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Posted in: An iPhone made in America? Not that simple See in context

And china is second biggest market for apple. Apple can not lost china market.

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Posted in: Japan urges China, Philippines to abide by international tribunal ruling See in context

China can follow the example of the USA . Just ignore it and walk away. Google the Republic of Nicaragua v. the United States of America.

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Posted in: Ahead of Kishida's visit, China says ties with Japan improving See in context

China's economy must be imploding pretty badly for it to suddenly consider its neighbours

japan's economy must be worse for Koshida to visite China.

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OCCRP the organisation behind the panama paper receives funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development or USAID and U.S. hedge fund billionaire George Soros. So they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. and US have their own taxe haven like Delaware.

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Posted in: Russia plans military build-up on disputed isles with Japan See in context

Time is not on Russia side, eventually,they are going to find what they have left : only nuclear warhead.

Time is on Japan side. A rapidly aging country with no natural ressource. fast shrinking population with stagnant economy. peoples living under constant fear of volcano eruption, earthquake tsunami and foreigner.

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Posted in: IS claims Paris attacks; says France at top of list See in context


Bataclan owner is not jews. it belong to Lagrdère groupe. Their show has nothing to do with Israel. Little Cambodia restaurant has also been attacked, Do you think they want kill them there because they can't go to Cambodia to kill Cambodian ?

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Posted in: Opponents of immigration in Japan, particularly political conservatives and members of right-wing groups, argue that Japan is a single ethnic group and cannot easily absorb people from other cultures. See in context

strange, what will be Japan without Chinese culture and western culture?

Can someone tell me one thing about japan which is not influence by other culture?

The real question is who want immigrate to Japan. Most of well educated people in the world don't want come to live in Japan. A country with aging population, decline economy, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster ect.

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Great that Tokyo has machines that can speak however many languages, but I think if Japan wants to increase revenues from tourism something needs to be done in the way English is taught so tourists can interact with real humans

for 2014. half of foreigner tourists in Japan speak Chinese. 20% speak Korean. So to increase tourism they need learn Chinese and Korea. Learning English is more useful for business and education.

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Posted in: Abe hails new trade era; hopes China will join pact See in context

China already have FTA with new zealand australia, peru and singapore. And they will continu to sign new FTA with other TPP country. So China don't need to joint TPP.

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Posted in: Indonesia defends rail project after Japan expresses anger See in context

LFRAgainOCT. 03, 2015 - 11:04AM JST

I just hope for the sake of the passengers of this new high-speed rail system that nothing "unfortunate" happens. After all, we are talking about two countries where corruption in the business and construction sectors is so deeply entrenched and widespread that injury and death from cut corners and shoddy workmanship are all but common.

Best of luck to commuters in Indonesia.

Are you talking about Japan? Ig you hate Japan you should not come here.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context


Do you think the US wants to fight any war or wants to be in ANY conflict Japan has with China,

US need Japan to counter the rise of china. For this protection, japan sacrifice many of its own interests (sanction against Russia, embargo against Iran and Cuba, Iraq war ect).Let's not forget 2 billions USD / year to support U.S. military forces in the country. USA don't protect japan for free, they do it because it's beneficial .

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Posted in: It is our children and future generations who will pay the price. See in context

; 1. Looking at Senkaku, South China Sea, North Korea, is Japan safer now than before? Yes, Do you want come back to cold war era when Japan can be nuked overnight.

Does doing nothing and just screaming 'Peace' makes all these aggressive neighbors fold up and vanish? Abe security bills just stir tension.These neighbors will be more aggressive than ever. And these people are screaming for their children. unlike Abe, they don't like them come back in a body bag for some obscure war far away from home. if you like fighting war, don't be a coward, french legion is recruiting. Don't ask other people to fight and die for your fantasy.

What should Japan do if an ally's vessel comes under attack near Japan? look on unconcerned because its not a J vessel? Which ally? south Korea? they don't want Japan help. They have USA. USA? do they really need Japan help if they are under attack? And what can Japan do if a country is strong enough to attack USA. For south china sea? Do you want Japan start war which China for Philippine or Vietnam? Do you expect allied like US, Australia to help if and when Japan comes under attack? Do you expect allies to help when Japan's interest here or abroad comes under attack?

They will help Japan if they have some advantage to do it. Otherwise they will not . Nations do not have friends, only interests.

Abe better try to fix economic and demographic problem. otherwise, Japan will lose arm race against china. And no country will come to help them if Japan is broke.

