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OK folks. Time to chill. Japan isn't bastardizing Halloween any more so than North America has been, starting a few hundred years ago and running through to the present. Check out its true history and you'll see very little today that have to do with the festival of Samhain. Most of the images and symbols we associate Halloween with have just been integrated fairly recently if you're going to look at it in historical terms. The thing that they do get? It has, and hopefully shall always remain, a party. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and as for any commercial exploitation that some of you might take offense to? You kids'r cute.

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Let's not forget his long-term habit of picking out all the young, hot, well-endowed female talents and putting them under his wing, showing them the ropes and giving them... ahem... a leg up in the business. The guys all heart.

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It appears from the comments that only about half of you have bothered to read this article before shooting off your opinions

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"NATHAN HORTON!" "NATHAN HORTON!" The series changed when he was knocked out of it. With that Vancouver woke the Beast of the East and it proceeded to feast.

I'm Canadian but was supporting the Bruins, even though I've got alot of friends in Van. Can't stomach the Canucks floppers, divers, embelishers and overrated goalies.

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Guns n' Bums

Bums n' Guns

and Guns shooting Bums...

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Hooray for death!

Look Islamic extremists- we've rebuilt this city... on Rock & Roll!

So... who's next?

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My thinking as well Mittsu: Smile and run like hell!

Getting really tired of Tokyo "talents" coming up here to spend the weekend "cheering up" the coastal regions with the sentimental-saccharine-bittersweet j-pop and photo op/TV interview. Telling everybody to do their best and that their not alone; then sprinting back to Tokyo to be interviewed about their "volunteer heroism".

Save the trip up north and send the money you would have spent on it to the Red Cross.

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Liked their first album which had a lot of fresh ideas that mostly worked.

"Battles stripped Braxton’s contributions from the tracks, and brought in guest vocalists."

Well, anyone who bolts on their band during mid-recording deserves at least this; and it means more Yamantaka Eye- one far out cat.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

Here we go

I won't post on this thread anymore

Ok. But then you go on to say...

food has been plentiful at Asaichi downtown at least since the buses started running again, which I think was 3.13,

Has it? Folks- hit the JT Picture of the Day archives for March 17th. Notice the Sendai people? 2Klien's "community" which he has been attacking people like myself for apparently "fleeing in sheer terror" from? Do you think they would agree with his assessment of the situation?

That really is it this time. Finished

If you say so, then it must be true...

just don't call me a liar or say that what I say is so unbelievable

...then you come back again to give some stats that can't even be assessed since the school year doesn't start up until May. And when the numbers for those who officially left for good are finally crunched... well, for that entire flimsy arguement I have this to say- the history of foreigners taking off and leaving the Japanese in the lurch is only slightly shorter than the history of the first foreigners arriving in Japan. You can call those people flyjin- and I will too.

I've been looking at your past history- over 15 pages since the quake! Alot of it in the mid-morning and afternoon; those are prime time volunteer hours Yo! Shouldn't you have been out y'know doing all those things you chastised myself and many of my friends for avoiding?

JT readers and posters, I'm 39 years old, I've lived in Sendai since I was 25. I took (not fled) my wife, 5-year-old daughter and 9-month old son out of the zone and to Canada 8 days after the quake to not be a burden on a strained area by contributing to consumption (along with many other reasons). I care greatly for the community I live in and it was not nearly as easy to leave it as JKlien portrays in his numerous posts. I returned 2 weeks and one day ago. These are truths and if you're wondering who to believe, well I've called him out directly 3 times now on 2 different stories and (although we know he's reading because he's resonding to others) he has yet to respond to me. Who is really "fleeing in sheer terror"?

Moderator: Readers, enough of this sniping at each other.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

"You probably know that food has been plentiful at Asaichi downtown at least since the buses started running again, which I think was 3.13"

No it wasn't, unless I've got the meaning of the word "plentiful" wrong. I saw line-ups around the block at the downtown supermarkets as my bus pulled out of Sendai 1 week and 1 day after the quake. And they were still rationing to 10 items each half a week later according to my mother-in-law; this is why we left, not fled. While you continued to contribute to the problem. Which you amusingly try to justify as your integral obligation to your community.

C'mon man, I've lived in Sendai 15 years. No Japanese really care if we left or not and you know it. This was all started by guys like you pulling out cheesy Robert Frost quotes about "taking the road less travelled".

