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Japan should leave western countries and join SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) which will return Japan nationalism and pride. Japan has close blood, ethnic and geography with China and Asian more than western countries that will balance power with NATO so they can't attack Japan with nuclear bomb again as they are scare from China power and nuclear arsenal that build United Nation.

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In World War 2, Japanese didn't start the war until the enemy started the war against Germany by Western Colonists. Japan defeated United States by Japanese aircraft carrier group in Pearl Harbor but United States used nuclear bomb in the second stage of war which changed the status of war to occupation of Japan by Article 9 or new constitution

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Japanese made strong attack against United States and won Pearl Harbor war until United States used nuclear bombs in the second stage of war which announced the occupation of Japan land by United States. Today, US is using Japanese strategy which is aircraft carrier group against many countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Losing China will have bad impacts in Japan history compare to the country who destroyed two cities of Japan. Asian people have close geography, ethnic and blood relation which can establish Asian Union or SCO (military organization) compare to NATO

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What do Japanese government want from Chinese government in the dispute water? Japanese can get new huge partner in Asia such as China which could reach Japanese to the full independence so they produce aircrafts, submarines and missiles. Asia Union isn't like any Union (AU)

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OssanAmerica: That's old American Air Force Imperialism. Today, China has many stealth aircrafts such as J-20 and J-31 which can hit any American military base in Asia.

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Japan Safety first, Japanese should build three safety walls between every wall large distance and space so if the nuclear reactor leaks some radioactive will affect the first wall also may destroy the first wall so the second wall will be affected by the radioactive then the third wall will be in good condition hopefully. By Student Mohamed Al Hashimi

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Japan could increase their customers by producing contracts with foreign industry to transfer Japanese technology which will allow Japan to increase their fund and start new technology.

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Japan should seek for their full independence from United States who thrown heavy nuclear bomb in Japan cities. Also, Japan should ally with China who have historic, blood and ethnic close relations. Asia Union isn't like any union because Asia is more rich, stronger and development.

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The world’s second and third largest economies China and Japan can play a strong role in the world system. Also, Japan was under attack from United States army until US army throw two nuclear bombs in two cities of Japan so it is the time for Japan which is from the top economies and China is from the top military can change the world by Asia Union (AU) like Europe Union (EU)

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