And now Thor is happy.

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Posted in: JoJo’s All-Star Battle Train promotes new fighting game See in context


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Posted in: SMAP impressed by 'Alien Jones' See in context

Wow, that's like an insult to Tommy Lee Jones.

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Posted in: If I were a young Japanese and I could speak English, I would probably choose to emigrate. See in context

Lee Kuan Yew is scarily always right.

I remember how people laughed at him for saying that China would take over the world by the end of the 20th century, and he was right.

I would take his words seriously in a way.

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Posted in: Buddhist temples keep up with times using DJs, apps, video games, booze and more See in context

Well, churches have been organizing secular concerts and events for centuries now.

Hell, one of the greatest concerts of all time was Tangerine Dream live at the Coventry Cathedral in 1975.

So yeah, if churches can do it why not Buddhist Temples too?

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Posted in: Japan second worst in G8 for employee satisfaction See in context

Traditional Japanese companies are losing out to hip young Western companies like n terms of employee satisfaction.

Look at companies like Zappos.com and Google. These two companies are making ways to create quality, enjoyable workplaces in comparison to dull cube-like environments of SHARP and Panasonic.

The one Japanese company that is doing it right is Uniqlo and startup companies like myGengo. But things will change. Sony recent hired former Zappos.com employees to shape up the workplace since Kaz Hirai took over, and it showed with the recent E3 Press Conference (showing a more hip, friendlier, employee-happy and modern Sony). Let's see if other Japanese companies will follow Sony's uit.

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to sing theme song for Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' See in context

I love KPP but this is most highly illogical.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

Back where she belongs: A habitat of noise

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Posted in: 24-hour bus service to begin in Tokyo in December See in context

This will be good for Japanese horror films.

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Posted in: Gamarjobat: The funniest mimes to trot the globe See in context


Rakugo is a hit or miss for me.

I like Rakugo when it's dark, cynical, relatable and contemporary (like Yakuza Rakugo from Tiger and Dragon). For example, rakugo stories about hecklers and debt collectors are pretty funny because you can relate to it.

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Posted in: Gamarjobat: The funniest mimes to trot the globe See in context

Yeah, i prefer this type of comedy rather than the usual slapstick manzai trash.

What Japan lacks in good standup comedy (ala Louis CK and Bill Bailey), they can make up for it with really good mime-esque standup comedy.

In fact, i notice that Japanese actions are funnier than Japanese words (in contrast to America where the words are funnier than the actions). And to me, Japan could excel for awesome sketch comedy if we have groups like Gamarjobat and Rahmens.

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Posted in: Big Bang to be first foreign group to make 6-dome tour of Japan See in context

Wow, Fantastic Baby

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Posted in: Cotton look See in context

Maki Horikita is just lovely.

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Posted in: Tokyo International Anime Fair See in context

What the hell is that anime? Is that a new Precure series or a gambling moe anime ala Kaiji?

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Posted in: Japanese travelers abroad lack street smarts See in context

Of course.

Japanese people got their view of the outside world from anime, dramas and food shows (And not the Bourdain/Zimmern kind of food shows). And these shows tends to portray first world European countries and island nations as "majestic & beautiful". And that is a terrible way to influence someone to travel. Sure, it helps attract Japanese people to travel, but it would also cause them to narrow their worldview into thinking that and nothing else. When they keep on thinking about wanting to see the beautiful side portrayed on the TV screen, they will definitely only think about that and ignore things like health and safety.

Thanks to the Internet, most Western and English-speaking travelers can learn about the world beyond what they're told. Nowadays sites like TripAdvisor, spottedbylocals.com and WikiTravel has helped many travelers from the Western and English-speaking world to get more indepth and street-smart about travel, but due to the language barrier, lack of knowledge of the English-speaking Internet and proper Travel sites in Japanese many Japanese people still rely on their TV for their travel needs, and that's pretty sad.

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Posted in: A message for North Korea See in context

They should close down the Chongryon. It is pretty much a strain to assimilation of Zainichi people to Japanese society.

Hell, if Chongryon members really call themselves "North Korean citizens" instead of "Japanese citizens", they should just move to North Korea already.

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Posted in: 'Oshin' big-screen remake announced See in context

'Oshin' big-screen remake announced

Oh, okay.

Aya Ueto and SMAP’s Goro Inagaki have been cast in the big screen adaptation of the serial.


No thanks.

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

Everyone's forgetting the fact that Japan does not have the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is pretty much the one thing that America will never repeal and one that no one outside America can fully understand.

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Posted in: Johnny's Jimusho founder Kitagawa to make rare TV appearance See in context

This man is the one reason why i've stopped watching Japanese TV altogether. His idols have ruined Japanese TV.

Also, he sucks at naming boybands. Kat-Tun? V6? Hey! Say! JUMP? NEWS? What Kind of boyband names are those? Atleast "New Kids on the Block" makes alot of sense.

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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Meisa Kuroki is not in Silver Linings Playbook

So what is she doing with Bradley? What's the purpose of her promoting a movie she's not a part of? Shouldn't Jennifer Lawrence be doing the promoting instead of Meisa-san?

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Posted in: Legend of the Galactic Heroes See in context

I love the anime.

But live action? mixed feelings about this.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he will no longer answer questions from Asahi reporters See in context

This is like the Japanese equivalent of an American conservative walking out at the middle of a Larry King interview (coughCarrie Prejeancough)

Seriously, the fact that this guy might be the next PM is either hilarious or terrifying. How can you deal with other nations when you can't even deal with your own reporters? Even Sarah Palin dealt better with the media than this guy.

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