How about this one from Bob Marley- "Judge not, until you judge yourself".

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

I believe that the people who fled from affected areas earned my contempt for leaving their neighbors and friends in imminent danger. That is reprehensible and is only justified by sheer panic. Sheer terror. People needed help. People needed solidarity

I've responded to your opinion concerning this subject before Klien2 and I've gotta call you on your utterly arrogant and self-gratifying comments yet again. Here in Sendai my Japanese relatives and co-workers were the ones that, after a week convinced me to take my family and leave; Expressing concern for my children (5 years and 9 months old) and that I shouldn't waste an opportunity they didn't have. My Japanese co-workers are right now chuckling over your comments about how I left them in "iminent danger".

The truth is, the government wanted people here to stay indoors as much as possible and take care of our own. Must've been nice with the teachers going door-to-door: we contacted ours by phone, as some of our students didn't have any doors to go to. You admit being told to evacuate but you immodestly state how "extremely important" it was for you to attend a ceremony. Well, don't know where you're at but ceremonies here were cancelled and a friend still in town said people were sitting on their hands staring at the walls. Maybe I should've volunteered eh? except I checked into it and was dissuaded from doing so as there were much more than enough volunteers already. So any foreigner handing out onigiri, cleaning tatami in the shelters, shovelling mud out of houses- ANY of them could have left and been replaced by a local Japanese (probably without a house themselves) doing the same job and the only difference would have been that the area would have been minus 1 consumer (and no human interest puff piece on the news "look at the gaijin chipping in!")

I'm sure you feel your efforts were honorable and although you attempt to make it seem like you're not patting yourself on the back, you end up almost twisting your arm off and sainting yourself by your 3rd rant (its a rant: just look at how many people agree with you after). Check your ego at the door and swallow your misjudged pride- you were a consumer who had the choice but refused to leave in an area that you admit was deficient of supplies. With bravado-induced help like that, who needs help? So you were unwittingly part of the problem and have the gall to come on here and start bashing people that were part of the solution but were, according to you, leaving out of "sheer panic"? Not really, more like sound logic.

tKoind2 said it right- self rightous condemnation indeed.

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When not dousing critical nuclear reactor accidents the Putzmeister 70Z likes to spend its time pumping patrons full of beer at Oktoberfest. Call now to rent the Putzmeister for your next fraternity Keg party!

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I just returned to Sendai last night from 2 weeks in Canada so my kids and wife could chill and my parents would be relieved. What a welcome home! It knocked down everything in our house that the first one did and lengthened the cracks in the walls. It felt almost as strong as the first one but very abrupt- starting quickly and finishing quickly, whereas the 9.0 on the 11th started slow but grew and grew. At work now- place is a mess; lots of plaster, brick, flooding and even a wall that fell down.

B.T.W. Anyone want my T.V.? After doing face-plants during both quakes it now projects a psychedelic, vivid rainbow display that flows in waves across the screen. Pretty cool but hard to look at for more than a minute without getting an eye ache. I'll trade you for flashlight batteries.

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I love jokes but this is my town anglootaku and I don't find your comment funny in the least. I was downtown all afternoon and I guarantee you none of the people in this picture would find your comment funny either. Not one.

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Looks like a ventriloquist act. Is Depp sitting on his knee?

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His cover tunes include Beastie Boys' Lookin Down The Barrel Of A Gun,

Tupac Shakur's All Eyez On Me and Can't C Me,

Snoop Doggy Dog's You Betta Recognize,

OutKast's When I Look in Your Eyes and Buggface,

De La Soul's Eye Know,

Eminem's Business,

and then he finishes with Public Enemy's Don't Believe The Hype

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Tanoshingo, enjoy your 15 minutes buddy, your about 7 minutes in- you'll know the shtick has dried up when they do the prime-time tearjerker bio of your repressed, in-the-closet upbringing.

Whiskeysour, I think you've just spent your ration of exclamation points up for the month; I can sell you some of mine if you want.

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Posted in: All’s fair in blood and gore for special effects maestro Yoshihiro Nishimura See in context

Wait, you need to understand plot to direct major motion pictures? Someone forgot to tell Jerry Bruckheimer. Also, these days Charlie Sheen could be watching AnPanMan and think it's a snuff film.

