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Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag See in context

WTF???..i wish if i can go back in time to unsee this...lock him away.there must be some consequences for what he have done.that have been said,he needs some mental help for sure no one on his right mind will do this.

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Posted in: No. of cases related to 'dangerous drugs' 5 times higher than last year See in context

@Strangerland They realized it years ago. They regularly make new implementations of it illegal - the manufacturers just change the chemical makeup into something new and sell that instead. So you're being unfairly critical.

thank you for pointing that out.

they know the pattern right?

some other countries lawmakers have done their work and came up with manuals on the identification of synthetic and established permanent ban NOT a temporary bans.

as a tax payer and a father of tow kids i think that would be fair to ask for.

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Posted in: No. of cases related to 'dangerous drugs' 5 times higher than last year See in context

(Japan will intensify efforts to prevent the use and further propagation of illegal substances)

that hideous thing must be taken off the streets at once.just curious how long it will take law makers to realize F lame.

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Posted in: Tottori assistant police inspector arrested for trespassing on woman's balcony See in context

there must be some more to this story. something missing here

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

justbcuzisay exactly my thought there is more to this story.RIP mother and child.

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Posted in: Chinese crew rescued as boat burns off Osaka See in context

and what happen to the ship after ? hope there is no oil spill pollution issue here. zichi you just got me laughing out loud.cheers

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Posted in: German customs demand $475,000 for Japanese musician's violin See in context

high way robbers....she was just on transit or is it not that way since it is the EU trade deal thing ?

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Posted in: 75,000 households without power after typhoon lashes Okinawa See in context

OH god don't you think this is much more than people can take...?

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Posted in: Ric O’Barry and his group to return to Taiji to oppose dolphin hunt See in context

Mercury occurs naturally in the environment and can also be released into the air through industrial pollution. Mercury falls from the air and can accumulate in streams and oceans and is turned into methylmercury in the water. It is this type of mercury that can be harmful Nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of methylmercury. However, larger fish that have lived longer have the highest levels of methylmercury because they've had more time to accumulate it. These large fish (swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish) pose the greatest risk. Other types of fish and shellfish may be eaten in the amounts recommended. here is the link

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Posted in: No. of police disciplined for misconduct up 23% over 2011, NPA says See in context

The world need to raise the bar for police job qualifications than just a high school education.

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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

she likes what? jail that witch. CrazyJoe i wont be surprised if she have been hired to do so.

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

@WilliB: Terrorism exists because of hatred and greed. Terrorism is a product of hate. The people involved cannot begin to be tolerant of others who are different. The hatred is usually so ingrained, that this is all these people know. Greed also plays a big part because some people will do anything for money. Terrorism is big business. religion is just a tool A person who hate does not engage in normal thought processes. The hatred is all consuming. They think wrongly, but cannot be dissuaded by their ideas. They truly believe they are right and should be fighting these people, their enemies. They do not listen to reason since they are so blinded by hate. So we should not (as civilised people of the world) fuel that hate .give it an other thought. shall we? Oh one more thing you should read more about muslims and islam.

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

the scum bag was a "frustrated neo-Nazi",there for i can safely assume he knew what he was doing.....but hold on there is a question rising up here has it become socially acceptable to discriminate against Muslims?

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Posted in: Romney, Republicans rip 'Obamacare' See in context

United states is the top of what so called first world countrys, yet it does not live to that standard. to many people the standard is A a strong military ( oh yeah the state have the strongest one terrorising other country's). B a strong economy (no comment here). C a good education system ( the state have on its soil the top high ranking university's ,but you got to be rich or an athlete to get the chance having a decent college education) due to a recent survey the literacy rate in the state is decreasing. D a fare health care system unfortunately the state does not have that.

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