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Posted in: Studio behind anime hit 'your name.'creates dazzling video showing beauty of Canada See in context

I can't believe the writer is so concrete and dense as to not get that the "warm" in the title refers to emotional warmth, not the weather. If any doubt, it's in the title where "warm" (attakai) is set off by a comma before "winter Canada" (Fuyu Kanada). If I was translating this, not just trying to literally copy paste words, I would go with "Winter warmth, Canada." Or something like that.

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Posted in: Why are so many Japanese women pigeon toed? See in context

All these pseudo-medical theories in the comments are kinda funny. Many Chinese have a different way of walking too (feet splayed out, hands swinging loosely by the hips) just as many Americans (stiff, aggressive gait) or east Africans (long loping strides) and other countries and cultures do. Of course there are exceptions and no one country has a single type of stride, but the idea that it is caused by seiza, or due to "weak hip muscles" or "w sitting" or "slipper wearing" or "short skirts" is all silly speculation that misses the more obvious but also more complex roots of cultural norms. Yes, the walk does work with tight-fitting kimono, or with short skirts, but it's likely wrong to think one caused the other. These things don't have a clear cause-effect structure, because culture is evolving simultaneously in various ways: clothing, language, style and even walking styles. They all impact one another in various feedback loops.

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Posted in: Artists protest hate underlying attacks on Aichi art festival See in context

In a country where only two out of six national museum directors are women, this is a rarity for an art festival in Japan.

Yeah... One museum director short of parity. What a debacle!

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

World's biggest polluters are China and India.

Tell it to them.

Actually, the U.S. is a much bigger polluter than India in total CO2 emissions, and a hugely bigger polluter on a per capita basis. Do yer research.


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Posted in: Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese in new Nike ad See in context

Do the author here, or the many commenters not realize that the ad was not mainly about being asked to speak Japanese? It was one example of the many silly, or irrelevant questions she is asked by the western and Japanese press. Her "shh" at the end was not directly at one questioner or another, but just a metaphorical "shh" to let her play do the talking. Of course they included that question for a reason, but it's not the sole or main focus of the ad.

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