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Posted in: All’s fair in blood and gore for special effects maestro Yoshihiro Nishimura See in context

Wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood comes knocking in a few years; Some of today's most in-demand directors (James Cameron, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson) had rather gory starts.

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By the beard of Odin! Thor's in Japan early to promo his new movie.

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She should have thought about killing her lazy husband for being unemployed

Being unemployed does not always mean you're lazy.

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They'll exert extreme effort towards making it as bad as they possibly can... without anything actually happening in the end.

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Very Avatarian. Have they come out with interactive 3D/Surround Sound Christmas light displays yet?

The only thing missing is a blue angel; might as well throw in Smell-o-vision while we're at it.

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Cheers to my2centworth- one poster here who isn't banging out an ignorant opinion. I've been Djing since the mid-80s on technics and the debate wether turntablism is art or plagarism is a pretty stale one. I've seen skilled Djs pull vinyl apart so it's sound becomes indistinguishable from what was originally recorded on the record (and these often don't even start off as someone else's music- they can be spoken word, sound effects, ambient/found sounds or sampled noise). I sometimes throw old records into my own recordings and on the vinly I do use I doubt the original producers would recognize themselves as contributers after its been chopped, spliced, stuttered, etc...

I can also walk into a club and tell a good Dj from a bad one pretty quickly (9 times out of 10 they're bad). But this is where the argument gets messy- as I feel alot of the DJs are crap because they are A: playing bad music, B: mixing MP3s from a laptop by yes- pushing a few buttons, C: Usually both.

Good Djs that play good music- Coldcut, The Chemical Brothers (check out 'live @t the social volume 1'), Bonobo, Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson (low on skills, but always good music), Andy Votel (his obscure 60`s rock mixes are krazy), Diplo, Andrew Weatherall, the list can go on forever.

Good Djs that make the music their own- Dj Shadow, Dj Krush, The Avalanches, Major Force, Amon Tobin, Cut La Roc, Kid Koala, ...etc

I can't speak for these folks but I'm pretty sure they're all indebted to their 1200s, they'll all admit that the article above is spot on (although I've read those Japanese scientists that invented it were doing so with the intention of using it for Kareoke purposes) and that although they'll miss spinning on decks when they disappear completely, they won't waste too many tears lamenting the loss; Djs have always been a forward thinking and innovative bunch that understand progression.

I'm pretty surprised by how ill informed some of the posts above are. Ectasy? Really? 1992 is over dude.

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"By definition, industrial music (whether J-pop or western pop) is not designed to convey an artist view, but merely to make quick bucks."

Methinks someone needs to re-check the definition of industrial music; I don't think Einsturzende Neubauten are in it for some quick bucks.

J-pop or any pop: pretty sure even the fans know its crap (and the people who make it). It's secret to success is the formula of demanding very little of the listener whose musical tastes are dictated by the disposable, fast-food, generic and comfortably predictable herd-mentality lifestyle they've willfully or unwillfully chosen.

I like me some Cornelius now and again though. Is he Jpop?

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Forbidden Planet- stone cold classic.

Police Squad- loved all six episodes.

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"Xmas is all business in Japan."

Well, since less than 1% of the country are practicing Christians what else would it be about? Oh yeah- I've heard that Love Hotels bring in tons O` yen this time of year so there you go: it's also about love (or at least gettin' some). Cue the Charlie Brown choir and carve me up a slice of that rare Who roast beast.

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To Kujirankusuki- Those tours to North Korea are just that: carefully conducted tours under strict guard, where visitors can't step off the path or touch anything or even try to communicate with the locals. Of course the one thing they can do liberally is spend money! I've heard that in some of these official tour areas the "Death To America" posters have been covered superficially with Dear Leader's smiling mug. I've read that even some of the walls are fake.

What to do about NK? Well, I guess everyone hopes for a revolution from within but any people's uprising would get crushed immediately and I'm guessing any coup d'tat would replace one despot with another. I look at Kim Jong's son and I see another 40 years of the same (I've read conflicting reports about him being better or worse than his dad). I agree with the above posters that say the answer lay with China- the world has to pressure them into disassociation. Either that or get China to find a way to get NK back to the table.

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If only every man could look like a Greek God.

Hmm... I wonder if I could make that same statement about women and not receive a metric ton of backlash from other posters?

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Best Orangeists?

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