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Posted in: Learn more about O.J. Simpson: The TV, movies, books and podcasts about the trial of the century See in context

Idiots on the jury let a murderer walk free. If the murderer had been a white man, the same jury would have found him guilty. Even one of the jurors said this was "payback" for Rodney King. So much for being impartial and fair.

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Posted in: Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized See in context

I'm so sick of hearing about this woman. I wish she would just go away.

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Posted in: Which country do you think is more politically stable: Japan or the U.S.? See in context

Politics has left the US horribly divided. You can't talk about politics at work or even with neighbors anymore. It's terrible. I blame Trump and his deplorables.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

What a horrible teacher, and I hesitate to call this idiot a teacher. He needs to be fired. That poor student, I hope this experience doesn't discourage him from studying English.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being beaten by 2 men outside Chiba home See in context

Poor lady. What a terrible way to die. Rest in peace.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all the hostility and downright meanness of some people when it comes to anything to do with the USA, but some of these comments are really over the top. SMH...I'm so effing tired of it.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 28 wounded in Baltimore shooting See in context

Living in the US. It's crazy town, 24/7. Fortunately, I live in a very safe college town. But a 45 minute drive to the west and I'm in a city where I don't feel safe, there are regular shootings, robberies and murders. In my town, they have the flag at half staff whenever there is a mass shooting, they might as well just leave it there permanently. I'm going to retire soon, and I want out. I want to live my remaining years in peace. I don't see anything in the US changing for the better in my lifetime. It's very sad.

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Posted in: King Charles III crowned in sumptuous display of pageantry See in context

How ridiculous.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of 19-year-old woman found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Poor young woman. RIP.

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Posted in: Japan inn in hot water for bathwater bacteria 3,700 times the limit See in context

Derek Grebe. You're a writer. Thanks for the laughs!

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Posted in: Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel wins Miss Universe competition See in context

So dated. It's 2023 and this nonsense is still taking place.

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Awesome win! Congratulations Japan!

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Posted in: Tourists flock to Japan after COVID restrictions lifted See in context

The hostility in some of these comments is really disheartening.

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