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Posted in: U.S. says more active role for Japan's military no threat to China See in context


While I agree that they don't want one right now, I can't agree that it isn't a future possibility. While living there I had a number of alarming conversations with ordinary Chinese who spoke of 'the coming war' and 'our war of revenge' (against Japan), while the screens on the Beijing subway regularly display footage of China and Japan's relative military strengths, maps of US bases in Japan, etc. The population of China has been primed to, and would easily be persuaded to support, a war with Japan; and if China's economy hits the skids and there is severe domestic unrest, what better way to get the population back behind the CCP than a pride-inducing, national humiliation-avenging retaking of the Diaouyu (Senkaku)? There is no rule of law in China, and the country is run by a handful of individuals with no checks on their power. Things could slide there very quickly, and the results could be disastrous.

Your logic can also apply for Japan. A country with high debt, aging population low birth rate and stagnant economy , and let's not forget about earth quake and typhoon.

But the war between second and third world economic will be a disaster. Imagine the trade embargo and frozen asset between Japan and China. No country can afford this. So war will never happen unless China is powerful enough to challenge US.

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Posted in: Camerawoman in Hungary fired for kicking, tripping migrants See in context

et her actions reflected the views of a large proportion of the Hungarian population. They had no part of screwing up the Middle East and north Africa yet, as an EU member, they are being obliged to take this huge burden on. It is indeed tragic for the refugees but, frankly, also very difficult for your average Hungarian. Hungary is not a rich country and many of its own people struggle to make ends meet. Scenes of their police being abused and physically assaulted must be very unsettling for them.

Hungary choose to be a member of EU. No one force them. They receive billions euros aid every year to improve their economy. Hungarian can travel free and work in EU. So they have to share their part of refugee like other countries. They just have a xenophobia government. Hopefully many Hungarian went out to help refugees.

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Posted in: Japan urges China not to focus on 'unfortunate history' See in context


Can you explained the Mukden Incident ? Even the Yūshūkan museum, places the blame on members of the Japanese Kwangtung Army. And how can you explained the League of Nations refused to acknowledge Manchukuo as an independent nation?

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Posted in: China marks 70th anniversary of victory over Japan See in context

nigelboySEP. 03, 2015 - 01:24PM JST

Do I see a solution here? If China can celebrate every September 3rd like it's "1999", will China stop whining about Yasukuni?

China will stop whining about Yasukuni if china can do to Japan what Japan did to China 70 years ago. After that China will built it's own Yakusuni. After all building shrine to commemorate dead people soul is a old Chinese tradition for more than 2000 years.

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Posted in: U.N. chief Ban defends China parade trip after Japanese concern See in context

China and Russia are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. these permanent members can veto any substantive Security Council resolution, including candidates for Secretary-General. So Ban Ki-moon doesn't have any other choice.

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Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology See in context

Maybe China want JPnese voters will want security agenda to vote aye so that Japan can attack China? To destroy China this time? Last time, US won, not China.

If japan attack China, how many nuclear bombs need to be dropped on japan before japan surrender? less than 2 I guess .

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some14someJun. 09, 2015 - 07:19AM JST

Good opportunity for Japan to regain its top position and become Asia's No.1 economy (?!)

Chinese GDP is more than double japan' s GDP, so it's impossible in the foreseeable future.

import fall can be explained by falling oil price China just save $100 billion on its oil import bill in just six months

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Posted in: China auto sales down 0.5% in April See in context

What about german Volkswagen???

272,302 for VW. for GM I only find 196,604 for april no 258,484.

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

Just imagine, if by some fictional miracle Japan had been able to send a few squadrons of bombers over to the U.S. in the dying months of the war, and fire-bombed San Francisco, killing about 100,000 people in the process, in an effort to halt the U.S. advance, and take out a few factories, perhaps.......can you imagine the endless moral outrage that would have caused? "But they killed innocent Americans...women and children!!"

check Bombing of chongqing and you will understand

from 18 February 1938 to 23 August 1943. A conservative estimate places the number of bombing runs at more than 5,000, with more than 11,500 bombs dropped, mainly incendiary bombs. The targets were usually residential areas, **business areas, schools, hospitals (non-military targets).**

As the bible says: live by the sword , die by the sword.

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Posted in: Abe to select 2016 G7 summit site by June See in context

Fukushima, it's a no brainer. futur olympic game city, japan at its best. and foreign journalists already know how to spell it.

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Posted in: Japan promises $4 billion in aid to prevent disasters over four years See in context


Tell your respective countries to give billions of USD per year in Africa and other UN agencies instead of Japan so that Abe can feed the 250,000 people of Tohoku.

China just give 100 billions USD in the last decade for africa, same for US and UE , so Japan really has nothing to brag about

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